Thursday, March 22, 2012


He pretend to be this Girl above

This Guy above is the real "Rose"

Richard Quarshie

Culture artist

Study: University of Ghana

School: Swedru secondary school


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Contact me yesterday in WD through sending a Kiss as

Dear xxxxxxxxxx,

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- Name rose
- 33 y/o female (1979 March 19)
- from Union, New Jersey, USA
- English,
- seeking a Man from 27 to 37 y/o

Hello My Dear Lover....
It is my interest to write you this letter..I Hope everything is could be surprise to hear fro me. My Name is rose , And and am 30Years old ,stand 5,71weigh 69kg. Mixed woman whose mum from the Ghana and my dad from the Us who want to find his life paretern and hope it might be you. How are you doing? I hope you are kicking as the most loving creature on this earth, i am doing and i hope my letter will make you different and special today.I Hope you will be curious about where i got address, But you just keep it cool and reply to unknown mixed woman xxx romoved xxxx or contact you for purpose.
You gave me your email address and i was so interest in contacting you to correspond to each other.Because it was very longtime since i am very started looking for a generous man like you Love Him and call him as mine forever.
Basically, I consider myself as very pretty, with a good sense of homour, I am very kind, honest, loving, caring, faithful, sincere... I most enjoy traveling, swimming,cooking,finishing, Outdoors.Candles light, flowers, dancing, meeting new friends and exchange or lovely,letters which could really drive you crazy.
Actually I am looking for sexiest life partner who can satisfy my sexual feeling and make me feel honey, I want a man that can xxxxx removed coz of Porn xxxxxx but i am wondering why i can`t get it so it I am contacting you to build up a strong sexual relationship with sexietest man like you which can leading to meeting on one romantic fun time holiday for a more sexual fulfillment.
I think the age different does not bother here because loves must grow in the hear not in the age of the mouth. What mus be counted in love,honest, Care, sincerity, Faithfulness, and respect for the man I Love, I Really think you are the type of person. I am looking for and I want to make to you number one sexual partner in my life..
I hope my dream will come true soon as you reply and we begin with corresponding Okay.. If You really looking for loving...caring,, and hot relationship, then reply me soon and i will also mail you back when you mail me try and mail me with your pictures so that i can also see you..
So am ending here and i will mail you again so that you can see that am very serious and looking for man in my Life ...
Am sweet rose............and u have to think that a Lady from Ghana is there for u OK ?and u can call me on this Number 00233248840708

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Little Ghana Boy is sad............

hello xxxxxxxxxxxxx
how are u xxxxxxxxx i hope ur fine by god we give thanks to god for what u did i love the mail u sent to me everything u say is good and happy in my life i love the way ur but do u no something love come from heart do u no something u can say all this but u can broke my heart because someone did this to me be4 so always when i meet a man i want him to tell me something so that i will see that if i give u my heart and everything i have ur not going to let me down in life because i happy someone the person is very very poor and i take my mother gold and i sell it and i give the money to him to use to opening company later when he get money he live me and told me that he is not going to marry me again and he take my own friend now he live with her now in the same room all this happend to me in not my mother maybe i will kill my self but god time is the best so if u love me show me something to no that ur not going to do that with me and if u love am going to do everything to make u happy in life that is what love mean i love u so much am a teacher but now i lose my job but am looking for new one am in ghana now live with my mother here my father come from usa but now my father is no more i live with my mother here because my mother come from ghana now am telling u this am crying because if i remember what happend to me and i start crying because is too much pain in my heart but am going to love u if u show that u love me but i dont have any pics again now i will try to get new one because my camera is not working that why ok When I think about the way that I am feeling for you now, I don't know what to say except that I was lost in the garden and needed a route to come out until I got a way that leads to the exit of the garden. I was going and I saw a butterfly and I tried to catch it, but the harder I tried to get it, the higher it flies into the sky and the more I try chasing it, the worse I get lost. I was tired and tried to rest after the butterfly had gone away. I was sitting under an oak tree and all of a sudden, I saw the butterfly that I was trying to catch; it came down onto my shoulder slowly and with many friends that showed me the direction to the entrance. I was happy and came out from the garden and I was happy forever. I was lost and you are the butterfly that came to save me. I love you very much and never will I let you go. I love you..... this is my number u can text me ok or call me +233248840708 I LOVE U xxxxxxxxxx


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