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Augusta Loway, babyxaugusta@yahoo.com

From WD as...

- 24 y/o female (1987 March 05)
- from Browns Village, Florida, USA
- English,
- seeking a Man from 19 to 29 y/o

Hello My Dearest,

My name is Miss.Augusta Loway, I came across your contact as i was searching for good friend, A friend who truly understand his or her friend and share their feelings together. please kindly accept my request, I believe that distance can never be a barrier but let love connect us because love is a bridge that connected far distance to beclose to each other. I will send my pictures to you immediately i receive your reply.(agustaloway@yahoo.com)
yours In Love,

Miss.Augusta Loway


I am very happy to receive your reply

Like I said before my name is Miss Augusta Loway, from Somalia, single and never married. I believe that it is important we get to know each other better for trust and confidence which is necessary in any good and lasting relationship built on truth and real love.

I love reading and spots and like to visit parks and garden to be close to nature. I love children too and will like to have many children when i get married. I am presently leaving in Dakar Senegal under the custody of a Rev Father as a result of civil war that destroyed our home country Somalia. His church has a large camp and in this camp, it's just like one staying in prison and i hope by God's grace i will leave this country to a better place possibly to your country if you will be interested to help me.

I came here recently because my parents died and our region is not safe at all because of the rebel soldiers who are rapping women everyday and i escaped through the help of the unicef and red cross and i am now registered with the united nation high commission for refugees Dakar Office here in Senegal.

I don't have any relatives whom i can go to, all my relatives that i know ran away in the middle of the war. I choose to come to Senegal because i came once to Senegal three years ago with my late father when he was alive because he was in Gold business and his bank is in Senegal. I will tell you more about my family and everything about me when i am sure who you are and that i can trust you with my life as true friend and guardian,

Life has not been easy since all this while, people are being persecuted, displaced from their homes, subjected to in-human treatment, we don't have access to clean water, no access to good education, no freedom of association.i really need your urgent help to come out of this place.

Attached here is my picture I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Please send your own picture and telephone number in your next reply.

Hoping to hear from you soonest!

Miss Augusta

Societe Nationale Des Telecommunications Du Senegal
6 Rue Wagane
BP 69 Dakar


Dear xxxxxx,

I am happy to hear from you once again, how are you today and family? hope you are doing good ! i will be waiting for your picture.

I personally dislike liars, cheaters, cruel, self centered, lousy, disrespectful, controlling, no fun, negative out look on life.

I like a honest man, trustworthy, clean, passionate, compassionate, fun, outgoing, Kind, caring, easy on the eyes, adventure in and out, emotional, romantic, have a positive outlook, spontaneous, equal in giving, respectful, tolerance, Patienc, down to earth and a realist. I am a easy going decent girl. I am sincerely looking for that one special gentleman that will make my life complete. We will share everything and become one

In this Refugee camp we can only go out on permission of the camp master Reverend Samuel Benjamin and its like one staying in the prison because you do not have freedom of your own.I hope by Gods grace i will come out of here soon if everything works out well between me and you. I will like to come over to your country and start a new life and go back to school.

I don't have any relatives now whom i can go to because they all ran away in the middle of the war in my country.The only person i have now is ( Rev.Samuel Benjamin ) who is in charge of the camp welfare. I stay in the women's hostel because the camp have two hostels and you can reach me on the telephone through this number (00221772707378) . If you call just tell Reverend Samuel that you want to speak with Augusta Loway( the girl that came from Somalia recently), he will send for me in the hostel to come and answer your call, As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilege to work or engage in any business or financial matters, be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country.

Though I have not been opportuned to have a long correspondence with you but the little that I know about you proves that you are the kind of man that my heart craves for.

The bank has given me a condition to release the money to me as the legal next of kin. When my father was alive he deposited some amount of money in a bank here in Senegal and he used my name as the next of kin. The amount is $5.7(Five Million Seven Hundred Thousand US Dollars)

So i will like you to help me transfer this inheritance to your account and from it you will send some money for me to get my travelling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you or you come over here to pick me. I will give all the necessary information about the inheritance and will introduce you directly to the bank manager for discussion because the manager is waiting for me now to present my trustee so that they release this inheritance for me.

I am expecting your response and call. and have attach another of my picture for you .



Miss Augusta


Dearest xxxxx,

I am very glad to received your mail, how are you doing togather with your family? Hope all is well ! I will send you those documents when i am sure who you are and that i can trust my life with you. i will like you to tell me everything about you which you feel i am suppose to know , your ID CARD or your passport ,your telephone number and your country home address.

I do not have passport because i lost my passport during the war in my country but will send you my refugee ID CARD with some other documents concerrning the money so that you will read and understand everything i am telling you and the reason why i need your help in this matter.

I don't understand what you mean by (since you can efford such a expensive Hotel) can you explain in detail?

yours Augusta.


..seems she have a special sense of humour... I've ask her if she can efford with her Refugee-ID such a Hotel or if its her Camp.......

Oh my dearest xxxxx you mean where i snape my picture? that was my school . I can not take because of the earthly things to start lying i am telling you truth and noting but the truth, i am honest and God fearing person and i came out of God fearing family . Honestly i do not have passport but will do it when coming to stay with you.

i have every documents about this money with me and will send it to you when i am sure whom you are and that i can trust my life with you. Please if you want to help me pls do because my condition in this place is very bad.



Its nice to drive somebody crazy when he tell us Nonsense...... :D

Dear xxxx,

I am not going to school here nor disco, i told you that i am in the refugee camp and in this place is like one staying in the prison no one goes out unless through the permition of the camp master Rev Samuel.

The issue of trusting each other can only be dealt with when we final be together as one body. i want to know your capability to help me out of this place, if you are not ready tell me so that i will look for another reasonable and capable person that will help me, i have no time to wast because my condition over here is very bad.

Call me with this number 00221772707378 so that we can talk or you give me your own number for me to call you.


i did not see any seriousness in you as a person who want to help me because i gave you my pictures and requesting that you response back with yours but you did not and i also told you to give me your number so that i can call you for us to talk on phone to understand each other better but you refuse. now tell me how will i know that you really want to help me out of this agoni? with out knowing whom you are their is no way i can release my inheritance documents to you because that is my life.you are telling me to be honest but you did not prove any sign of you been honest with me how will i belive and trust you since you refuse to identify your self ?


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