Monday, December 5, 2011

Natalya Kondaurova,

 This info came from someone who corresponded with this scammer.

Name: Natalya Kondaurova
Address: Donskaya Street 27 34
City: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation
Phone number: 79075835793
Email Address:

birth date: 17 Feb 1982
father: Andrey 56 years of age - olympic sports trainer
mother: Ekaterina 52 years - former teacher

Natalya and her parents maybe sharing the same apartment. She mentioned in her email communications that she was formerly living with a man named Dima. She said that he turned out to be a drunk and that he had cheated on her. She said that she was looking for a husband in another country. She said that she often visits dancing school. She had claimed to be working for an insurance company in the personal accidents division. Her hobby is collecting leaves off trees and pressing in books. She is a sports enthusiast - also her father is in the training side of olympic sports and said that her father loves football. I began corresponding with her after I received an initial email message from her around the 1st week in August 2011. I have all email messages from 16 August 2011 to present. In her email dated 19 October 2011, she had asked for 314 euros for travel documents and visa. On 24 October I had sent 2 wire transfers that cost a total of $508.68 CAD.

On 27 October 2011, she said that her travel agency VEZDEHOD was giving her a deal and had reduced the price of a plane ticket from 1674 euros to 1550 euros. (I cannot find a travel agency in Moscow named Vezdehod.) She said her Mom would give her 550 euros and asked me to pay 1000 euros. Again, I had sent 2 wire transfers. 

I received nothing in return. She did not purchase her travel documents or her ticket. Furthermore, she told me that she needed another 4500 euros because the travel agency told her she needed that much money on her to travel (50 euros per day) so that she would not be a burden on the Canadian welfare system. She has sent more emails asking me for money. I declined to give her any more money.


This scam could have been prevented with proper due diligence research.

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