Saturday, December 3, 2011


By all 4 Pics we fall over russian actress Nelly Ermolaeva from "Дом 2-(House-2)"

From MBN as Tanya; Profile-ID: 115218; 29 years old, divorced, from Alchevsk/Ukr.

Dear xxxxxxxxx, - Online Dating Site.

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Date: 2011-12-01 15:19:46
From: Tanya (115218)
Subject: for you
Hello i am Tanya from Ukraine,i am very interested in you ,sorry,but i don’t have much time
for chat..maybe you can give me your mail address and i’ll write you a letter.
my e-mail:sweettoffee28 AT gmail com

Hello xxxxxx!

Well, thank you for your message in some lines,to tell you the truth I
was waiting more from you! Hope that it is not a big deal for you to
tell me some more facts about your life?

I think that I need to tell a bit more about myself at first as all
acquaintances start like this,right? As you know, my name is Tatiyana
but all my friends call me Tati or Tata so you can choose what is more
convenient for you,ok?

I'm from Ukraine, from small town called Alchevsk on the Eastern part!
As for me, I have never been abroad but I'm sure that in the future I
will be able to see everything what I'm dreaming to see by my eyes!

If you was attentive, you could notice in my profile that I was
married already but it just did not work and I still do not have
children yet! And here I'm exactly with the purpose to find a person
who wants to have family and be happy near his wife and not somewhere

I'm working in the beauty salon, I'm the manicurist, I like my job
very much but by profession, I'm teacher of English
, so you can see
that I know English very good and I do not need any help in writing
letters or in speaking!

I'm very easy-going person and I dream about "the world in the whole
world", maybe it is banal dream but it really will be real miracle, I
think, if all people forget about fights and politics and start to
think about their families, relatives and friends! As you have maybe
already understood, I'm an optimist and what about you? How you are
looking on the world? I like to smile and I'm very happy when I see
around myself only happy and satisfied faces! :-)

Hope that it will be not boring for you to read my letter and will be
very nice to hear from you again!

Have a nice day!

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Torba Dmytro Sergiovich
Zhukova 4b/1
Lugansk city,

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