Monday, December 5, 2011


Another attack from the Underround in my 24FD-Account.......

Her first address in the Mail was: "Elena"

Hello! It is Elena write you. I am really interested in acquaintance
with you very much and decided to write to you. My name is Elena. I am
29 years old. I had many difficulties in life. But I always trusted
that all will be good, and Someday I will meet the lovely person for
which I will be as behind a stone wall. I have work, I am intelligent,
educated and loving person. Telling really I can say that I have
almost everything, I just was not able to find the one who can be
called the soulmate for me, the one who really loves me. I will very
glad if you will write to me. We will find out about each other more.
And may be we will find our love, family and happiness. Please write
me and I will tell you more about me, my life and I will send you my
photos. I really will wait your letters and photos with impatience.
My e-mail:


Hello xxxxx.
It is Elena. I am very glad to talk to you, I like that we have
started to communicate. How are you, is everything fine with you? I
really hope so. I am feeling fine and now I am writing the letter to
you with pleasure, I like to communicate with people. I think you are
asking the question from yourself: Why I decided to write to you, I
like you and may be I am just a bit disappointed with the men here. I
heard a lot about the people who have found the happiness far away
from the place they are living in. So I decided to try, who knows what
it will give me in the future. But telling really I am new in this way
of communication and I do not even know what to tell you, but I will
try. I was born on the 29-th of September of 1982, so now I am 29
years old. I am 169 centimeters tall and my weight is 52 kg. I am not
sure how much it is in inches and in pounds, but I hope you can
understand me. I have the blue eyes and my hair color is blond. I work
as hairdresser in a beauty salon. I like my work. I'm happy when
people are looking beautiful. I help in it. My family is my mom and I,
of course I have two aunts and two uncles. And I have cousins. I live
alone in flat which I rent far not from center of Kazan. As you know I
am living in the city of Kazan
, I do not know if you heard about my
city and where it is, but I will try to explain you a bit. My city is
about 800 kilometers far from Moscow. I like the city I am living in
very much, it is cozy, but sadly I was not able to find the right man
here. I like to walk in the streets here some time, I like to go to
the cinema in the free time. I like to walk in the parks or just go to
the cafes when I have the free time. And I like to read the books, I
like Russian poetry very much. Please tell me if you are interested in
the sports? I like to go for the sport, but I do not have much free
time for it. Usually I can walk to the swimming pool, I like the
volleyball and tennis. And please tell me if you like the picnics in
the nature, I like it and I like to have it when I have the free time.
I prefer active way of life spending. I like to be cheerful and open,
and I like fair, kind, sincere people. So please tell me more about
yourself, I would like to know more about the place you are living in.
Please tell me what do you like to do for fun? Telling really I would
like to know almost everything about you, because I think that only
knowing each other better we will be able to come closer. And please
fell free to ask me anything you would like to know about me. I will
finish my letter here and will be waiting for your answer.
Yours Elena.

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