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By the Pics we fall over Singer Tereza Frank from Ukraine

From MBN as Svetlana; Profile-ID: 115198; 29 years old from Lysychansk/Ukr.

Dear xxxxxxxx, - Online Dating Site.

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Date: 2011-12-02 16:35:12
From: Svetlana (115198)
Subject: hi
Hello!!i am Sveta)
How are you? I want to correspond with you.
Could you send me your e-mail or write
to mine: semicvetikk @ ua . fm


Hello, xxxxxx!
I am very glad to find your letter in my mail-box today, thank you very much for your letter and that you have told me more about yourself!! It was very interesting for me to read I hope that our correspondence will help us to get to know better each other. I can say that I am very interested in you and it is my pleasure to communicate with you. You can share everything you wish with me and also you can ask me whatever you want, I will answer all your questions. I’d like to tell you a little bit myself too, perhaps it will be a little bit interesting for you ;) As you have already known, my name is Sveta. I am from Lisichansk, it is small industrial town in the East of Ukraine. I work at school as a organizer of different events, performances, celebrations, concerts for children and for staff. I like children very much and I like my work very much, that’s great when what you do makes other people smile and make their happy. In summer I work in summer children’s camps and I do the same job there. xxxxx, I can say that my job is my hobby, but I also have a lot of other interests. For example, I like to paint, sing, listen to the music, cook, watch different movies, read. In my free time I also like to meet my friends and go to the gym. Dear, could you tell me more about your place of living, your job, your free time?
I am sensitive, serious, family-oriented, positive and optimistic person, I always try to be cheerful and help my friends in any situation. I am sensitive and romantic and I still believe in real love and I really hope that the Internet will help me to find my love, my second half here and that’s why I am here. I am glad, xxxxx, that you have the same goal here, it is very important for me! And what woman would you like to meet here??? As for me, I am not very demanding person. I just want to find reliable, serious, loyal, honest, good-natured, kind man, I wish to be happy and to make my soul-mate happy too. I think that loneliness is very bad feeling and most of all I wish to get rid of this feeling and to share my life with my special person... Maybe it will be you and I am sure that our communication will help us to learn it.
I really like you and I hope that my feeling is mutual. As I have already told you, you are welcome to ask me whatever you want, I have nothing to hide from you and I will give you my honest answers!! xxxxx, I hope to hear from you as soon as possible!!
Have a nice day!!!



Hi, xxxxx!!
Thank you very much for your letter, I am glad to hear from you today!! How are you? How is your day going on?? I hope that you are doing ok!! But frankly speaking, I didn't understand your PS rather well))) Thanks a lot that you have told me more about yourself, it was interesting for me to read and I am glad that we have the same goal with you here, it is very important for me!! You should know that I am here not for games... I am very serious about relationships and family, because I am sure that love and family are the most important things in person’s life. I am rather tired of loneliness and that’s why I have decided to create my profile in the Internet, I wish to find my soul-mate, my second half, to love and to be loved, to be happy and to make my beloved person happy too. It seems to me that it is very difficult to find a special person for you, but I really hope that it is possible.
It is great to find a person who will understand you, support you and share with you good and bad times. That’s so great when there is a person in your life with whom you can just sit and keep silent and you will be happy in this moment. I wish to be the best wife and the best mother and I will do everything to make my family and my soul-mate happy. I am sure that relationships should be based on understanding, respect, honesty, trust. Do you agree with me, xxxxx??? What is the most important for you in relationships??
I miss my beloved and dear person near me, and I am looking for him here. I think that I do not ask for very much. I wish to find a good, kind, serious, faithful, reliable, hardworking man who wants to have a family and who is ready to take care about his family and about his woman. I have a lot of to give to my special man. I am ready to devote my life to him and to my family. I wish to give all my heart, love and tenderness only to one man with whom I will share all my life. I do not want to waste my time on some games or short-time relationships, because I think that life is too short to waste it in a such way. That’s really great when you have your own family, when you have a person who is waiting for you at home and who is always with you. I believe that real love exists and I will find it, of course, because every person deserves to be happy. xxxxx, I hope that you share my thoughts and ideas, because I am sure that it is very important when partners share some important points of view and thoughts.
I wish you to have a good day and take care and hope to hear from you as soon as possible!!!
Sincerely yours,


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