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 By the Pics we fall over Emma Glover from ModelMayhem; Mayhem #1200853; 25 years old from Brentwood, England

From yesterday in m4d

Name: Larisa
Username: lorinona
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Location: Kharkov, Ukraine


Larisa, 2012-04-24 01:19:42: Hi! I would like to know more about you! please give me your email adress and I will write you more! hope to see you soon! Larisa

Hello! nice to meet you!!
I am very kind and open minded girl!my name is Lora!!
I realy hope to meet good person here in internet!!
I am a little shy in real life and i think it is not
usual when girl can start talk with man first!
but here in internet everything is possible!
so I want to try to talk with you first and
really will be thanful to get your reply!!!
i am very fun and easy going!
i love smile and aniamls!!also i love meet new interesting people!
i will be happy if you would like to know more about me!!
you are welcome to ask me any questions!!
will be waiting for your reply!!


No IP traceable


 Hello xxxxx!

I am happy that i see your letter in my mail box!
It is very important for me that you decided to reply on my letter!

First of all i want to say that i am here in internet world
because i want to change my life and i want to find good man
with whom i will be happy and who i can make happy too!
after unsuccessful experience in real life with men I decided
to look for my soulmate abroad...of course i want to find real love but I will be happy if i can find at least good friends!

Sorry i just understood that i didnt introduced myself!
As you know my name is Lora full name is Larisa but i dont like it)
I think Lora is better)
so you can call me Lora or maybe you can create something new?))
I am 28 years old and my birthday is on 3 of may! my zodiac sign is Taurus
like all taurus i am communicative girl and very open minded!I am good friend and i am sure i will be the best wife))))
by the way i have never been married and dont have children!

what can i say about me?
I think i am kind and funny, also i am optimistic and positive person!i am honest and i like to smile)

honestly i dont like talk about my character i think it is better to know it during conversation making your own conclusions! and i think that you will not be disappointed!
because i dont have bad sides)))(kidding)

what about my life.I live in nice country Ukraine.And i have heard a lot opinions that there are the most beautiful girls in Ukraine)Do you agree?)
by the way have you been in Ukraine??because i have never been abroad!ad i even cant imagine it! for me it is another world!
another galaxy!

by the way, i work in government statistic department in my town as a statistic worker.
honestly it is a little boring work..all day with different papers and etc..
So if you need statistic advise i can help you))))))

please forgive me i really not very good writer!
just wanted to get you some information about my life and me)
and if you found this interesting we can continue our communication and who knows what it can be in future?
maybe we are here just to meet each other?))
and were waiting for this meet?

xxxxxx, i really will be happy to know more about you and your life!
please can you tell me more about you, your work, town and your character?
i will be waiting for your letter!

hope to hear from you soon



Hello new Friend xxxxxx!

i am very happy see your new letter for me!!!thank you!it means that we can know each other better!
first of all i forgot to say in my previous letter that my town where i live called Alisovka!
it is 158 km to Kharkov!
in my town there are less than 1000 of people!))yes it is very small!!!
i like what you told about your life and i feel that i would like to know you more and more!it is so interesting to get know better person who is live so far and with whom i unluckely would meet at the street))))
so i think that it is our chance to get know each other more and share all secrets with ach other(if you want of course) because i am open to tel you everything about me!hm..maybe i shouldnt to tell you everything?because you know that every woman should have zest))ok my zets will be something anoher)i am not going to hide from you any part of my life)

xxxxxx,ok lets try to give some more information about my life!
I was born in Alisovka (ukraine)
and i have spend all my life here.Unfortunately i dont have big family
only my mother who i live with and no brother or sister.
with mom we are renting little one room in communal flat.

i graduated univeristy and now i have diploma of statistic.maybe it sounds boring..
do you know something about statistic?)
i work everyday from monday till fiday in State Statistical Office.
sometimes it is difficult because of routine work.but i thankful that i have job))

actually i am funny and love spend time with my friends!
i am open for new friends and i am very friendly!

You know i decide to look for man here because i just cant find my love here in my town.
it is too small and we dont have a lot of good men here.
maybe it is the same for small town in Ukraine because if they livein small town like mine most of them doesnt have job and one way is to get is very very sad
So i dont want this life for me and because i have heart many good about foreign men
that you are kind and you dont have so big problem with alchohol and you are ambitious!i would like to meet man who want find his ne woman!
and who will be able to love me!
i dont want games at all.dont want to be hurt anymore.
because i saw so many examples of our ukrainian couple where man is beating woman.
it is horrible!

So not long time ago we had internet in my work and i just thought:
it is my chance to find good man!who know what can happen!
and i just try!

so when i am at work and have free time i can a little use internet and write you)
it is good because at home i dont have computer and internet cafe is very excpensive!

xxxxx, tell me please what are you looking for in internet?
and why you decided to use internet to meet girl?
why you dont like girls in your country?i think that there are a lot of good women
in your town!
but i am happy that you didnt found good one for you))because another way we wouldnt meet))))))))))

i am waiting for your reply and you can ask me all that you want!
but he way i know English and you can not worry about translator! :lol: :lol: :lol:
it is cool that we can communicate on the same language!

Waiting for your reply and your story!
kiss Lorik!

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