Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lawrence Steward,

From 4ppl


Peace and Love


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Abidjan, Abidjan, Lagunes, CI


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Good day sir,
I saw your profile on your country directory on this 4ppl site, I need you to read this mail attentively because it’s very important issue in my life and yours if you are pleased to work with me.
Few years ago God lifted me up in my office - Standard Chartered Bank - RCI ( and I was appointed the Funds Manager to facilitate most of our major Investor’s Capital Project Funds which gave me the opportunity to be in charge of all our investors Excess Return Capital Funds that runs into hundreds of millions of Pounds and I realized that was my chance and opportunity to make wealth for my family. I then systematically subsequently for the period of 5 years the program lasted removed 1.2 Percent of the entire money without anyone knowing, and after I did the calculation of the amount I removed it amounted to 9.7 Million GB Pounds, it was then I realized that the money is huge as a result I cannot secure it in my personal account otherwise the bank management might ask me where I get the money. I then diverted it and secured it in our Magellan Trust Funds Account with the name of one of our deceased costumer whereby anyone with the same surname or ethnicity can be presented to claim this fund as the beneficiary or next of kin. This is where you came in and my proposition is now at your disposal.
I need you to partner with me to retrieve the money as an inherited trust because you share the same surname as the deceased customer. You have absolutely nothing to worry about in regards to risk because this is a clean and a straight forward deal as I have taken care of all necessary steps for us to have a successful and hit free movement of the money as you will claim it as an inheritance.
If you are pleased to work with me, send me email to so I can give you full detail.
Kindest Regards
Lawrence Steward.

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