Monday, December 5, 2011

Aushra Xorosha / Elena Lyezgina / Maria Shyulpina from Vladimir, Russia

This data came from someone who sent money to this lady.  Here is the story:

I first met Aushra through the web dating site "Zoosk", in which her profile said she lived here in Cullman, Alabama.  When I received her first message, she said she lived in Vladimir, Russia, not the US.  Not knowing about the Russian dating scams at the time, I continued to correspond with her.  She said she uses an internet cafe.  Within a a couple weeks, she started staying how she felt a connection with me, and stated her love for me with all her romantic thoughts. She has sent me several pictures, none of which are sexually explicit revealing.  Only 2 of the pictures were somewhat more than regular - one showed her floating on a blowup raft laying chest down in a bikini from a little distance, and the other of her laying up against a wall fully clothed.   I then told her we could look into a way to get her to the US to meet.  She gave me her rough address in Vladimir without ZIP code, but she asked that I not send her anything to that address: "I want to ask you that you sent nothing to me to Russia. At us frequently it happens, that letters, and parcels from abroad are checked and opened."  " Russia, city Vladimir., Street Student's, House 12, Apartment 47, My name and surname: Aushra Xorosha."   She said she did not have phone because of money, I discussed with her about trying to get her an international cell phone so that we could talk.  She said they were too expensive, and then when I told her that I had researched them & found that she could get one for ~$40, she said she still did not understand much about them. For the most part she has answered most of the questions I ask of her, only a few she may have left out.  She has not truly expressed sexual fantasies, just romantic ideals.  She did write to tell me that she had talked to an "agency" in Vladamir, about how she could get a visa & passport through  the main office in Moscow.  She gave me the cost of doing the application process on her own and through the agency ($420). She suggested the agency route was better because of them handling the process to assure it was done correctly. I just found out the agency name is  "Kvinta Tur", which I Googled and found the website for it, and did not find it on any of the black lists. Her Agents name is supposedly  Elena Lyezgina.  I unfortunately did send her a MoneyGram for $500, to pay for this.  She is supposedly staying in Moscow with her fried Maria Shyulpina.  She then emailed me to tell me that she could not pick up the money herself because her ID was with the agency, to which she asked me to change the recipient to her friend Maria.  Then her friend Maria was supposedly not able to pick it up because of not being able to leave work so she had me change the recipient to Elena, which it was then picked up ( I did find out today through a MoneyGram agent that the money was actually picked up in Perm, and not Moscow) . She did call me as she said she would after she recieved the money, the phone call was short and the number was blocked.  I thought her voice sounded somewhat funny, and I asked her to call me again so I could speak to her one more time.  I wanted a second listen to evaluate her voice, but she said she did not have the money.  She did then tell me that she had to book her flight through the agency costing $1250, which she asked me to help her with.  She gave me a complete flight itinerary with flight numbers and times, including return trip information. She even told me of a dream she had about our first meeting.  I have told her that I do not have the money right now, but I am trying to come up with it.  I told her that she may have to wait until the beginning of Jan if I could not come up with the money right now, and she told me that she could only budget the money to last until the 20th of Dec when she was to fly out, and says she will stay with her friend until she flies out.  I asked her about her job, apartment, and belongings in Vladimir. She responded she quit her job because she planned to stay here for ~90 dys, that her friend Eketrina was her roommate and still lived in apartment, and that she had very little belongings there & that her father would pick them up after the first of the year.  It was only a few days ago that I found out about the Russian dating scams, and started investigating them - which of course these events have seemed to match.  From what I can tell her letters are more the personal detail than the mass generic type.  Yesterday I did send her an email stating that I may have a source for the money, but I needed her or her agent to send me pictures of her passport & visa, along with a detailed listing of expenses billed for and a picture of her holding a newspaper with a current date visible.  I told her it was the source of the money that requested this information, not me, because of all the dating scams going on.  I also asked if she had been through her embassy interview & medial screening, which she did not answer these questions in her letter today - I guess her only reply to that was "Not arise what problems about registration of the visa of tourist B-2".  When I got her reply this morning she talked about how it shocked her that I did not trust her, and "In my opinion of the relation should be under construction on trust and understanding". She did say that she was going to have her agent Elena send me the information needed.  I have not received this information at this point.  

I have coincidentally just happened upon a website and come across some information on this person.  is the page that I found. The pictures on there match the ones I have received from "Aushra Xorosha".  

Her email address is . All of the headers for the emails she sends have an IP address that states they originate from California, USA - possibly because of yahoo email address.   


This scam could have been prevented with proper due diligence research.

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