Saturday, November 12, 2011

Maureen Nana Koromandz,

From 24FreeDate......

- ID: 122307
- 24 y/o Female (1987 - July - 10)
- Senegal, Kaolack
- English,
- service
- Have no children
- Ethnicity Mixed

How are you doing,hope you are okay,I was so curious to write you this massage after going through your profile here in the web site,
I write you with the hope to have a sincere friendship with you,as I have been longing to meet a very honesty man that will be very sincerely and ready to start up a very good healthy relationship in the future,I feel you are a serious and sincere person that's why I decided to write you to express my interest in you because I'm truly looking for a very honesty man to start up a friendship,I desire to meet a man that will be extremely sincere with me and who believes in the power of a true real love,
If you wish,then you can write me,my email is,(moonrina1@yahoo (.)com) my email address it is okay,make sure you leave no gap between yahoo and(.com) ok,
Do not worry about your age difference with mine,because I read your profile and saw your age before writing you,I have no problem with regard to your age,so get back in touch if you are truly very honesty and sincere,if not don't bother yourself responding back to me if you are not an honesty man as I supposed and please,do not be offended by my massage,I apologized if you are not interested,but I really want to make myself very clear at first,
Thanks,I am Maureen.

Hello Dear xxxxx.
How are you doing today,I hope you are fine over there by the grace and power of God,
xxxxx,I was moved with an interest and great courage to write you at first from the web site despite we have not seen or meet each other before,
I thank you so much for writing me back,I am very,very happy and I am grateful as you considered to honor my mail with a kind heart despite the fact that you have never seen or know who I am before,I will like to have a very good sincere relationship with you and I have a special reason why I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my bad situation,
xxxxx,it's true we have not yet meet each other in person,but I have already accepted you with all my heart as a good friend or may be a partner in the future if you wish,I write you after I have fasted and prayed to God about you and I strongly believe that you will be very sincere and honest with me because I do not want myself to be betrayed or disappointed by any man in the future,I pray that our meeting and knowing each other will bring greater joy and happiness in our lives in the future and I pray God to grant us His infinite goodness forever and I am promising to be loyal and committed to you by the power of our God,
Just a little about myself,I am bright in complexion,black-eyes,beautiful slim and I have a very good shape,I am always smiling & laughing,I am outgoing,romantic,excellent good cook,and I am very playful like a little child,I believe in power of Real Love and forgiveness,
I come across your profile while surfing the web and I was courageous to express my interest on you by writing you at first never know what will happen or how you feel about my mail,but please kindly be very sincere and honesty towards me,
xxxxx,I know that this mail of mine might be of a very big surprising to you but please do consider it as an emergency,it is really true that me and you have not meet or seen each other for once before,but if you can agree with me,that relationship starts(1day) and I believe also that (1day) makes (2) difference people to know each other better than ever,I will be glad and I will appreciate you,if you will consider to reply back to this my mail with a kind desire to be my real sincere friend or whatever you will wish to be for me,I feel that it is a very beautiful thing to find and know a person like you in my life,that was the reason why I write you at first from the web site,
My name is Maureen Nana Koromandz,I am from from the republic of Sierra-Leone in West Africa,I am now 24 yrs old now as I was born in the month of November 11Th,1987,I am the only child of late Dr,Anthony Bacemeck Koromandz,
So,I am looking forward to see if you will be pleased and consider to have a very sincere and healthy relationship with me in the future or you can take me as a business partner,
xxxxxx,I promise to be obedient and loyal to you and by the power of God,I will bring greater joy and happiness into your life in the future,
My late father,late Dr,Anthony Bacemeck Koromandz was the managing director of (SLDC) Sierra-Leone Diamond company in (KENEMA).
But as God may have it,he was poisoned to death alongside with my mother by his business associate on one of their outing to discuss a business deal in oversea,
However,after the death of my parents I managed to stay alone and continue my studies but later on when war broke out in my country,I have to run and luckily I escaped to a near by country with every important files of my late father,
My late father has the sum of(US 5.9M Dollars)five million nine hundred thousand U.S Dollars which he deposited for me in a Finance Firm security company as his only next of kin before his death,
Presently,I am saddled with the problem of securing a very good sincere and trust worthy foreign personality that can really be very honest and willing to help me and claim the money from the bank and make sure that everything went very successfully for me and this is the MAIN REASON WHY I am contacting you,
xxxxx,I promise you with all my heart that I will map out 10% out of the money for you as a reward for your assistance,If you can be able to accept my proposal and do the following things for me with the sincerity of your heart,
(1) You will Stand on my behalf as the beneficiary for the claim of the inheritance from the company where the fund was deposited since the management of the company advised that I should solicit for an individual or corporate organization to claim the deposited fund for me as they cannot release it directly to me due to my status right now,
(2)You will Help me secure my traveling documents to come and meet you over there in your country immediately as soon as my money is been transferred into your account,
Furthermore,I wish you will contact the bank where the fund was deposited first for confirmations so that they will know that you are my partner,that will enable the company to correspond with you as my partner on my behalf based that you are my partner,
xxxxx,I am giving you this offers as mentioned below with every confidence on your acceptance to assist me or adopt me as your friend or you can take me as a business partner if possible and manage my money for me in any way you feel best,
I have attached my photos to you here,so you can see me,try to send me your nice photos too and please tell me something more about yourself in your next mail,
Please xxxxx,let everything about this matter be very confidential between two of us,for my safety and yours as well and also for the security purposes and please remember that sincerity and honesty is the most important thing that I needed from you,
Thank you as I await for your mail,
Yours sincerely Maureen.

Societe Nationale Des Telecommunications Du Senegal
6 Rue Wagane
BP 69 Dakar

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