Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nadezhda SBITNEVA, St Petersburg, Russia

Nadezhda SBITNEVA, St Petersburg, Russia
Address: Narodnaya 13, 27 apartament St .- Petersburg. 193 079
Passports 4004370228 and 622183543

The 3-point verification could not confirm this information. I am hoping the guy who ordered the check will post more information about this lady soon, as the situation seems to be a scam in progress.

1 comment:

  1. To the first Passport:

    - Pic is wrong

    - Security stripe from the Pic don't match with the Security stripe from the Passport, Pic with Security stripe was "printed" on Top

    - Passport number erased and overwritten but this Guys must know how to forge so that it fits with her Hometown!!!!!!

    - Date of issue don't match with her B-day

    - Number in the Stamp don't match with the number in the Passport

    - Number in the Stamp also forged in that way that it fits with her Hometown!!!!!

    - Number in the passport only one half is correct

    Nevertheless, this Passport was already used in 7 other Scams

    To the second Passport:

    - Names are mixed-up and wrong

    - Machine-readable Part down is missing

    - Security stripe left side from the Pic is missing

    Nevertheless, also this Pass was already used in three other Scams.