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Contact me Friday in WD through sending a Kiss as

Dear xxxxxxxxxx,

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- 29 y/o woman (1982 September 15)
- from Livadia, Ukraine, Ukraine
- Russian, Ukrainian, English
- seeking a man from 24 to 34 y/o

Hello, hello dear!!!

Thank you for your interest. Thank you for that you gave me
the chance to be closer to you, to communicate with you!
It's very hard for me to write a first letter to you because
I want to make a good impression on you.... but anyway I
will try. It is only our beginning but I already feel that
it can lead us to something special!!! May be my words sound
unbelievable, but I'm sincere and open with you. I hope that
you will answer me after reading this my letter, I have a
big hope that you will do it soon. Why? You will be able to
answer this question to yourself, to decide why you want to
communicate with me if you see in me the qualities which you
like. So I start writing you about myself now and it's
simple from one side. Simple because I know that I'm good
and kind person as the people around me characterize me. But
on the other hand it's not so simple but very difficult to
write me about myself because I don't know what you will
like in me. I see some things in me and don't see the others
but I know exactly one important thing for sure - I am ready
to love and I'm looking for love for all my life!!! It's
possible for us to be together because you are on the dating
site and you are looking for your partner, for your second
part with whom you want to be and to share the happiness and
the sorrow!! So believing in love is one of my qualities. I
still don't know what to tell you about myself, can you tell
me what do you want to know about me??? Write a letter to
this e-mail address and tell me everything what is
interesting for you and what you want to ask me. Don't be
shy and go ahead! Ok, dear? Waiting for your soonest reply!!

your light Nastya

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By the Pics we fall over Rhian Sugden; (born September 11, 1986 in Bury, Greater Manchester, England) is an English glamour model and Page Three girl.

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Olga Malinkina, malinkina84@inbox.ru

Its Yoskar Ola; thats why she refuse to send a Copy of her Passport. She must look for somebody who can forge Passports from Kazan to Yola and this Person she don't have.

Username: olgakiss 

Email: malinkina84@inbox.ru

Location: Russian Federation

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Vasiliy Golovin
VolgaTelecom Mari El branch
Sovetskaya 138
424000 Yoshkar-Ola

Full Name



About me
I am smart , honest , kind , loyal , elegance , well – disposed ,educated , family orientated , sensitive and romantic young lady. I like all life , traveling , drive , ride , flowers , children , good jokes and laughing , I like making my home comfortable. I`m interested in psychology and I am a good listener.I am fond of book and everything beautiful. I like things in good taste. I like to be natural I can’t be what I am not. Being very romantic at heart and very optimistic, I always hope for best and try to enjoy positive sides of life which make it beautiful and worth living. I prefer being elegantly dressed as it’s also a way to express my feminity and I really enjoy expressing my feminity, care and tenderness to the people I love.

Come from
Russian Federation

City, State, Province
Kazan, Tatarstan...... :D :D :D 

Marital Status




Hi xxxxxx!!! How are you today????? 

I am glad, that today I have received news from you, thank you that have written to me. The truth I never in the life communicated with the person who does not live in Russia, and talks on not my native language. But I well understand everything that you write to me. When I went to school, and then at university I had very good teachers on the English language and consequently I can read your letters without assistance and write to you. And I hope, you understand, everything that I write you.
As we with you only get acquainted, I should tell about myself more.
To me now 28 years, and my birthday March,31, 1984. My growth of 170centimeters, weight of 45 kgs. I now work in one of Fitness the centers of our city as the instructor on Fitness-center. And me it is work very much it is pleasant. I very much like walks on fresh air, I very much love a nature.
I love life - I am an optimist, and I believe, that the majority beautiful a thing expects us in the future. I believe in the God and destiny, and I expect my unique person. I believe in family and love, and I search for persons to the one whom I shall give all high temperature of my heart and with that whom I shall be always together..., I want to divide with it all things - good and sad, all which we shall meet in our life. My person, clever also has strong spirit, it is kind and magnanimous and generous, it will do that - be for me, and will know, that I will do that - be for him. Unique my person who requires love and may give love. It is a person who requires reliable family and fair attitudes.
I to want, that you would send me the photo. I do not know, why, but it is pleasant for me to write to you the letter. I to want, that you would answer me more soon. Write to me about itself, than you are engaged what to like, I all to want to know about you. Questions which you want to me also will be interesting to me to set, I with pleasure on them shall answer!
I do not know, that I will be valid happened, but looking in the future with hope and a smile. Your girlfriend Olga!


Letter give lots of Results in other Antiscam pages but she edited the Text in few parts.

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From: Olga <malinkina84@inbox.ru>

xDSL dynamic pools
Vasiliy Golovin
VolgaTelecom Mari El branch
Sovetskaya 138
424000 Yoshkar-Ola


Hello dear Friend xxxx! How are you???

xxxxx you are right your letters very much please me, I always with curiosity read 
your letters. Yes I also as well as you like to sing. I wish to tell to you, that you 
to have a fascinating hobby. I am amazed!
I will be possible to name you so? I already for a long time did not speak such words
To anybody. I was more and more and began to be convinced more, that I have already
Attachment to you and already I wait your letters with impatience.
Today at me the day off was. And I have decided carry out him with benefit
For my body. In the morning I together with the girlfriend, which call Irina,
Have gone in fitness the center. It is good club, in which very good
Instructors on aerobics also there are a sun deck, a massage study.
I today have taken advantage of all it. And all this has well affected on
My body. I try, as it is possible to attend aerobics is more often. But, to
To regret, it always is possible, as sometimes simply is not present on it
The free time or simply is not present forces on training.
Ah yes I yesterday went to my parents and now I shall inform to you them
Reaction to our acquaintance. They were very glad, when I it have told
That has got acquainted with you. That they represented about you, I more
Has printed out yesterday in the Internet the center your letters. They at me do not know
The English language, therefore I had to them to translate. If to tell
In a word their reaction to our acquaintance I shall tell, that they were
Are glad to this.
We should trust each other because without trust it is impossible to live. I
Earlier too has trusted in the person, and he has deceived me. I to want
To tell to you about it. I have been madly in love with the person, and he
Only pretended, that loves me. Actually he scoffed above
My feelings. Was such, that he appointed to me meetings, promised
To come to me, I waited for him, and he did not appear. I sometimes cried,
Because he did not come in the evening, at us in city in the evening not so
Easy, and I worried for it. And he, the bad person, came
In day or through two also spoke, that it had affairs and that he of me
Likes. And then I have found out through its friends, that at this time he
Had a good time with what that maidens. he did not like to work, he frequently
Occupied from me money, promised to give, but never repaid. And
I forgave him because liked. I even hid it from mum. Has passed
Some time, and I have seen him in the street with other woman. They
Kissed. I did not remember, how have come home. I cried all the night long. At me
There was a depression very for a long time. I began to work much, and began to forget
This villain. After that case I have decided, that I shall never deceive in love
People, I shall never scoff and play feelings of other people, and
I to decide, that all this not for me. I shall not take out still such moment in
Lives. I any more will not entrust to Russian men. I to not want more so
To risk and break to itself a life. I to want to be simply happy and to live
As the normal person. After that I to decide to address in service
Acquaintances and I to find you, and we to write each other. And me it
Very much to like. I to want to be happy with the man and to lead carry out with him
All life. This person should be more senior than me that he could learn
Me and my future children. I to wait from the man of understanding, I to think, that
This most important and, certainly, big love and care of me and
To our future family. I shall try to make the man happy.
But without its help, without its love and understanding it will make difficultly.
I once again to want to test such feeling as love. I very much to hope
On it. Therefore I to write to you. I to think, that you to understand my words. I
To want find out your opinion on all this.
And I as want to tell a little about good at me 2 days ago was 
And I have perfectly spent birthday in the company of girlfriends.
They were interested, why such as I the girl yet has not found 2 half. 
On what I have answered, that I have correspondence with you! They were glad for me.
Also have wished me to be happy and to find success.
It seems to me, that with each letter between us there is something the greater,
Than friendship. We start to trust more each other, we become
More frankly, you agree with me? I think, that our souls approach.
But while I one also search the partner in life. I want to continue with you
Relations, and I to trust, that all can be very good. I wish you
Good mood!!! I will wait about impatience your letter, and to miss
On you!!!

Your friend Olga!!!


Mail is stolen from:

Albina Beliaeva - albinka1980@yandex.ru


Hello dear xxxxxx! I love also cats and dogs. But most of all I love cats.

How you? How mood? I think, that at you all is good. I want it
Very strongly. I shall ask the god that you were healthy and happy.
I have pleasure in a life these are your letters. Well, I want to tell
To you, that my heart began to beat more often when I think of you. Mine
Heart is beaten so when I think of you!!! Your letters help me
To feel your presence near to me. I want to feel you,
Your gentle sight, your smile, your hands. I so need in heat and
To care and I think, that I ask not so much. I to search clean love and
Romanticism in relations. I to like, when all is beautiful, fine, gentle
And it is romantic!!!
I wish to have the family, the favourite person beside, feeling care and
Constant support in a difficult minute, to what to aspire
Each person in a life and I too. I was close fortunately in the past, but
My trust to break my heart. I should trust the person, with which I
There will be all life. To trust its each word, gesture, a sight, a smile. In the world
Now so it is a lot of low act and deceit that is necessary very attentively
To concern to people which to surround you. I to not speak you, that
It is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, it is just necessary to know the person so,
To be completely confident him. I to know you not for a long time, but I can
To tell, that you very fair and open and it very much to involve me and
To allow to trust me, that I can love and be favourite!!! My mum to teach
Me, that I should be always open. I to tell to her, that ours
Relations to develop successfully, and it is happy for us. it to dream,
That I, at last, was not one, and to have family.
We are far apart. But it does not prevent our dialogue.
Though I already thought, that through the Internet it is not absolutely enough dialogue,
To understand each other is stronger. What do you think of it? I would like
To see you not only on a photo. But I do not know as it probably,
Because we very much far apart. You to like me and I think,
What is the relations can be deeper. I do not know, how
To explain it words. I simply feel it. Your letters make mine
Mood high. To me it becomes joyful on soul. I want to ask
You to write to me your address, probably, I shall write to you the letter. I shall be
To wait your letters, and I hope, that you will write to me soon.
I think, that sometime we with you shall meet. I would like to arrive
To you to meet you, to look, as you live. I want it,
Because I start to understand, that between us to appear something
The greater, than the friendship to seem to me, that this feeling of trust each other,
To me to seem, tht it is love, me to seem, that you too feel
It. I now very much to want to talk about you! I so to want to share with
You pleasure personally when I to see your eyes and a smile because, that I
I am glad. I to want to see your pleasure and to share it with you. I to want
To know, what to make you happy? And I shall try, that all, that
I to make was the present happiness for you. Please, give me chance
To make it!!! Let me chance again know favourite and liking
The woman.
I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise, that I will think of you everyone
Minute. With love your friend Olga!!!


To post all the pages from where this letter is stolen would let this Thread burst


Hello dear xxxxx!!!I had no one such case in my life. Such case injuring for 
me was too on water. Me learned to float my uncle and it all over again 
supported me, and that has released, and I was deep also also as well as 
you have gone on a bottom, but it is good, that the uncle was a number 
it has rescueed me. To me was so terribly and after that case I long did 
not come into water. To me it was terrible, but now I have passed this 
fear also now perfectly I float. I am very glad to receive news from you again. I feel,
As with each letter you become closer for me. I am tired from
Lives here without the person whom I can grow fond, and you-
Unique who is necessary for me, and gives me force to live. You see,
That we became much closer, than ever before. You cannot at all
To imagine that you mean for me. You mean
It is a lot of. You can ask, it is possible: why. I do not know. But I
Really I know - that you for me became very much close
The person. I never knew such beautiful soul as yours. You have opened
It once for me and never closed. Now I open my
Soul for you. I allow to you my heart and my offer. I thought of you
Last night. I think, you unbiassed and are fair to me. Now I
To you completely I trust, and you became for me the close and native person,
To which I can open the heart. I speak you all this sincerely, I
I am not going to deceive you and to play with your feelings, and I hope,
That you too will be fair under the relation to me. I like to read letters
From you. My heart always skipping when I see the message from you in
My letter box. Then I ем it as a whole to come across lines and
Only the ambassador whom I read to this carefully some times. I
I become the seized aspiration from you. I do not want, that you were
Are put forward with my feelings. Excuse me, if I too
It is expressive. Probably, you did not expect it from me? But something
Has changed a way of my life recently, and I believe, that it - you. I think about
You each hour and every minute. It is a pity to me, that we not friends during
Long time. I know, that can be, I - hopeless romantic,
But I believe, that our Meeting through the Internet - the best thing, which
Could take place with us. I wish you remarkable day! Your Olga!



Hello my Lovely xxxxxx!!!!!!!

Dear, I find you very interesting by the man. I am glad, that we with you
Friends. Our correspondence so means for me much. I am afraid to think
Forward, but I want, that you knew - for me it very seriously.
Today 3 buses in the morning have again passed by, and any has not stopped.
In everyone to people - as herring in a flank. Naturally, for work was late,
And here the heads: " That again buses did not stop? "
It was necessary to tell, that neighbours from above have flooded with water. I am afraid, at such
To work of public transport of my imagination for a long time will not suffice.
Since the morning at me the mood has been spoiled. But I have quickly found
Exit from this situation, has decided to go during a break for a dinner to park
Near our office. I very much like park nearby to ours
Office. There it is silent and cosy, and I like to sit simply from time to time on
To bench to relax and about anything to not think. At you such it happens? But
Certainly of anything to not think at me has failed, because you now
Always in my ideas and I very much frequently think of you. I think, that you,
Probably, that person with whom I could live all, probably,
Other life. From your letters I have understood, that you ideally approach
To me for creation of family. I think we may be right for each other. I
would be happy to meet with you and get to know each other better. " My
friends say that I am there was completely another, that I began more
Thoughtful and happy, it is possible they are right ”. That you feel to
To me?
I cannot hide all tenderness any more and mad attachment to
To you. You know, any time up to our meeting I asked the God, that he
Has helped me to grow fond. It can is silly, but I never tested earlier
This feeling which I now test to you. Any story and
One film never will transfer him. After our correspondence I everyone
Night for a long time I can not fall asleep. I think of you, about us. I never
Met the man more sincere and sensual than you. I want to be
With you to touch your body, to feel tenderness of your lips and
Heat of your breath. I think, that your kisses would dement me.
I want to bring to you only pleasure and to caress you. Everyone Particle
My body will belong only to you to one. To me occurs
Strange feeling, I do not understand, why me pulls to you, in fact we
Are familiar not enough time. Probably, it because I already for a long time not
Tested love. I ask the God that you have not rejected me.
I want to inform you very important thing. I hope that you will react on
It it is adequate. Earlier I have been many times deceived by men from Russia and
Therefore I very seriously concern to a choice of men.
I very much wait for your reciprocal letter.

Yours forever Olga!



Hello my lovely xxxxxx!

I am very happy, to accept your letter today, it full sincere
Heats and sympathies to me. I think, that for that time that we with you
We are copied very much pulled together and between us the feeling, I has appeared
I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have occupied
Place in my heart. On work I became a little inattentive also mine
Girlfriends speak, that I am in love. I was never so is happy. I
Has absolutely changed, my girlfriends speak about it and familiar. All this
Because of you. I as though fly in heavens.
I yesterday thought of our relations and concerning our feelings. I already
Has so become attached to you, that I miss every day your letters.
I always, think of you. I can make nothing with myself. I think,
That I am in love. Yes I love you!!! I talked about it to mum, and
It speaks, that it is good, it thinks, that I shall be happy. I
Has told to mum, that you the most good person and that I completely trust
To you. it speaks me, that I should not be mistaken. it speaks, that we
Should even closer study each other. it to love me. And it is simple
My native mother. I think, that you understand me. it wishes us
Happiness and the big love. I think, that we should meet, we
Should see each other, look in eyes, because through
The Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. We began
Are frank with you, and I think, that you want find out about my sexual
Experience. In Russia all men dream to drag only you in bed, but
I do not want it, I to not want to be given the first comer, that he
Has taken pleasure. It something from above it gives love to the person, for
That to learn happiness in this life, and men represent it
Only as sex, I think, that it is not correct also I hope, that you
With me it agree. I want to be with the only thing the man, with which I
I shall feel like favourite. I shall give myself to him completely and a body and
Soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion
It will be poured out for limits of love, and we will enjoy the friend the friend all
Life till last moment of our existence.
I feel, what our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it?
I will wait for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas.

Forever yours Olga!!!



Hello my loved xxxxxxx! 
You - one of best people with which I ever informed in my life. Though we communicate through e-mail, I believe, that it - not a lot of various from real conversation teat-a-teat. In the past I ignored the Internet communications with whom - that and did not understand, that it could be so bright and is delightful. Before the letter to you something has changed in my opinion, which has told me to try (why not). And now I am happy, that it has taken place.
And now I read your letters, they are full of emotions of heat and Sympathy to me. I start to understand, that my life is not meaningful without you because I love you, I think, that during that time, that we with you write each other, we have much gone through together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you. I grieve without you very much. You are in my heart. I know, that I require you very much, and it is very pleasant for me to feel, that you require me too. I always think of you, about our meeting, about our feature. Now I feel, that you - my second half. And I want to be with you most of all on this planet. I’m lonely in this huge world and now I have found you. I want to inform to you to that my feelings and words concerning you always were sincerely, and I always understood, that we place a lot of trust, that our union would be real. Now I am sure be relative all 100, that I can to you to trust. And you are that person who is necessary for me. When I read your letter, I saw in it your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made your letter for me directly big conclusion which is possible for expressing in three words, I LOVE YOU MINE xxxxxx!!!
I spoke with my mum about that that, probably, I shall leave, she only were glad for me, mother has blessed me, she
thinks, that it and is my happiness. Today I all day thought only of you, how we shall meet you. I to represent it to myself as you meet me at the airport as we search, each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other. 
Today fine day, but me it is sad, because we with you so Far apart. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I itself. I To love you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your letter it important for me. 
For ever yours Olga!!!



Hello my love, xxxxxx!!!! I am so pleased, that you to write to me and that me, to find so a plenty of letters on my box.
You a ray of light in my heart. Whether my love xxxxx I can ask for you your phone number. I think, that we already should hear voices each other. I wish to call to you my lovely angel. You will give me your number??? I will wait it from you.
I have understood that you are necessary for me as air and about what I want to be with you. You imagine dream today has dreamed me, it was such bright and fine: I am, at home you enter my room, and I feel your aroma. You cautiously place me in a sofa to unbutton to me, the dress xxxxxx removed xxxx. And our bodies merge as a whole, and you compress me so strong, we hear, as our hearts start to beat in one rhythm. Then we start to be borrowed love. About as I, would like that this dream appeared the truth! I think, you will not object, if I tomorrow shall go in agency of travel and I shall find out that to me will be necessary to arrive to you. I very much want our fast meeting with you! I long so without you here. I have such strange feeling inside. I grieve without you awfully. I need in you so much. It not only words that I feel now. I think of you all time. I never had it before. I did not see you nevertheless, but I can not live without you any more, your letters. I want to touch you to feel your heat and tenderness, I love you, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are not frightened. It is strange for me also. But I can warrant to you, that it is true. I love you, and the idea on you does me so happy. I want to be with you so much. I want to feel you with each part of my body, I want to feel sensitive contact of your hands to smell your body, only to know, that I only yours and that 
you are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am full desire, and I want you as the person, I want to be your wife, your friend, your
assistant to soul, your beloved, and your dream. I understand now completely, that you are a person of my dream. I searched for you all my life, and now I have found you, and I am not going to lose you. We shall be happy together; I shall do all for this purpose. I am strong enough to overcome all difficulties and difficulties which are between us.
There is no barrier which can stop me. My love will overcome all difficulties on our way. We shall be together to trust me. I shall move ocean only to be with you. I do not need in anything - I only want to see you to study your eyes, to kiss your lips, to concern your strong body. My love will be enough for two of us. You know song Bon Jove "Always". This song - about my feelings to you. I am afraid to ask you this, but what you feel? It is very important for me. It is better to know truly for me than sweet lie. So, please, inform me your feelings. ~ And I think, that it - already time for us to decide, what to do, I could arrive to you, and I think, that it - the best variant for us. So I will find out all about the visa and as I could arrive to you.
And I will write to you about it in my following letter. Love of you




.... as far as we know since years.....Travel agency never organize Visa.......

Hello loved xxxxxx!!! Why you have not written to me your phone number??? It is pleasant for me to receive your letter again!!!
I grieve without you awfully! I very much love you. I can not be except for you, it is so difficult. You - my life, I
want to embrace you so much to feel your heat, to study your eyes, to feel like happy and safe about you. I am sure, that all will be good, and the destiny will work for us, and we shall be happy together. I frequently think of us and I try to imagine our life together. Sometimes I feel you so about and is close to me. I even feel you on distance. I feel when you are in high spirit and when you are sad. I am happy, when you are happy. I want to be with you so much and me though about ways for us to be together.
Today I went to agency of travel, and learned, that it will be necessary for me to arrive to you. 
For the beginning it is necessary for me to collect all necessary documents:
1. The Valid passport
2. Two black-and-white photos, the size 5o5
3. The Filled application form
4. the Documents, testifying that I in Russia have work
5. Documents, acknowledgement of that in Russia remain direct relatives 
So that to arrive to your country I should do some documents and receive the visa. It will borrow some time, certainly, and to do many documents from my party. And on manufacturing of these documents at me will leave approximately about three days. But I will do all which depends on me.
As to the visa, there is a visa of the Bride, but it - not the best variant for us as we have not met nevertheless, and we have no documents and pictures to improve our meeting. And as to me have told, that all over again it will be better to receive it the visa the Category In - 1/A-2 (for the persons following in your country on affairs or with the tourist purpose), she is given out for the period of one year. Those who follows in your country as the tourist, should specify, where they are going to stop. As I am going to visit you I need to know your exact home address, and the address of the airport nearest to you where I should arrive. I very much you ask to send me this information. And already when I shall come to you that in 1 months we with you together we can start to make out with you for me the visa of the bride and I still shall stay on some time, and then when we with you shall get married that I shall stay with you for ever always to be near to you.
But there is one thing which upsets me very much. You see, I should pay reception of the visa. And for the beginning its registrations I should go in embassy of your country which is in Moscow. And you know, that my earnings too small for this purpose. I do not want to complain, but simply I can not find 469 $, for trip to Moscow and registration of the visa. I have the big desire to arrive to you to see you, at last, and only money separate us from each other. 
I very much love you, and I do not want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it. Certainly, I could ask that my Mum has helped me, but she has no such money though she would like to help us. I am fair also sincere with you. I really hope that you understand my situation. I want to see you very much; I can not do it only because I have no such money. Money - only they help to overcome all difficulties on our way to each another. It is a pity, road if it upsets you. I only think, that we should entrust each another and divide all. Hope that you agree with me. Only imagine that in short time we could be together. Also there is only one problem now which I can not solve. I very much love you, you the best in my life, and our meeting could be the happiest for us!

Yours forever Olga!!!



Hello my love xxxxx. I was very glad to receive the letter from you. When I read your letter, on my eyes even tears of pleasure have appeared. I see that we are necessary for each other. Not I visit church, and Imp asking the god for our meeting. How you there without me? I grieve without you very much. You are in my heart. I know that you require me very much, and should feel very pleasantly. I always think of you, about our meeting, about our feature. Now I feel, that you - my second half. And I want to be with you most of all on this planet. Imp lonely in this huge world and now I have found you. I am very grateful to you, that you trust me. You are in my opinion. With each your letter I understood that you that person which is necessary for me, that the person who is very necessary for me. I as well as you want to see, I want to arrive to you more never to be separated.
Lovely, I very much would not like to burden you with the difficulties, but I so would like to see you faster. I not I can to ask you about the help but if you want to see me can help me with money faster. On registration of the visa as I to you wrote to me for this purpose it is necessary 469 $ If you really want me to see as soon as possible and if you have opportunity have gone them to me, it is very inconvenient for me to ask you, but now it is a unique opportunity to meet.
If you want to help our meeting there was money through WESTERN UNION, the address of branch:

The address of bank:

Ak Bars Bank

Amirkhana 21 Kazan,420126 for my name Olga Malinkina.

My girlfriend to work in bank, and she to advise me system the WESTERN UNION, she to speak, that it is the most reliable and fast system of remittances. This system should be in each bank. If you will help me with money and our meeting you to go in bank and there will give you of 10 figures when you to send money (number of translation), 10 figures you to send me and about the help of these of 10 figures I can receive your money here in my city in bank. Also it is necessary for me to know your full name. I shall wait from you this information.
I know, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it has heated up my soul and a body. A smile from my special person - something which can decorate even the most dark day. One thing which I have noticed from reading your letters, is, that you are very strong. It seems that you have captured and have learned from experiences of life, and it is reflected in your letters.
I am now very glad also to me hunting to dream up a little about our attitudes:
Night, the novel, we one in a room, we include music and Dance slowly. I study your eyes, they - is so deep, and you look in mine, they are full emotions. I see your lips, so soft, and I want to kiss them. We love each another, and minute - eternity … 
Or so: - … you come back from work. I expect you. I have
Preparing very tasty dinner, and we sit at a table, you inform me news, about your work and I only we listen to you. 
Require what - be still. I only enjoy the moments which I spend with you. Then we go in a drawing room a room, and
observe a film. We sit on a sofa, Embrace and kisses. Only quiet evening … 
Or so: - … week-end, we prepare for breakfast for our children; they operate about us - the boy and the girl. After
breakfast we are going to go, we have Picnic then we are going to see our friends, and we come back home Tired, but so happy. We have lead day with our family. Children already sleep also we one. We are engaged in love and whole night - not enough for us. Tomorrow one more week will begin, and we know, that we always shall be together, and the next week even will be better----. Well, it is enough with my dreams - … I hope, that these dreams very soon become a reality!
Write to me, please, your ideas about it. I expect impatiently your Answer.
Hot kisses for you. Your love Olga!!!



 .........6 Min. later.........

Hello my love xxxxxx!!! While I wrote to you my letter I absolutely 
have forgotten to tell to you that last night I called to you on that 
phone number which you have written to me in the letter, but unfortunately 
I could not phone to you as to me have told, that this number is not 
served. Why so there was I do not know, but I yesterday very much would 
like to speak by with you to phone. xxxxx you trust me??? I wish to ask 
you my darling about, whether I can phone today to you. Can be yesterday 
at you was phone is switched simply off. I shall wait from you your 
letter as it is possible soon. With love to you yours and only your 
favourite Olga!!! 



....... where is the copy of ID......

xxxxxx I am so excited about our meeting! I am full of Feeling which I never felt before, and I hope, that this real
Feeling which I searched so long, and at last at me you have appeared. We have found that we looked and searched. I so happy, that we are together. I believe in our happiness. All my ideas now - about our future meeting. I want it so much.
xxxxxx I should you tell something important. The matter is that I have submitted all the documents on registration of the passport for travel abroad and the visa when you have told, that you can help me. Now all documents are on preliminary consideration and check in a department of management of federal migratory service. Yesterday when I have received your letter I very much was upset, because while everyone will not check up documents I have no right to take away documents. I hope, that you understand me. I all the night long thought that it is possible to make. I did not sleep, I experience and now. 
But here that I think. I do not know, how you will concern to it, but my girlfriend who works in bank has told, that if that it can receive money, as at it with documents everything is all right. Tell to me please my lovely angel you you can send money for its name, a copy of its passport I to you I shall send. What do you think of it my love??? 
Your true love Olga!!!



...from the Afternoon........

Hello my love xxxxxx!!! How are you??? Why do you not answer me???
I have decided to write to you my letter as I very much experience and I 
worry, in fact from you there is no letter. My love xxxxx I understand, 
that there are distinctions between our countries and probably rules in each 
of the countries are the . But I today went to the Western Union and to me 
have told there, that for sending money it is necessary to know only a name 
of the addressee. But time you ask to send you a copy of the passport you 
understand me, that now my passport and all my documents are on registration. 
And my girlfriend has agreed to help me with reception of money. If you not 
against can be to us it is necessary to take advantage of its offer?? 
How you consider?? I hope, that you not against. xxxxxx I want, that you knew, 
that I wait from you your letter with greater impatience and hope for the 
best. I very strongly love you also you for me for such short time became 
very dear person. I you strong embrace also gently whole yours and only 
your favourite Olga!!!! 



My Loved xxxxxxx, my the most pleasant and the most gentle!!! xxxxxx we need to calm down. Time you is not ready to a meeting then give we shall postpone this question till the best times.
Mine, I very pleasant, that you think of me and send me your letters in which it is a lot of love and emotional heat.
Your letters heat my heart while you are not present near to me. And I would like to speak, that you are very much the close person for me, and I very much think of you all these days, and very much would like to have now all fine moments which we shall lead together. My Loved, I would like, that you were not sad, that day now seems more lonely usual and evening to not begin very quickly. That for me now each day goes very slowly will suffice, and each minute passes as one hour, and each hour seems eternity. It is very a pity to me of that time which we spend not a beside. You imagine, how your Favorite Lady, sits and waits for that fine moment when we for the first time can look each other in eyes embrace and kiss each other, I feel it more and more. When you will try my first warm evening dinner prepared specially for you. My Hands will prepare for you for the warmest foodstuffs, and you enjoy this moment when eat with me, and we speak, laughter and our light of eyes very much. And after dark evening time when we shall go to bed. We shall have fantastic time where two persons bathe in feelings each other and in the biggest Sense which has named Love. I would like it now when you have, this evening you Imagine on this time, that you have quickly and know, that life can be more interesting and more heat which require your ice heart which require that big fire, concern your good heart. I know, that such to be near to the favorite person and to enjoy his body.
You feel that your life will be a lot of success. When I shall be near to you, and prepare for fantastic life which I Shall give mine loved. You will bathe in my feelings!!!!!!!!
Yours, only yours Olga!!!



Hello my love xxxxx!!! Today I re-read your letters, have read all your letters, I enjoyed each your letter. I again speak you and I can repeat to you one million more time, I love you and very much I want to be with you. Also trust me that all that I write it sincere words which proceed from my heart. And when we shall meet, we shall enjoy each minute carried out together, my lovely and tender! I so want to nestle on you all body, I want to feel your breath, your smell. I so passionately want you, I do not know that with me, such never was that I never seeing the person, and me to it so strongly pulls. I want, that you have felt, as I now miss you. I want to feel your gentle kisses, your strong body when your language will penetrate into my lips, on mine a body the pleasant shiver runs, I want that you did not cease to kiss me to embrace me, to caress me.
Recently I think only of you, fairly, I can not to think of anything the friend, except for you. I wake up and I fall
asleep with ideas on you! I likely the happiest girl on light, you see at me am most remarkable and very beautiful mine loving me! I can not describe the love in a word, she should be felt. And I feel that in my heart there is only a love to you. And I to promise to you that you will feel her when we shall meet. 
My lovely, you force my heart my heart to beat faster; you have helped me to look at the world other eyes to breathe other air. With you I feel easy, freely, unchained. Thank you, loved, that you are at me, and I is at you. I believe, that to us with you nobody will prevent to love each other, I to nobody shall allow to make it, I shall die better, I shall die for love, than To leave with you, I simply can not go through parting with you, my heart is simple it will not sustain. 
I promise you, that I never shall make to you a bit too. I believe that by destiny is intended to us of happiness. Of your occurrence in my life which I expected, had a presentiment, in which the best proof of that it so was sure how you have appeared in reality.

I wait for your letter, your future wife Olga!



She don't give up and ignored since days all slaps........

Hello my loved xxxxxx!!! Was very glad to receive one more your letter - virtual acknowledgement of that our letters and meetings - not simply fine dream, and though and a little bit remote, but a reality. As I know, that we with you already soon shall together.
But I can not bear our separation, now, when you are at me I want to be with you and to belong to you. And if to you that will be interesting to talk to me on my native language, certainly, I shall teach you to Russian. I think, that from me the good teacher will turn out, and you I think, will be the provisional pupil. I all this time tried to you to tell, that I too respect YOU, and I like, therefore I always spoke and I speak you the truth. I simply can not take out, when the person close to me tells lies. I lose to him trust at once and irrevocably. So has developed, that I am trustful enough.
Therefore if I love persons I believe him. Therefore and itself hate to tell lies. When to you trust is it is too
precious, and I appreciate that at us with you full trust among them. And I can tell you precisely, that I do not know, how it is possible to deceive the loved person. Also trust me that I am not going to deceive you, I too love you and want to arrive to you. I want to become your wife my loved 
There is you, and there is I. Recently you became very dear to me. I think of you, I dream of you, I wish you. From time to time I in despair from comprehension of that you now so am far from me. Knowing, that nothing can be changed, I, nevertheless, should force to not think myself of you. You always with me, my loved !!!

Yours Olga!!!


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