Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kasandra Wood,

From 24Luv......

- Profile ID: 88190
- 29 y/o female (1981 - December - 5)
- Accra, Ghana
- English,
- Have no children

By the way my name is Kasandra, i am 30 years old, i am single and searching for the right man to spend the rest of my life with.I am a nurse and need a real man in my life that i will love.I will be very happy if you cans end me you email address or yahoo ID so that i can add you and chat with you or send you a mail and see what happen, if we can start a relationship.
I would like to tell you a little about myself about my possibility to love, my interests, and my dreams, what person I am looking for. I want to share with you all my desires and wishes. I am very openminded person, do you love this trait in people? I am very sociable, probably that is why I am surrounded by many people, but you know, even among the thousands of wonderful people, you can feel lonely. I would love to find someone who would make out my fine character. As you probably already noticed from the photo, I'm very bright person; probably that is why many men see in me a beautiful woman, but no more. I hope that you're not such as they are. I believe that you can see my inner world, see my true inner beauty. I like healthy food, for example fruits and vegetables, and seafood. As for me, seafood - this is the best food, because it not only delicious but also very useful. I love to spend my free time with friends, it's very easy to communicate with me, I am a! very understanding person.


Hello i am very happy to hear from you, i am so glad for the reply, but i want you to give me you email address or yahoo id so that i can add you and send you a mail for you to reply and see if we can start a relationship, i am really serious looking for long term relationship which will turn to marriage, i need a honest,loyal,humble ,caring and hardworking man to spend the rest of my life with.send me a mail to kasandrawood63@yaho and i will reply or add me.Love to hear from you again my dear.

I am very happy to send you such a very nice and lovely mail, by the way how are you doing?I hope you are doing well by the grace of almighty God.My name is Kasandra Wood, i am 30 years old, i am single and searching for the right man to spend the rest of my life with.I am a nurse.
You sound so perfect and i really would like to build a long term relationship with you and who knows what happen may be, we plan to meet in the near by future perhaps fallen in love to build up a happy family together.I will be very happy to know about you in fact i think you are very hardworking man, i have been lonely for a very time seeking for a man with a real love and care,someone to give me so much love and happiness and i think you are the perfect match to build up such relationship with.By the way i just would like to know about your personal life.Do you smoke?do you take in alcohol?what is your favourate color?can you tell me more about your best food?i am a woman that love to cook and i love to try all kind of foodand i think that if i am to be next to you my honey i will be cooking the best food ypu could never expect in your life.How long have you been on that site?why haven't you found a match?
Secondly i am single not because men does not want a relationship with me, a whole lot of men does but i want a man who will break my heart,i have had an experience before and i know how much it pains for one's heart to be broken.I want you to know that i am seeking for a very honest and a sincere,faithful relationship.There is a saying that a rich person without love and care and peace in a relationship is not a rich guy,but been rich at heart is far better that having the whole world without love and care.My dear if i happen to be the love of your life my dear then i promise to feed you with so much love and care.I will be the good girl you could ever wanted in your life.I am also very sexually appetizing,i am a woman with a good feelings to drive you crazy and make you cum all over turning you on.
How many ladies have you dated or seen?have you had any bad experience in a relationship before?what makes you happy and what makes you sad?do you really find me interesting to be your woman?If so then i have nothing to say than yes, i will be your woman but there is only one thing i will glad for you to do for me before i can commit and devote all my love and my heart to you, i want to trust you so what i want is that can i be the only you email and the only woman you will set up your mind to build up a relationship with?When we do get to know each other more,would you be so kind to delete your profile at the site so that i will know that i am the only woman you are emailing? i think i have ask enough questions already so i must move ahead about my self too.
I am woman with real love and care, i will care for you and i will listen and understand you if i do have the privilege to be your woman, i want you to know that i am very serious into this relationship with you and i am willing to give all my life and my heart to some one like you, i have a good heart for you and i will make you cum very good and turn you really on and on making you scream fucking you real harder and making you cum over and over on bed.By the way enough of this sexy things.One thing i want you to know is that sex is also an important factor in a relationship but the only thing that we must know is that sex must be enjoyable, we must not do it in forceful manner.We must understand each other before but i am the most sexiest to turn you on all over,keep you cumming and ride you very wilder on bed in fact i have all it takes for a man to want in a woman.
If i do want a man or fall in love to a man, i truly love him and the love that i do have for the man is about his job he does, his money or his anything,what i do believe in is that love is real and genuine, and so my love for you can be genuine and very honest one if only you will be loyal and sincere to me alone , if only you wont break my heart and if only you will be loyal and genuine to me, if only you wont lie to me at the end of the day and give me a whole lot of promises and then at the end of the day i found out all is a lie.Can you send me your pictures?I will like to have a photo of you.Tell me about what you want your lady to behave like.How long would you want to correspond with a lady before planning to meet in person?Tell me what you would like to do on your first date? Sweetly i will end now my honey and all what i will tell you is that if you seek for a very honest relationship then get back to me soon as possible so that we can go ahead and who knows the good things that is going to happen in our relationship.I will end now and take very good care of your self for me my dear.I want you to that i have no kids my dear and i think you could be the one that i care for and i will be very glad if you will be sending me emails so that i will knows how we go with it and you will delete your profile from the site so that we see how we can move with it my dear, i understand that we have to take this relationship step by step but yet still there must be an existance of honest and faithfulness in this relationship can we do that?My dear can we do that?I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.I want to see your pics too.

H Srinivas Rao
41 A, Auto Parts Building,
Graphic Road,
South Industrial Area.
P.O. Box 281 International Trade Fair LA,

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