Monday, March 19, 2012


By the Pics we fall over Arianny Celeste (born November 12, 1985) is an American ring girl and model. She is best known for being an Octagon girl for the UFC.

Contact me Friday in FOD through sending a Kiss

- 29 y/o female (1983 February 28)
- from Lokachi, Volyn region., Ukraine
- Russian, Russian, Ukrainian
- seeking a Man from 23 to 33 y/o

Hi, my dear!!

I am Yulia and I am interested to get to know you better!!! What about
you??? May be it is difficult for you to decide right now if you are
interested in me or not but take your time! We have not to rush into
anything. First of all I hope my photos will help you to decide, I
hope you like them! And also I will try to tell you at least something
about me today. If you will be interested please write me as this
e-mail address

I also hope that you will tell me something about you and send photos
as well, as I don't know you yet too but I feel that I have to try
with you! May be you are the man I am looking for?? You never know...

They say I am a very positive cheerful and nice looking girl, I like
to laugh and make people smiling, also I like to make my family and
friends happy, I try to make something pleasant for them as often as I
can! Life is very difficult here in Ukraine but I try not to lose
optimism! Especially it concerns local men because they are mostly not
serious and not interested in creating a family. A good reliable man
is very hard to be found here. They say man abroad are more family
oriented and the best way to try to find a man abroad is Internet,
that is why I am here. I have not an opportunity to travel abroad that
is why Internet is a very convenient way for me to look for a future
husband from a foreign country:) I have only started my search and I
will be more than happy if this search will stop on you:))) I don't
want months of searching and then nothing... but we will see what will
happen.... I hope to hear from you soon with a nice letter and photos
of yours!!! Please don't be afraid of using this chance, I am sure you
are a brave boy!!! I will do my best not to disappoint you... Kiss
you. Yulia.

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  2. hi,

    the same girl is writing to me ....right now and i have recvd her second mail.....with more pictures ...
    i am shocked to read the same letter is already published as a scam in some website.

    stay away from her.