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Doris Benzebii,

From yesterday in WD

- 24 y/o female (1987 September 26)
- from hann, Senegal
- English,
- seeking a Man from 18 to 27 y/o

I am Miss Doris, 22 years of age,single(never married).
I am beautiful and self assured girl with a huge sense of humor.I am sincere, honest,educated,romantic, faithful,kind,caring.
l just saw your profile and became interested in knowing you more,l will be happy if you reach me( that i will tell you all about me and also send my pictures to you.
looking forward to hear from you soon.
Your friend .
Miss Doris

Hello my dear,
So happy reading again today. How are you? I know that you are having a great day.My name is Doris Benzebii,i am 22 years from Liberia in Africa,5.8ft tall, fair in complexion, single, (never married)I feel is necessary for me to share with you the pains I'm having.I am currently residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar,Senegal due to the civil war in my country (Liberia).My late father Dr.Micheal Benzebii was personal adviser to former head of state of my country before the rebels attacked our house one early morning killing my mother and my father.It was only me that is alive now and i managed to make my way to this country Senegal,where I am living now with the help of the United Nations.I would like to know more about you,likes and dislikes.I like swimming at the beach,reading,traveling, cooking,sports,football and basketball hanging out with friends and listening to any music
that has meaning to life.I do not like violence,dishonesty,cheaters and players mind.
I'll tell you more about myself in my next mail.Will pause here and send you an accessible phone number so that you can call me on my next post.Attached here is my image.Have a nice day.I will be waiting your reply as soon as possible.
Thanks and please take care
Miss Doris

No IP traceable


Hello beloved,
I hope this message comes to you in perfect health.
It gave me joy knowing that I have found a true friend that i will
be happy to share my life with.

My dear,you knew how it feels for one to loose his or her beloved ones
talkless of family in a tragedy like that at your younger age,i mean
the pains are very much and it is not that easy to be forgotten just
like that even sometimes something will be pushing me to go and commit
suicide then leave this world but since i gave my whole life to God
and also accept Him as my personal saviour then i saw the need for me
to still be alive till today.

How are you?I know that you are fine and also believe that God is in
full control of your business.
Anyway,as you already knew that i am living in a
refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal due to civil war that was fought in
my country Liberia.
In this camp we had boys and girls hostel the person taking care of us
here is Reverend Peter Kolleh.Rev Peter Kolleh is the Parish Priest of
the (Christ the King Catholic Church)here in the camp.My dear life
here is very terrible and it is like one living in a prison because
you dont have freedom of your own and we also have rules that is
guiding us here,you can only go out when permitted to do so and there
is nothing i can do rather than to manage and believe that one day i
will be out from the refugee camp to start a new life.

I recieve calls and send mails in Reverends office.Please My Dear I
lost my phone but you can still call me with the number
(00221 765 343 449), if you call then tell him you want to speak with
me and he will send for me at the female hostel.

Please listen to this, my only source of happiness is that I have the
statement of my late father's Account and Death Certificate here with
me which I will like to send to you later because when he was
alive he has a foreign Bank Account in a bank in
Senegal where he used my name as next of kin and the amount he left in
the account now is $7.4M (seven million four hundred thousand U.S.dollars).

As a refugee here, I have no right or privilege to
anything regarding the money or whatever because it is against the law of
this country except i provide a foreign partner that will help me to
transfer the fund to his or her account and that is why i am
contacting you to help me do the transfer because I do not want to
lose my money and it is also my life now so that i will be able to go
back to my studies then finish my course(Law)at the University which i
was about to finish before the incident happened and also lead me to
my current situation now.

Please after the money is been transfered in your account in your
country then you will send me money from there so that i will use it
to process my travelling papers and also buy my flight ticket to come
over to your country and live with you and also invest my money with
you then go back to my studies.

Please i kept this as a secret to the people in the camp here except
the Reverend because he is a man of God and also like a father to us
here in the camp.

Please My Dear i will also like you to keep it the same way i did
because you cant trust nobody and i am also afraid of loosing my life
and the money if people knows about it.

Now let me ask these few questions: --
1. Can you honestly help me?
2. Can I have complete confidence in you without any breach of trust?

Remember, I ask the help from you because of my status as been a
refugee and besides i want to leave here(Refugee Camp) to your country
after my money is been transfered in your account so that i will be
able to forget my past then start a new life with you.

I like someone honest,understanding,truthful,
caring and trustworthy and that is my dream man.
Meanwhile, I will like you to call me and i have to tell you that we
are only allowed to receive calls at the Reverends office from 9am
--3pm on working days.

Please i will like you to write me then give me assurance that you
will never disappoint or betray the trust i had on you so that i will
give you the Bank contact for you to contact them.
I am looking forward to hear from you soon.
Thanks and take care.



My Dearest,i just want to thank you for your understanding about my situation and i
believe that you are doing well.I am more than happy with your
interest to help me transfer my 7.4 million American dollars deposited
in a bank here in Senegal by my late father of which i am the next of kin.

Please i heard what you said in your mail about me sending you my
photocopy passport but you forgot to understand that for my present status
here and also my living that i did not come to this country with any passport ok

Here in Refugee camp is like one staying inside prison and i don't
want to continue like this, once the bank start up the transfer
process i will start up too for my arrangement to meet you face to
face, my intention is to have a good future,good living and continue
with my studies.

I believe in my heart that your help to me will bring something good
to you, and i assure you that if God will use you to help me out of
this situation, i will never forget you in my life, from your mail, i
know you will not betray me that is why i have trusted you.I have
confidence to go ahead with you.

Below here is the contact of the bank.

Cbao Bank Senegal
NINEA 00153142G3
Place de l'indépendance
Dakar-BP 129
Account Name................Dr Micheal Benzebii
Account Number..............ADBSN/745008901546/QB/04
Bank Code...................KOO12
Branch Code.................K0012C
Swift Bic...................CBAOSNDA
Responsable Communication
Tél. :00221 766 833 458
Fax :00221 33 823 93 66
Web Site

Please call the Bank and send mail to them as well today because i
have written to them and have introduce you to them as my foreign partner.
When you get them on line, tell them that you are my foreign partner.

You are representing me as my foreign partner to the fund of my
late father being deposited in their bank with my name as the next of
kin and ask them the possibility of transferring this fund to your
position in your account in your country.

Please do your best to make sure that you make contact with the bank
so that by next week the fund will be transferred into your
account.I want you to call them on their telephone number and
at the same time send an email to them for them to know our
seriousness, whatever your discussion with them get back to me so that
i will know what is happening.

My prayer is for God to grant me my pursuance and by the grace of God
he will surely see us through.You can call me on the Reverends number
i gave to you so that i will hear your sweet voice.

My dearest, The most important thing is to make sure that you make
contact with the bank let us hear from them before any other thing
will be done.

Expecting to hear from you very soon.Please take
good care of yourself for me and always put me in your daily
prayers.God bless you.

Yours in love
Miss Doris Benzebii


How are you today?I hope that you are doing good.Please my love have you contacted the bank and what did the bank said but if you have not then please try and contact the bank immediately and also let me know any reply you get from the bank so that we will know what next to do ok because you know that the bank will be waiting for us now.Please i am going through hell here and i dont want to continue like this anymore.My living condition here is worsen day by day even for me to feed is very very difficult for me and there is nothing i could do to help myself out than keep coping,trusting and also believing in you that soonest immediately after the transfer then you will get me out of this hell over to your country to start a new life with you.Please i will like to stop here now and looking forward to hear from you soon.Thanks and please take very good care of yourself for me only till i will be with you soonest to do it myself.I love you and God always be with you.
Hugs and Kisses
Your Love

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