Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Elizaveta Serezhkina,

From Saturday in DMF

- ID: 216332
- 25 y/o female (1987 - May - 18)
- Arzamas, Russia
- English, 
- Have no children

It's so unusual to write to you now this message.
To be honest I'm even a little scared!
But looking at your profile, I still decided to write you!
I hope my letter will not go unnoticed for you! My name is Elizaveta!
I live in Russia, in city Arzamas!
I am looking for a man through the Internet because I can not find a decent man
in his city. I really want to get acquainted with you closer but I can not often go
the site so please write me at my E-mail: elizavetasunnn@yaho 
I would be very pleased if you answer.

Hello again xxxxxx!
I am pleased to see your letter. I am grateful to you, that you understand me.
xxxxxx, I want tell to you little bit more about me. I hope, that it is interesting to you.
My age is 25 years. My birthday is May 18, height 165 cm, weight 50 kg.
My name is - Elizaveta. I was named so in memory of my great-grandmother. She was very clever and wise woman.
I never saw her, but heard many good memoirs. And what about your name??? Why you have received such name?
I live in city Arzamas. This is small but beautiful city in the Nizhni Novgorod Region. I was born here.
5 years I live separately from my parents. They live together with my grandmother not far to my city.
I inherited from my grandmother apartment and I moved there.
I like to dance and listen to cheerful music. I believe, that music helps to have a good mood.
And what music do you like? It will help me to understand your character.
I never had experience of acquaintance to the men from other country. But I think that it really interesting.
I heard much, that men outside of Russia are more gallant and more polite. Is this true?? What do you think?
I saw one a real-life example. My girlfriend married and has left in Europe to her husband. Recently she has again arrived to Russia already with the husband.
I looked at them and was pleased to their happiness. They - really fine pair!
I saw how they love each other.
By the way, their names Yulya and Derrick.
Yulya informed me to follow her example. I - during long time could not be solved on it. But thinking, I have been solved.
I had relations with men in Russia earlier. I have many admirers till now. But I understand, that it will not bring anything serious.
I - enough adult, also do not want the relation just for several weeks.
I have decided, that I shall try to fix acquaintance through the Internet. I have the Internet on work in a cabinet of the chief..
Therefore I can often write to you.
xxxxxx What you search in the Internet? You search for serious relations or all it only for fun? Please answer my question sincerely.
I estimate kindness and sincerity in people. I do not love liars and egoists.
About if it is fair, I do not know that I can tell about me directly more. I hope, that you can ask me about something. I shall answer you with pleasure.
I will apply my films for you. Also wait your comment on it. OK?
I should go now. I'll wait for your letter.
Take care.

Received: from WAREZ-9D2E4172B (elizavetasunnn@ with plain)
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.04.7) UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091

Network Operation Center CJSC ER-Telecom Company Mari El branch
address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

The Distance between Arzamas (Nizjnij Novgorod) and Yoshkar-Ola (Mariy-El) is :
287.95 kilometers (km). 
The approximately estimated travel/road distance can be around 331.14 km to 359.94 km


...Famous Yola script coz of this Bra-Story...... :sick: 

Hello my new friend xxxxxx!
It is pleasant for me to see your letter again.
It is really interesting to learn you more with each letter. It so excited.
xxxxx I would like to know about you more. You have a hobby?
I want to tell about me directly more. It is interesting to you?)
I ask to forgive that my jump of ideas in the various parties sometimes a little. (it is
specific to girls.)
It because I want to write about everything for you. But I do not know what to begin.)))
Probably I shall tell about my work. I work in shop of a female cloth. I am a seller - the
I help girls to collect a suitable cloth. I love my work, it is very interesting and amusing
Yesterday, to shop there has arrived the person who wanted to buy a gift for his wife.
He wanted to buy bra. But he doubted about the size.) we should call the manager of shop,
her name - Larisa.
She has the size of a breast the same as the wife of this person. It was so ridiculously.
The person changed and reddened.
But all have chosen from us up to him a suitable gift. He was very grateful to us for the
help. I like to help people.
I think, that people should help each other. You agree with me?
So, I work every day within 8 hours. Sometimes I go to wash the floors, it gives a little
extra money.
Sometimes we go with girlfriends to cinema or evening club. I like to dance and in the
center of attention. (I think each girl is similar to this)
To me of 25 years. I have brown eyes.
Now about my education. I have finished university. My speciality - the economist.
But I do not follow a speciality. I have studied the English language also.
But I do some mistakes when I write. I speak a little bit better, than I write.))))
But I think that you understand my English language???
xxxxxx You know other languages? I think, that I can sometimes give to you lessons of
it will be interesting. What do you think?)
I hope, that my letter was interesting to you. I never wrote to men from other country.
Therefore I worry a little. Please speak to me if I tell nonsense.))))
It can appear because of distinction of our cultures. I understand, that in the various
countries there is a various culture of dialogue.
I shall study your culture and you mine with each letter more. You agree?
About my time has already arrived. I should go now. ((
I hope, that I shall see your letter again. OK?
Bye. I shall wait your letter soon.

Received: from WAREZ-9D2E4172B (elizavetasunnn@ with plain)
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.04.7) UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091


Another famous Yola script........

Hello again xxxxxx!
I am pleased again to see your letter. It already becomes my habit. I love it!)))
I hope that it was good.
I wanted to tell to you, that my day begins more interesting when I receive your letter.
I have already got used to receive your letters xxxxx. and to make you expecting for my
xxxxxx I hope that we learn each other better every day. I would like to see more than your
It is rather difficult to learn the person when you far from him. It would be much easier,
if we could
Spend evening in good cafe with a cup of hot chocolate. You love hot chocolate?! I love
I - frequently think about Yulya. If she is fair, I envy her a little. She searched for her
happiness long time and at last has found it.
It is so fine. Now she is far from family, I think, that it is a little sad.
But I am confident, that Derrick will not allow the sad moments to her. They like each
other, and it is the most important.
xxxxx I want to know what you think of me?!. I think, that you already know me a little.
I really want to know what you wait from our acquaintance? It is only game for you or
something more?
I hope it not game. I am adult enough girl and also know very much, twhat the person wants.
Also what concerning your former relations? I think, that you can tell to me about it. In
Russia they speak it is better studying of other's mistakes.
You agree with it? If we want to learn each other more, we should be fair and open for us.
picture about which you asked me was taken near my home. This is a bar where people eat or drink beer.
xxxxx, you can ask any question to me. And I also want to know about all of you.))
Well, my time has already arrived. I should go now. I hope to see your letter when I shall
arrive again.
By the way, I can call you " My Dear"??? I love it!)))


No answer of my question which Company it is in the first pic

Hello my dear xxxxx!
You have again made my day more brightly. I am pleased, that I can write to you again. I had good day today.
In shop where I work today audit. You know what is it? It, when check all papers and the goods.
The bookkeeper and his assistants are borrowed in it. Therefore I have free day today.
I went on city and thought of you. As it would be interesting to go with you.
You are interesting to me, therefore I think of you even more frequently. This such strange feeling.
I cannot place it in words.
I understand, that I can be mistaken, because never saw you actually. But I believe, that my feelings do not deceive me.
I want to have a supper with you. Then we could speak face to face.)..... Well.) has been again lost in dreams.))))
xxxxxx, you can show me more your pictures? I want to see more.)
And how pass your day? What interesting you have today?
What do you know about my city? It - the small but beautiful city. But in it is minuses. - a lot of proparty on roads.
Dirty air and - is a lot of criminality. I frequently think of other countries.
Why in Russia so it is a lot of people which do not want to work. It is strange. I think, that the person should work and similarly to this.
The family, the loved is necessary for the person.
For happiness it - nessesery is a little - to have worthy earnings for the work, the favourite person and calmness for you, also children.
Only then the society will develop. But all this at Russia are not present. There are all opportunities for this purpose. But there is no order.
I have absolutely come in conversation.)))) probably it sounds roughly, but Russia - the country where the authority and money is solved by all.
I do not want to live all my life here. I feel that I have other destiny.)))
You trust destiny?
xxxxxx, I want to know that you think of me? You have impression from my letters?
I want to know the truth. Please it is not necessary for flatter. To me really interesting your opinion.
I hope for your prompt reply.
Bye while, my dear xxxxxx.
One more small kiss!)))

p..s I have a house cat and her name is Barsik


Today she read Mail......

My dear xxxxxx!!!!!!! It was so good to receive news from you
again!!!!!!! I start to feel, that our e-mails of a throw of
communication inspire me. Thanks for your opinion. It becomes more
interesting with each new letter! Now in my plans has appeared one
more thing: to look if I have received a new mail from my friend
xxxxxx! And certainly write the answer. My cat name Barsik and it is a
very common name cats all over Russia. I want to tell you that I
forgot to answer your question in the last letter of the title
picture. This photo was taken at the store where they sell beer and to
eat out. I sometimes go there with friends that is tasty to eat.
with me in my life nothing bad happened once in school I had a
concussion when I fell from a horizontal bar on physical education
lesson. It was very painful but nothing terrible has happened.
Unfortunately I can answer not always quickly so I really regret about
it, because some time I am busy with my work, but I really write to
you with my great pleasure! Should tell, that I see, that to learn
about the friend through mails it is really very interesting! When I
send you mails I always think, that it will be your answer to it. Its
a good habit, and I think, that it will open for us new way. Please
tell me, how - all with you? How your day, how - work was? Whether up
to what you were? You have any plans for these days? I am still doing
the same work and it borrows the majority of time. Make you know, I
have told to my girlfriends about you, that we know each other and you
my very good friend and certainly they happy for me. Unfortunately I
should finish this letter because really it is time to go. Please take
care of you. Yours Elizaveta


My sweet friend xxxxx!
Today weather is fine also your new mail made my day, and I am filled so happy to receive news from you again!!!!!
My mood on a maximum owing to your attention!!!!!
It is really good to hear, that you happy with my mails and photos which I send you.
Well I hope that you agree with me.
Though should recognize, that the external beauty is of great importance for the woman, also I always try to look very well.
I should tell, that with each new message I love you more and more you sound really, really interesting person.
I see, that our messages - to each other very similar, also I notice, that we throw identical sights and ideas.
When I have time, I always try to check up my box of mail from you, and during this moment I feel much more youngly.
it is good very strange filling in you. Well I do not know how to explain them..
I am very pleased, that our communication has thrown e-mail, do some representation, and we can learn about each other more and more.
So thank you very much for your communication with me.
I notice, that within day I think of you and about fascinating forward for your new e-mails.
If really I am filled similarly to this, I begin to miss you.
So please tell to me what you think of it?
My fine friend xxxxxx on these kind words I shall finish, I will wait for your letter!
I send you my embraces!
Your Russian friend,


My lovely friend xxxxxx!!!!!!
Today outside is lovely !!!!
I have to say tat I have missed you a lot and when I saw your new mail my mood became even better and I’m so happy!!!
Thank you for your lovely letter really nice to read what you have wrote.
Well just pop up to internet to check your e-mail and to let you know what I’m up to.
Because I’m sure that you are interested.
Well my plan for today is to do some cooking at home.
Remember I told you that one of my hobbies is to cook. Have you ever tried Russian traditional food?
Well if not you have to try because I think that is much different from your country. Maybe one day I will cook you some.
So for today I’m going to make, well it names pelmeni (is a Russian traditional food where in a dough put meat,
then turn in various forms and then cook for few minutes) have to say they a look really nice to tasty.
Also another traditional dishes is calls “pirogi” or in English pies where also you put all kind of things.
Well I hope that I’m not presenting to you that I’m boring.
I only wish to be myself and to enjoy a life!
Have to say that all my friends and fellow colleges at work consider me very sociable!
I should tell to you that I always was very serious in relations and never searched the fleeting novel.
I do understand that we cannot become very much close through our letters and we should learn each other personally.
Maybe it will happen some day? If really have to say that I was starting to think if we could meet with each other some day.
So we could spend some time together and to know each other better. What do you think about it?
Now I consider you as the best my friend have to say more than best friend and with each new letter we learn about each other more and it become seems to me more close to each other.
Also have to say I agree that I not always can answer quickly to your mails and have to say that miss your mails.
I am always assured that your new mail waits for me and when I have time I hasten to read through it and to send reply to you.
When I read your new letter my eyes sparkle because it very fascinatingly! It is similar on to film which we remove together!!!
While I don’t know what it will be in the ending but I trust in success
xxxxxx, we can really discuss all that we shall want!
I want you to tell me more about your self what do you think about all of this? In fact any woman is the keeper of a home and wishes to
care of it. Whether I don’t know I have told it correctly but if easier that in Russia the woman is engaged in creation of a coziness and beauty in the house therefore to me it is very interesting!
The woman waits when the husband will come from work and to be going to meet with greater attention and care, cook tasty food!
I do not know how is in your country but in Russia most of the families women like this !
Well I think that I will stop my letter for now.
Please don’t forget that your mails make my day and I’m always looking forward to them!
I wish to you Good day!!!
Bye, bye, bye for now.
Yours Elizaveta


Hello my dear xxxxxx!
When I see your new mail my heart starts to bump!!!
Only having read through your new mails I’m at once become joyful and happy!
We are divided with distance but now I sit in front of the computer and I think of you!
I write to you the message and I imaging it as you will read it and I see pleasure on your eyes I am right?
I very much love imaginations and dreams! Probably if I didn’t dream then we never would learn about each other.
I often re-read all your mails again and it seems to me that I remember each word in them! It is really surprising!
The Internet is an excellent opportunity which reduces distances and removes borders between the people!
I feel very comfortably and easy with you! When I write you the letters I forget about all. I forget about my work, house efforts, about people.
I just forget about everything. I plunge into the world where in the center of attention only you and I!
I do not wish to hurry up but should tell that in me there is a dependence on you It similar on an infection caused by your attention to me
I never got such interesting feeling.
When I go to bed I think about you! I can sometimes think of you in current of hour and have imaginations))).
It is not a shame to me to speak about this You think of me? If really I just telling you the way how and what I think.
I understand that has passed not a lot of time and we almost do not know each other but it seems to me that we know each other for a long time and you became very close to me.
Well have to go for now, but of cause I will think about you.
My xxxxxx,I wish to visit you in a dream!
Wishing you good night and a lovely dreams !!!!!!!!!
Miss you a lot!
Yours Elizaveta


My sweet xxxxx!
I madly missed your new mail!!!!!!!
Do you know that you are my angel? Yes it so because you are the one of the person of whom I know on this World.
I think about you and our correspondence, about your words a lot!
I receive the big heat from you when you think of me and I can feel it. I don’t know but is just fill like this.
xxxxx, I think of you! I think of you all the time, every minute. I feel as you near to me. As you hold me for a hand and speak with me.
I’m afraid to give my love and to receive instead of it roughness. As it is the worst thing, such feeling not pleasant.
I do not want it more but now I know that that all not so.
You another, you lovely, kind, gentle and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our relations should depend on you. As it is accepted. The man all over again should show interests in desires with the woman.
The man should make all over again deciding steps to creation of any relations and I hope that you agree with me.
I think, it will not be correct, If I shall take the majority of a part of the initiative in our relations.
I’m the modest woman and I also need in your decision, your opinion and your support, attention and care.
But now I with privacy can inform you that I do not regret at all about this decision, and I am grateful the God, that I have found you!
I always have been dreaming that I’ll meet the man like you who care of me and now I feel that we can have the big future together!
It not explosion of emotions but I feel this tender feeling in depth of the heart and I shall store it while we shall not be together and we shall not find out all between us.
I hope that I have not frightened you? Please tell me, ok?
It was difficult to me to write it because I hesitate very much though we for a long time not children any more.
I only ask to not hasten because we shall have time to discuss all of us and make in the future because happiness similar on the butterfly which it is necessary to hold strong in hands or it will disappear.
I wish to know all your ideas on it? So please tell me all about it.
I send you the gentlest embraces!!!!
Looking forward for you letter.!
Yours Elizaveta


Hello my beautiful xxxxx!!!
How are you? I hope all well with you. E-mail from you always HAPPY for me!
When I read your letter to me, even have tears of pleasure! When I began to correspond with you,
I really could not know that our relationship will be so close and I like it.
Now I do not want our relations to disappear, I want to continue, I want to always lift your mood)!
And I hope you will want it!
From your e-mail I can see that you are someone I can trust and with whom I can talk openly.
I think that in my life so much better when you can share the moment with anyone else.
Sometimes just to hold the hand of the person you love can make all the worldly troubles disappear.
Do you agree with me? I hope you understand my thoughts)
Tell me how is your weather now? I hope in your house is not cold and warm blanket warms you at night).
Yesterday I was doing some works around the house. I've always loved the warmth and comfort of home.
I want to say that I talked about you to my friend. She is happy for me that I have a friend like you.
I feel that in your words is hidden a very different culture and it attracts me very much, I'm drawn to you like a magnet).
Of course a great pleasure and happiness for me - the opportunity to learn everything between us.
I really want in the future, to feel close to a beloved man who is strong in the relationship,
which will please me always by his compliments and concerns, and of course for such a mean I will do everything so that he is happy.
For such a man, I will always do comfort and warmth in the house, so that he comes home and has a good mood and always a good relax next to the woman he loves.
Do you like my thoughts)?
Yes, of course I agree that a woman should keep farming at home in her hands,
but I also wanted in the future to have a business then perhaps a beautiful little shop - a stylish women's clothing. What do you think?
My dear xxxxxx, I have to stop to write this letter to you, but I will wait for your next email.
With my great desire to love you need to know how I feel so happy myself, when I read
your letters my honey xxxxxx.
Well, I gotta go, my dear, I'll miss you, I love you and I want to be
with you forever think of you xxxxxx!


Hi my Prince xxxxxx!!!
Thank you for your reply again. Thank you, because you know that each letter is happiness for me.
And I'll write you an answer with great pleasure for myself.
Again I want to fill your heart with feelings of love and affection!
I want you to know that I am writing to you from a loving heart, which
tends to you my fabulous xxxxx!
My heart has always said what I should do. And now it says that I should cherish and take care of you.
I really try to do it, but sometimes I find it hard to express thoughts in writing.
So I'm looking forward to the time when we could be together. I really want to be with you!
a few months I did not have any relationship with a man, but now I have a desire to do so)))!
I have a desire to see your eyes close, talk to you, to know you more! It's so amazing what I'm talking about ...
Long distance between us, we are in different countries have different cultures. But maybe this is like me.
I am sure that you are another, you are a wonderful, kind and gentle!
We must depend on the relationship you and I hope you agree with me.
I do not want to make quick decisions. But I really, really want to know you in real life, I feel your desire as to do so.
And so I'll be glad to make our appointment.
I would like to use this opportunity to see your world, meet you there, learn your way of life.
I know that this is a difficult path for me and takes time, but I'm ready for this step.
My boss at work will not mind it, I can leave work at any time. He and I have always had good relations, but at work we only do business.
I am familiar to a woman through which many people make the trip to Turkey and other places. I have already talked to her.
She says no problem she can arrange a trip for you, but this would require some time.
Say you really want that I come to you? Please tell me your thoughts.
I'll wait for your response and hope that we'll have a small joint vacation soon.
And perhaps these days together will change our days forever. I am excited a little now when I am writing this), I am very serious with you!
I only ask you not to hurry, because we will have time to discuss everything!
I really want to share my joy with you. I feel warm on your care and love. And I'm very glad we found each other.
I believe that we can share the future. I am confident that at the meeting we could understand each other well.
I have no problem I can talk with you and I will be happy to see you and hear your speech!
I feel that we have a strong desire to be together. We are committed to each other, write letters and think about the future.
We can achieve our happiness, because the two lovers hearts can not be
separated. I really want our future together my xxxxxx!
At this my letter ends. I know you're always waiting for my answer. And that you read my letter with great joy!
So I try to put in my letters to the passion and the love of my heart. And I very much hope that this letter will give you a smile and good mood.
Kiss you!!!
Yours Elizaveta


Hi my love xxxxx!
I have a very good mood! All my thoughts are of you. And I'm happy about that.
Please write me how you feel? I always worry about you and I hope that this letter you will read in a good mood and smiling.
I often ask myself why I often think about you? Why do I want to be with you and I can not do it by myself??
Cause my heart belongs only to you completely xxxxx.
During this time we are familiar with you, I realized that I do not want to lose such a man, and ready to do everything that we have a meeting!
I believe and know that you will make me very happy, because you're caring gentle and best for me man!
I can not describe how much stronger my happiness. And just when we're together, you can see and feel like you need me.
I want to share my life with someone. Starting with a new day, wake up, cook breakfast, get a morning kiss and energized all day long!
Agree xxxxx for this we live in!? In order to build a better future, to feel that next to me there is a man who gives me the feel of this woman who will do everything for her man!
Now I want to tell you that I will be glad to know everything completely,
What should I do to travel to you. I'll be happy to know that you will find me.
I need to know which airport you meet me? And when you want me to come?
As I already told you I can take leave at any time, and I want to do it as soon as possible), I can not wait for our meeting.
I was told that visa paperwork and other documents to travel to you will be ready around 10 to 15 days.
But please do not worry I've never been demanding in relationships with men. For me the main thing is that my man is kind, considerate to me so that together we sought our well-being.
The most important thing for me now to be with you, love you, to be loved and to enjoy happiness!
U really need you my xxxxx missing your warmth and attention.
In my mind there are many feelings that I want and I will give you. But now I can not find the words to a letter to send you all the senses.
I want to be with you every morning wake up together to meet you in the evening from work, cooking for you Russian food.
I am confident that you will like how I cook and you'll be able to love Russian cuisine))
I want to do for you only good things to your life with me so that ot will be like a fairy tale!
Because if you are happy, then I'll be happy several times more. Because I can see you smile and feel your good mood.
'll Look forward to your reply.
I hope that you are all ok.
I am sending you a gentle kiss and hot!
Your Elizaveta


My xxxxxx!!!
The first thing that I want to do is find out how your mood and how you feel?
I have the courage to guess that you have a good mood, because you read my letter.
You are now at the heart of a sense of serenity and bliss? I now have such feelings, because I see your letter.
And I know what you think of me and that you all OK!
Every day I am increasingly thinking of you! I think of us, then I gently kiss you, make strong open arms!
Sure you will like it!
It's a pity that only our letters connect us. I really want to see you in reality. I want it very much!
I hope everything will be like this...
Now I want to tell you that I learned everything completely on a trip to your country.
My friend, her name is Valentina helps to arrange it faster, better and cheaper for me.
I can collect all the necessary inquiries with the work, hospitals, and do everything possible to obtain a visa.
If I do then I'll have to go to Moscow in embassy of your country to be interviewed.
It's not so easy as we'd like, but Valentina said that she will help me with this. For this trip I will need a lot of money.
And I want to ask your help. Say can you help me now, $400?
If now you can help me, I'll tell my boss that will soon be leaving and will address the question of our meeting.
I hope you understand that I want your care, and I need your help because I do not earn a lot in Russia.
But some costs I will also do myself with the help of my mother.
I want to say that my mother, relatives and my best friends are very happy! I've already talked a lot about you to all.
They ask about you, about your feelings toward me. And I say that you're a good man, who also showed me his feelings.
And I'm confident in your words! It will be my great pleasure and happiness - an opportunity to know you in reality!
See you, talk to you and understand your lifestyle!
And of course to show you all my love! Be sure that you will never regret our acquaintance, because I will do your days bright and happy)))!
I want to be with you my xxxxxx! Want to belong only to you. And that desire grows stronger every day. And the passion gets more.
I am sure that you always give me only tenderness and life filled with happiness and love!
For me you are now the closest and the only man. I want to feel your kindness, passion and warmth.
I really want to see you, be with you and feel your breath to be able to cling to your body and hear the beating of your heart.
I now all this is very necessary.
I keep dreaming about our future. And I really want to implement in reality my dream, ok?
My dream is to have supper with you in a romantic setting, where there will be candles and the mood of eternal love.
I want to make all the cooking for this meal. I want nobody disturb us. We can do it? I think so)).
Today we have a calm weather. When I walked down the street, I thought that would be fine now to walk together.
Hugging each other and nothing to think about. Enjoy only the fact that we are together.
I hope these my wishes will soon be a reality for us!
I'll wait for your answer.
Kiss you
Your Elizaveta


Hi my love xxxxxx!!! How are you? How weather at you? I expect division of
your strong embraces in morning, stretching my back. Good Feelings.
Ah! I can see you, sending magic air kisses a hand! You - such happy,
delightful person! I imagine our lips concerning also with breath
excitement as you write. My blood rushes through my veins! I caress
your cheeks with my hands. your ears with my nose. I examine me so
successful to meet such a The remarkable, playful, happy man it is
similar to you. I expect our marriage together to hold You here with me
for ever. xxxxxx, I am very glad that you are willing to help me with arrival to you. Me
very pleased that you are willing to meet me. I am very worried now because
as for me it is a very serious step. Today I learned from her friend from the travel agency
how can you give me money. There is a system of cash
translations it is called the "Western Union". Through this bank, you can
no problems to pass me the money. To do this you need to know my
the data.
Name: Elizaveta
Surname: Serezhkina
Country: Russia
City: Arzamas

In order that I could get money from you I need to know
your full name and your full address. Also in the bank when you
send me the money they'll tell you a secret code which you will
notify me so that I could withdraw money. I love you
and I hope that very soon we will be together.


....Workshop on Nightshift........

Hi my love!!! How are you? At me all is good. How weather at you? I
think, that our meeting with you is close. I so miss on you, my
love!!! I so wait for our meeting with you, my Prince!!! And I very
would like, that our meeting with you Was the most unforgettable
moment in our life!!! You would like it, my love? I think, that we
shall be with those happy people on the Earth!I believe in it! I want
it! And we shall be happy with you, my love! My mum transfers you
ardent and sincere greetings, and strong embraces. Accept and from me
my most sincere wishes, my hot kisses, and also my most passionate
embraces!!! I so dream, that two loving hearts will be together! And
these two loving hearts are our hearts! xxxxx My love now I do not
have a copy of your passport because I did not have a scanner.
Tomorrow I'll be doing a copy and send to you. I hope all is well.
Your Elizaveta


Hello my love xxxxx!!! How you? I'm fine. I am happy. I am always very
happy to receive and read your most sweet and gentle words. For me it
really real happiness. I am happy, that have met you, the small
treasure! For me you so roads, your love brings to me so much
pleasure! I never thought earlier, that to the person so it is
pleasant when it love and when he loves. On light the love for me
takes the very first and the most important place as only this feeling
can bring so much happiness, pleasures and pleasures. Earlier when I
was lonely when I did not know you my sweet I thought that I was
happy. But now I understand that I then I simply did not represent
that such happiness and what it can be. But the happiest has met you
and I. Tell and in what for you the happiness consists? For me
happiness it first of all consists in love! I love you and I feel your
love. And it so is pleasant and joyful, that you have such fine person
who is ready for the sake of the favourite person on the greatest
acts. xxxxxx and I am assured, that we also are ready for the sake of
each other on all. I love you! This phrase brings to me so much
happiness! Each time when I read your letter and in it there is this
sweet phrase my heart starts to fight all more strongly and more
strongly. It is ready simply will jump out of a body! It so wishes to
meet second half and to create with it the finest union of love
between Elizaveta And xxxxxx!!!! I LOVE YOU AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE
p.s I am sending you a copy of your passport, and I hope now you will not have problems to help me.

There was no Passport.......


Hello my love. How you? I'm fine. Yesterday when I have written you
the letter I have forgotten to attach a file with a photo to the
letter. I ask an apology for the absent-mindedness. Today I send you a
copy of the passport and I hope you do not become angry about me. My
dear xxxxx I very strongly love you and I hope that soon we will
together. I very much wait for our meeting and I represent that moment
when we the first time meet at the airport. I represent as you
approach to me with colours and embracing kiss me. It will be the
happiest day in my life. Tell you represented our first meeting? I
will be assured it unforgettable day. Now I send you a copy of the
passport and now all depends only on you. I love you. FOR EVER YOURS


...... 15.11.2012.......she's back with new Name and Emailaddy

From DMF

- ID: 222955
- 25 y/o female (1987 - May - 18)
- Kazan, Russia
- English,
- Sale
- Have no children

It's so unusual to write to you now this message.
To be honest I'm even a little scared!
But looking at your profile, I still decided to write you!
I hope my letter will not go unnoticed for you! My name is Nadezhda!
I live in Russia, in city Kazan!
I am looking for a man through the Internet because I can not find a decent man
in his city. I really want to get acquainted with you closer but I can not often go
the site so please write me at my E-mail: marmeladkaft@yahoo. com
I would be very pleased if you answer.

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