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Seems as when somebody should not appear

Profile pic give a Hit in for Elizaveta Stepanchuk

This is Yoshkar Ola

Contact me Thursday in DMF through sending a Kiss as

- ID: 210870
- 27 y/o female (1984 - August - 19)
- Kirov, Russia
- English, Russian
- Nurse
- Have no children

Hello!!! My name is Nastya! I'm from Russia, we met with you on
this site datemefree .org!!! You left me your email so I can send you
photos and tell something more about yourself! here's my photo))) And
I'll tell you about myself in my next letter! I very much hope that
you will answer me! I am looking forward to an answer))) Good luck,

Received: from hpmi (unknown [])

Carphone Warehouse Broadband Services
Gareth J Bowen
Opal Telecommunications Plc
Northbank Industrial Estate
United Kingdom


Hi xxxxxx!!!
Thanks that you have answered me. xxxxx, I would like to continue with
you dialogue. Hope we will have pleasant dialogue. I never think on
the future, I live the present, but now I think that at us will be
good and dialogue is pleasant. I haven't enough friends of a male,
basically it is my fellow workers, and the majority of friends at me
only girls. I very much would like to have friendly dialogue with the
man through internet.:-) xxxxxx, I would like to learn you more close.
xxxxxx, you know earlier I never communicated with men from other
countries and consequently I yet don't know as to begin our dialogue
:-) xxxxx, you will help me?

IF HAS sent the PHOTO. Thanks what to send me the photo, you look well!

IF HAS not sent the PHOTO. Dear why you not to send me the photo? YOU
don't want that I saw your person? Please send to me the photo in the
following letter.

xxxxx, I think that on it I will finish the letter. I hope that in the
following letter we learn about each other more. Tell to me something
about itself. Your new friend Nastya

Ps. In this letter I to send you still my photo, I hope you you like it.
<<<< yes but the Weddingring I don't like

Received: from hpmi (unknown [])

IP pools


This Pest don't read answer of my Weddingring question......

Hello my new friend of xxxxx!!!
I am glad to see your letter again. How you today? I in a full order
and at me good mood. xxxxx, now I would like to tell you a little about
myself. I am the girl of Russian nationality and I live in the city of
, it is in Russia. xxxxxx, you know about this city? I am 28 years
old, I was born on August 10, 1983. xxxxxx, when your birthday?

xxxxxx, to me very much to be pleasant to communicate with you, and I
wouldn't want that our dialogue ended, without having managed to
begin. xxxxx but the matter is that I would like to see your photo, but
you not to make it though I to ask from you. xxxxx if you not to send
me the photo, I won't communicate with you.
:evil: On it choose, or you send
me the photo and we continue to communicate or on it ours of
communication is finished, to solve to you.
xxxxx, forgive I got off from the story so on what I stopped not much.
And yes, I work as the doctor - the therapist in city policlinic.
xxxxxx, where do you live. xxxxxx where you work? xxxxx, how old are you?
xxxxx if honest now I to have many questions but if I set to you them
now, to us it will be not so interesting to communicate dalshe:-) And
on it I will leave them on potom:-) xxxxx, now I will finish my letter.
I hope in a skor to receive from you the new letter.


P.S. xxxxx and slightly didn't forget my full name Anastasia, but my
friends name me simply Nastya, you are my friend and on it you can
call me Nastya

Received: from hpmi (unknown [])
(Authenticated sender:

IP pools

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