Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travel-Safe Services for Russia

I decided to introduce a service called Travel-Safe for those foreigners who wish to travel to Russia to meet with their lady or to take care of any kind of research in Russia personally.

The need for such service became apparent to me long ago, when several of my clients who wanted to go to Russia to perform personal search for their "missing" girlfrieds were deterred from their goal by the difficulty and potential danger of navigating Russian cities alone.

In the recent weeks, the news of two gentlemen who decided to go to Russia on their own being assualted and robbed in Moscow solidified my decision to create a better and safer travel enviroment for those of my cleints who wish to visit Russian Federation.

I am now offering the following set of services:

  • finding cheap local accommodations in Moscow and other Russian cities for those individuals whose budget does not allow expensive Western-style hotels
  • providing travel-guide, interpreter, and personal-assistant services perfomed both by professional interpreter and by Russian foreign language students who would like to practice their translation and guide skills
  • providing travel assistance for those individuals who need to travel outside of Moscow
  • providing access to local cell phone, Internet
  • providing a safe contact in Russia who can be contacted in case of emergency
The interpreters for English are most easily obtained. For other languages, please contact me to inquire about availability.

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