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Contact me Friday in WD through sending a Kiss as

Dear xxxxxxxxxx,

We are glad to inform you that the member licenohek (63943) sends you a virtual kiss! View their profile:www.waydate.com/member_licenohek.html

A virtual kiss means that the member is interested in contacting you. Please, be polite to answer with a kiss in return.

- 29 y/o woman (1982 September 15)
- from Livadia, Ukraine, Ukraine
- Russian, Ukrainian, English
- seeking a man from 24 to 34 y/o

Hello, hello dear!!!

Thank you for your interest. Thank you for that you gave me
the chance to be closer to you, to communicate with you!
It's very hard for me to write a first letter to you because
I want to make a good impression on you.... but anyway I
will try. It is only our beginning but I already feel that
it can lead us to something special!!! May be my words sound
unbelievable, but I'm sincere and open with you. I hope that
you will answer me after reading this my letter, I have a
big hope that you will do it soon. Why? You will be able to
answer this question to yourself, to decide why you want to
communicate with me if you see in me the qualities which you
like. So I start writing you about myself now and it's
simple from one side. Simple because I know that I'm good
and kind person as the people around me characterize me. But
on the other hand it's not so simple but very difficult to
write me about myself because I don't know what you will
like in me. I see some things in me and don't see the others
but I know exactly one important thing for sure - I am ready
to love and I'm looking for love for all my life!!! It's
possible for us to be together because you are on the dating
site and you are looking for your partner, for your second
part with whom you want to be and to share the happiness and
the sorrow!! So believing in love is one of my qualities. I
still don't know what to tell you about myself, can you tell
me what do you want to know about me??? Write a letter to
this e-mail address and tell me everything what is
interesting for you and what you want to ask me. Don't be
shy and go ahead! Ok, dear? Waiting for your soonest reply!!

your light Nastya

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By the Pics we fall over Rhian Sugden; (born September 11, 1986 in Bury, Greater Manchester, England) is an English glamour model and Page Three girl.


  1. I'm going to Link this with http://www.romancescam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=33265

  2. BEWARE OF SCAM Nastya " nezhnaya@mailcontact.org

    1 send you emails containing standard type you are adding a few photographs and email within three comes up a company calling itself "Softtrans" this says that Mrs.. Nastya has no resources to translate the mails; Although these in Ukrainian mailed this company says they are not legible.
    At this time Nastya thymus begins with the rates I provide below:
    * Translation into Russian:
    - one letter (any size) - 5 $,
    * Translation into English:
    - one letter (any size) - 5 $,
    * Interpreting:
    - phone conversation (per 10 minutes) 5 $,
    * Other services:
    - printing of one photo - 3 $,
    - scanning of one photo - 3 $,

    Translation package "No quota(letters only)
    2 weeks term - 110$
    1 month term - 150$
    2 months term -300$

    Translation package "No quota(letters + pictures)
    2 weeks term - 140$
    1 month term - 230$
    2 months term - 350$

    Ways of payment: - Western Union,
    - MoneyGram
    - Bank Transfer
    (contact for details).
    Information you need for making payment:

    the name of receiver Nastya Sulokhyna
    the city Rodakovo
    the address Trudovaya str., 58
    zip code 93743
    country UKRAINE

    !!! After making payment, PLEASE, inform us about its
    details with the full information for getting it:

    - your full name;
    - country you live in;
    - the sum of payment;
    - Money Transfer Control Number.

    Yours sincerely,