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Hello Dear,
My name is tina fofana, i read about your profile on (4ppl.com) and i decide to contact you hoping that you will accept my request, if you accept my request , please reply to my email address(tinafofana2010@hotmail.com) so that i will send you my photo and more about me, i believe we can make good friends, let distance not be a barrier but lets love connect us together.
tina fofana

Hello, my love,
How are you today?, I believe That You are doing well, I am more than satisfied with your reply to my mail, ours is a little hot here in Dakar Senegal due to our Refugee condition. we are like people in the prison, i hope we will soon That come out from here. We do not Have Any relatives Whom now we can go to, the only person I we have now is Rev. Vincent Kusi, who is minister of the (Christ for all Churches) here in the camp. He is very nice and kind to us since we Came here, But we are not living With Him Rather, we leave in the hostel, camp Because the two hostels Have one for men the other for women.

Let me introduce myself to you. I am Miss Tina Fofana, 24 years old from Republic of the Gambia, good in English and holds a degree in international communications technology Kairaba Avenue, Pipeline Junction, The Gambia. I and my brother Tarfa Fofana, 9 years old are the only surviving children of an ex-Navy Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Sarjo Fofana, i hope you Have Heard from CNN / BBC About how our President Jammeh Held a special commission headed by the Chief Justice of the Republic of The Gambia and leveled four charges Against our father, a former Rear Admiral Navy Chief Gambia Sarjo Fofana, former Chief of Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Lang Tombong Tamba, and Seven Others for.

1) For conspiring with Col. Ndure Cham and others, to plot a coup in order to overthrow the democratically Elected president and Government of The Gambia. 2) The President Said That from January to March 21, 2006, They tried to stage a coup to overthrow the democratically Elected Government of The Gambia with ammunition. 3) That my father and others did not give Adequate information and a lot of time to minister, judge or police officer, Before plotting a coup. 4) Failing to take reasonable and necesario Measures to Prevent and plotted a coup in order to overthrow the president Against His government.

All These Allegations Against our father and others are false Because They Are not guilty of Crimes Against Them directed, President Jammeh and the Chief Justice of the country our father and others Sentenced to death. Some very good and close friend of our father and Some top business men in Africa, Such as Muhammad Gremo, and Benco West Africa (PLC) Came to the Gambia with cash to pay for the release of our father and others, the president Warned Them to stay away from the case I co-ordinate Until with Other greedy colleagues to seize all the assets of our father and others, our houses, cars, etc.. Read about our Father's case: http://thepoint.gm / africa/gambia/article/lang-tombong-sarjo-fofana-arraigned-over-2006-coup-attempt

A day after They appeal at the High Court in Banjul, i visited my dad in prison, I Then Told me about the bad Dream About His Life in prison there. I Also reviewed mysteries to me about our last chance ($ 7.2 m), Which I Deposited in a bank in Europe, I Used the name of my younger brother as Tarfa the next of kin for safety Reasons.

I have instructed us to leave our country, The Gambia, together With The necesario documents from my mother, Mrs. Edua who is now dead Fofana after Suffering from high blood pressure on October 2006. I Decided to run to the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal where i am seeking asylum under the Presently United Nations Refugee Commission with my brother.

I would like to contact you Personally for a long term relationship will lead us to That a better place in the future if we can be truthful, trustful and sincerity to Each Other. My father Told me that We Should look for a foreign partner who will outside the country help us get the money transferred is to his / her account, the person will help us invest the money in a good business in or outside the country historical country. The person will take 30% of the total money transferred is That Is, and 10% will be set-aside for Any Expenses That will come up DURING the transaction, finally, the person will help us invest the Remaining 60% and take good care of Also U.S..

I sincerely ask for Assistance in Transferring the fund out of the stored bank, Standard Chartered Bank of London (SCB). When i Contacted the bank about the money, They told me to look for a responsible person who will stand on our Behalf as a friend and an administrator in the transfer of the money to his / her account due to our Refugee status.

I Kept This Secret to people in the camp, the only person who knows it is the reverend. I also want you to keep it secret to yourself without anyone to Know About Letting it. The reason why i told the reverend is Because he is like a father to us here in the camp. You can contact me with His office phone number (+221-77-16-80-389), from 10-18GMT, Monday to Saturday. When you call, tell him you want to speak That with me, I will send for me in the hostel to come and speak with you. As a Refugee, we do not Have Any right or privilege to anything be it money or what, Because It is Against the Law of the camp.
I am waiting to hear from you soonest. Thank you for your kindness to us.

Yours in mind,
Tina fofana,

Direction technique
Orange Internet Dakar
Sacre Coeur 3


My love and my hope,
Good day from the camp,
how are you today together with my family over there?, hope God is in control of everything?.
I thank you for your love, care and confidence to me and my brother not minding our refugees status, God bless and reward you for us

My love,we are living like one in the prison with allot of sufferings, without good food, good water to drink, good medical care, good shelter, even good cloths to wear, and every other things that you can think of for a good and a normal way of living. Our life here have been full of misery.

My dear, you are all we have in this world now, after reading your mail, it gave me courage, i was touched by my spirit that both of us are meant for each other, i can not resist my love and heart of trust to you, i love you from my inner heart. I will sincerely be there for you in every condition and situation that we find ourselves and i promise to join you to your religion once we come over there in your country after the transfer. Your family is mine if you will really be there for us with your heart of love.
I am given you all full 100% assurance that i will always be yours forever as long as i live in this life.

My love, i have contacted the bank about my intention for the release and transfer of this money, the bank said that we can't transfer this money on our own, then they instructed us to look for a foreign partner who will stand on our behalf in this transfer due to our refugees status, this money will be transferred to the persons account on our behalf. Presently with me here in the camp is all my fathers bank files which i will send to you as soon as the bank needed them from us concerning this transfer.

My dear, please i have some important questions which have been disturbing me, and i will like you to answer all of them from your inner most heart before i will introduce you to the bank for them to know that you are our life and foreign partner whom i have chosen to stand for me and my brother Tarfa's behalf in this transfer.

The questions is.....................................
Please i will like to know from your heart if you will really help us to retrieve this money from the bank without any betrayal ?.

I will like to know if you will not betray me and my brother after the money is being transfer ed to your account on our behalf ?.

I will like to know if you will really help us to invest this money in a good and profitable business in your country once the money is being transferred to your account ?.

I will like to know if you will really send us money to get our traveling documents so as to come over to meet you over there in your country as soon as the money is being transferred to your account ?.

I will like to know if you will really be there for me forever as long as we live together as one ?.

Please this is what i will like you to clear me from your heart of trust to us. Once you agreed with this few words, i will like you to send me your FULL NAME, CONTACT ADDRESS, OCCUPATION, FULL IDENTITY WITH YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER so that i will send them to the bank and get you introduce to them as our foreign partner that is helping us to transfer this money to his account on our behalf due to our refugees status.

I will like you to call me today with this Reverend Vincents phone number today (+221 77 168 03 89), so that i will hear your voice which will be giving me courage and confidence that you are there for us no matter the condition we find our selves today since we don't have access to anything in the camp until we are out of the camp.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Yours heart of love,
Tina. fofana


Hello my beloved,
how are you today?, hope that you are fine.
My love, am more than happy with the interest and love you have been showing to us not minding our refugees status that we are as a result of the death of our mother and the imprisonment of our father up till today.
Please my dear, any thing that you can do for us so that we can be free to leave this refugees camp, please try and do it for us because we are suffering allot of pains and afflictions in this refugees camp without good food, good medical care, environment, no constant electricity, and nothing is in the right direction or proportion in this camp.

I want you to know that is not easy to see some one that you don't know before, then have faith and confidence in him to the extent of revealing this kind of secret to him. I trust you because you are a matured man not a boy, you are not the kind that will take advantage of us in any way, you are truthful and kind. When i contacted you, i said to my self that if i should explain the condition that we are to you and you welcome us, it means that you are the person that we are looking for, then i will reveal every thing about us and what we want from you.

My dear, you are all we have in this world now, your mail gave me courage, i can not resist my love and heart of trust to you. I will sincerely be there for you in every condition and situation that we find ourselves. Your family is mine if you will really be there for us with your heart of love and trust.
I am given you all full 100% assurance that i will not betray the trust and confidence that you deposed in us.
Hope to receive a good news from you soon.

Yours in mind,

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