Saturday, December 17, 2011


From the evening in 24FD as

- ID: 110227
- 30 y/o Female (1981 - January - 1)
- USA, florida
- English,
- Student
- Have no children
- Ethnicity African American

Hi, Am jemi by the named, i do like your profile and i will really like to get and know much and better more about you , Am here serious , honest and caring woman and looking for a man i will get know and settle down with him. i don't have time for any games or drama here ... I Will like to meet someone serious and ready for this too , let see what will be next if you are inrested in me then e mail me on jemi.love29@yahoo.c om and i will be happy to hear from you sooner.
see you later bye for now

How are you doing today ? Well i am so much and happy write you and know much better about me too baby .. My Real name is Jemila and i am 30 years old of age i am single and living with grand mom here in Ghana.well i am now looking for work ... Am single and never marry no kids. I am proud of my ability to be able to cry tears of happiness ,when it is given in such wonderful prose.. You sound nice and gentle person inside and out , I feel a closest coming over me ,by being blessed with you in my life..I am very lucky to have been given a chance to find a true soul mate ,so I will not lose this chance for both of us I want to find my mate and settle in to our life of joy and happiness...
I am starting to feel that tugging on my heart as I type this letter to you ,right now..So I know we are on the avenue of finding our soul mates ,you and I...The traits and things that I am going to tell you about me ,I would hope that, they are yours, as well or that you can agree with them.. Each time that we look into what makes us who we are will bring us closer to our becoming husband and wife,as this is our purpose of being here,right?I have strong beliefs in God ,myself ,and i do go to church every Sunday I like to swim,watching tv, riding horse e.t.c
I am a independent thinker and I love problem solving , I,also like to think of myself good to be honest to ,with a calmness to see the big picture and handle myself in any situation properly You will be proud of me as I will be proud of you ... I do love the Lord and believe in the tithing ,I have1 white cat called kiki ,i am single never married and have no kids....
As I said earlier I am sensitive to your feelings,and wants because you will also be as sensitive to mine,as your mate...I like to think that I have a sharing and caring heart, I will listen to you and be a help mate as well as being able to make tough or difficult decisions when we must,you need to know that I will stand before anyone or anything to protect those that I cherish more then myself.
The last two traits are so important that I held them last to explain this is the only things that will keep us apart on this search,,Trust and Truth..We must believe in these two together and back the other by learning to trust and be One in agreement and strong to the out side...We can not ever lie to each other ,even when you know the truth is painful,,the lie is a festering sore, that will not heal, so we need to be the strength of two to get through any situations as soul mates hope agree with me.
Usually, I would also, tell you of my likes and dislikes so you know these too,but I wrote this slowly and with intent ,to give you reason to step forward or change your mind ,before we were to waste time .. I will move on to our selves in the next letter so you can believe I want you to be mine fully and with no reserve..I will tell you that I am 5'3" tall and I weigh 58 kilos(134) ,have light brown hair and a light hazel eyes that I want to look into your heart and soul with...
I wear a size38 to 40 (American tailored ) depending on the cut,9" neck size 24" arms to hold you tightly with,28" waist and 22" length my thighs are average,"Finally,, I will end by telling you that I will make this union as pleasant and easy as we can I feel that age and language and positions in life are not a problem,,only an avenue to show our love and commitment to the world and ourselves You will possess all that I am and that I will be in every parts of our life together ..Take extra care of yourself for me and stay out of troubles....
Yours Lady

Michael Komla Nfodzo
Ghana Telecommunications Ltd.
Telecom House,
PMB 221
Accra North

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