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Joy Idrissa,

Pic give us a Hint in FB to Hidla Mhakanda/Cape Town: ... 1577597212

From WD as

- 19 y/o female (1992 November 25)
- from Conakry, Guinea, Guinea
- English, French, Afrikaans
- seeking a Man from 18 to 24 y/o

hello i am looking for serious relationship; is through that we may be far from each other but i believe friendship can not be seen or touch but we can feel it within our heart;so pls contact me directly with this my email address (idrissajoy at yaho dot com) so that i will give you more of my picture and also tell you more about me.

Hi Dear xxxxx,
I am very happy and thank you for your response to my letter that I sent you. I just thought I could tell you about myself.My name is Miss Joy Idrissa, I am (18) years old, single , 5ft 8 inches Tall, 55kg weight, black hair and brown eyes,l am from Sierra Leone in West Africa and presently l am residing in a church Orphanage home here in ConakryGuinee as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country some years ago.I lost my both Parents during this deadly Political War. My family was among the target of the rebels because my Late father is a politician. I was Lucky and escaped death because i was living in school bordering house when this deadly incident took place.
My father was took to hospital in freetown, but he did not make it; so before his death, he told me to make my way to a nearby country Guinee where l am staying now, I need your help because the war have stop and camp authority is planning to evacucate us back toSierra Leone and never pray to step my legs in that bloody country called Sierra Leone.
I will like to come over your country; please I will tell you my plan in my next mail. attached here is my picture.
Hoping to hear from you soonest.

Societe Nationale Des Telecommunications Du Senegal
6 Rue Wagane
BP 69 Dakar


Dear ,
How are you? i believe that you are always in your best health and in sound spirits, just checking my mail now and i am very very happy to get your mail waiting for me.

I felt so honoured to know you and your desire to welcome me in your country to help me in establishing a better future life in your country as my second home and whenever i arrive there i will always stand on your directions and guidance to be able to live and establish a stable future on your mutual partnership.

My late father deposited in royal bank of scotland and i have severally spoken with the bank and they said that i must come over to them before the money will be released to me and when i told them that i do not have the means to come to them based on my present situation,so they told me to look for some one whom i can trust who can represent me and claim the money since i do not have the means to come over.
And when i told them that they know i am presently residing in Guinee refugee camp then the bank official that i spoke with made it clear for me to understand that once i introduce a trustee to them that they will transfer the money to whom i shall appoint as my trustee and partner,and that is why i have contacted you to help me claim the money from the bank,and to also help me come over to UK when the money is transferred,so i can start a new life .

I do not have any money at hand here in Guinee,so it is very impossible for me to travel and life is becoming very unbearable for me in the camp. i am suffering here so much because i do not have better means of survival,and with out this money i can not have a better life,my late father left this money so that i can have a good future and good education in his absence.

I am asking you to do is just to help me and stand as my trustee so that the bank can release the money to you and transferred to your account,you will also help me come over to join you so i can start my education there under your care and guidance.

I have confidence and i strongly believe that your are God sent to me; because I fasting and pray God to take control and give me a nice person that will not betray me.

Please i will like you to call me with this reverend father Anderson number +224 66 707 441,when you call tell him ; you will like to speak with Joy Idrissa he is Reverend Father that is taking care of our camp here. he will send for me in the hostel, i will be very happy to hear your voice.

You can understand how we are suffering here; my plan is to leave camp this new year.please find a specail place in your heart to help me in this condition,i promise that you will never regret in anything that you are doing with me.

May God always provide you divine guidance and peaceful moments,
Honestly Yours,



How are you, I wish you happy xmas. we have holidays in the camp. so reverend fathers office do not open and i can not have access to computer. I have been worried about you.

Please call me with Reverend father Anderson telephone number; so we can hear each other voice please.
Please as I told you about my father account in Royal bank and because of my refugee stautes at the moment and the law does not permit me to part-take in such transaction until i secure all the necessary papers.

I pray for God to guide me to select real person, I really understand you are God sent to me; so I have trust built between us, i am willing to be loyal to you because I have gone through your mail content, i am assuring you that you will never regret knowing me.
I spoke with the reverend father about you and he encouraged me to make sure that i give you details of the bank and about my father's deposit since my father used my name as his next of kin, also inform the reverend father about my coming to meet you. actually my coming will need some kind of necessary document which enable me to move out from the camp like my passport and my refugee clearance certificate which will be processing by the immigration office .
meanwhile, i will also nominate the bank about you, that you will contact them on my behalf.Therefore use this information to contact royal bank of scotlandl to find out their procedures you shall meet to enable you receive this fund officially and legally into your account without any problems.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc
1 Glategny Esplande
St peter port Guernsey. GY1 4NW
Andrews Square Gogarburn
Edinburgh Scotland.
Tel. phone ( +447035984254 )
Fax ... ( +447031841431 )
Customer services of Royal bank of Scotland pl c
Contact person,Mr Steve Hester

Transfer department
Manger Director Mr Steve Hester.
Email ..........

Information about the deposit code are as follows.
Name of depositor: (,DR Apolos R.Idrissa)
Nationality: Sierra Leone
ex co A/c No. RBS-026004093
Next of kin : (Miss Joy M.Idrissa)
Amount deposited:$6.5( Million Us Dollar


Dear Mr Stephen Hester,
It is a great pleasure to write you Sir in regards to the information passed across to
me by one Miss Joy Idrissa whose late father’s name is DR Apolos R Idrissa whose late father has an account in your Bank; with account no 026004093. Miss Joy in several occasions has communicated with me over E-Mail to assist her to receive fund valued at $6.5 million United States Dollars which her late father deposited with your Bank.

I do hereby demand that according to the advise of Miss Joy Idrissa that this bank should grant our request by transferring the fund into my account, I will appreciate if
my request is urgently granted.

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