Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maryna; parahodik@24gomail.com


- 29 y/o female

- Burshtyn, Ukraine

- Russian, Ukrainian, Russian

- hairdresser

- Have no children

I am open, optimistic, energetic, romantic, tender, passionate, responsible and respectful woman. I believe in mutual strong affection, built on love, trust and understanding. I remember the saying about being different for a man, so I can be wild for my man as well as very obedient when necessary)) They say that love lasts for 5 years and after that it�s only a matter of habit staying with someone, but when I find my special man I'll do my best to preserve our feelings, because I know the secret!

Ideal match description:
I'm looking for a man who will make me fall in love with his smile)) I like smiling, optimistic people. I am here to find a man with integrity and respect not only for himself but also to the people around him regardless of culture and status quo in life. Someone who will respect me for what I am and who I am. A man whose arms are strong enough to comfort me. Arms that will shelter me during good and bad times. Someone who will make me feel I am his only one)) Hope there is exist such man and he is reading these lines now


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Hi, nice to meet you:-)Thanks for writing to me. Actually, it was nice of you to give me youraddress for more personal communication! It is really not possible forme to stay online all the time as I do not have own computer... Italso takes some time to reply your emails so I hope, you have somepatience?:-)Well, I`m Maryna, 29 years old from Ukraine. I currently live and workin Burshtin, as a hairdresser. I am an honest person who cares abouthow to behave people. I respect people and would like for them to dothe same to me. My motto in life is: "Do to people whatever you liketo be done to you". As a result, I try to be nice to others. I`m anunderstanding person. At times, when it needs for me to be emotional,I am emotional, but most of the time I try to be reasonable. I valuemy friends more that anything else in this world; hence, if we becomefriends, you`ll like my friendship. Being 29 of age, I have passed theperiod of thinking illogically and emotionally like the 20-year-olds.I am pretty logical and realistic. It does not mean that I have nosensation, though:). I am also like to be in a healthy relationship.Let`s see if we can be good match. Write to me more about you, whatyou do, etc. I would appreciate having photos from you as well:-))Waiting, Maryna.


  1. I also got this same mail in July2012 so started search she has submited 2 more pictures to me one with sister and one with father
    words are same

  2. Pictures sent also had her child hood picture as mentioned 3.5.10 years age and one with kitten another with back ground of Burshtin town

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