Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A rush of scams from Lugansk city (Ukraine) asking for money for medical expenses


In the past few several month, there has been a rush of reports about scammers from the Lugansk region of Ukraine engaging Internet users in romantic correspondence, and then disclosing that they have urgent need for surgery or medicine. The sums being asked are usually pretty small (as small as $50).

The scammers tend to favor TopMailService for creating of throw-away mailboxes for correspondence.

Example of fake profiles online:
On Ukraina Dating
On Russian Love Match
On Anastasiya Date
On Single Baltic Lady

This group of scammers seems to be using mostly pictures of models, for example:
- example of scam using stolen pictures of Daniella Grace Almeida

The group is fairly large and keeps changing pictures.

So far, the following names have been exposed:

Ukraine, Starobelsk, Kirova street, 37\24, zip code - 92700
phone - +380668365798
using pictures of fitness model Jen Selter

UKRAINE, KREMENNOYE 12/49 zip:92900
using stolen pictures of Daniella Grace Almeida

Red flags:

- professional looking pictures
- model-looking ladies
- quick attraction and talk to travel for a meeting
- suggestive photos and letters
- request for assistance with medical expenses for a small amount


We advise verification of lady's identity and pictures as soon as the correspondence starts to become serious. Also, please read our suggestions for private investigations and research in Eastern and Western Ukraine here