Friday, March 30, 2012


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Llc Optima-east

Oh, it's so nice from your side to share with me your e-mail address,
I appreciate it much:) So, right now, we have a nice opportunity to
talk together, to know more about our life and countries. I'm so
interested in you, I'd like to know more about your likes, wishes and
daily life. You know, I will be happy to answer every your question,
cause I'm open and easy-going lady and I have nothing to hide from
you:) I'll be looking forward for your letter. Hope to hear from you
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    City: Sevastopol, Avtonomna Re. Ukraine

    Hello, Darling! I'm very happy been talking with you again and you know, honey, your letter was so passionate, so sensitive and full of emotions, so while I was Reading it, I have had a feeling that i stayed in your hugs, can you imagine that?! Darling, you filled me with your care and passion completely!

    Joel, dear, I wish you to know, that every time I see your letter, I have so much positive emotions and smile always appears on my lips, you see, you fill my life with joy and happiness even being so far from me:) Honey, I know, that you are the person, whom I can tell everything and you will always understand me and can cheer me up. I think, it's wonderful to have our talking, sharing here so much things and I'm so happy to perceive you more and more.

    Joel, dear, I was so glad that this hard day is overing and I finally cold relax and read your letter. You know, I had so much work, cause
    of these monthly reports. And now one more thing makes me very sad.
    When today I came to the dating agency, my operator has informed me that my contract with their company is overing and I need fulfill the
    account to have an opportunity to continue to use their service to talk with you. You know, Joel, darling, I have a feeling that somebody has pour me out a bucket with a cold water - as I can't imagine how it is to be without hearing from you! Joel, darling, I have some savings which I want to spend on paying to the agency for helping in our
    communication in the further, but unfortunately it is not enough, but if you could share with me a half part of the account, then it will be possible to enrich the account and continue our communication here. I love you, Joel, and I hope I have not offended you with my proposition, but I can't and don't want lose our contact and you!
    Darling, what do you think, it will be possible for you to care with me about our future correspondence? I love you and pray that everything will be in the best way for us, my Joel:-) Only yours Inna.