Monday, November 14, 2011

Ksenia Polegenko,

Ksenia Polegenko,

City - Syktyvkar

Adress - street Kuratova 24, apartment 36

Post code - 167000

Phone: 0079648630857 

Received 2520 euros for travel expenses

I saw your letter and I write to you now. I waited your letter and was

very excited. Because of your letter depended on our meeting and our future.

My love, I think about you much and very much I want our meeting. For me life without

you is not meaningful. I am enamoured in you and I want my future

only with you. When we will together I ready to give you all love

my heart. Because you in my heart and I love only you. I not

for a minute I do not cease to think of you. You have stolen my heart and it now

belongs only to you. You a key to my heart! I love you very much!

My darling allow to explain me all details about my trip. I see that

you have questions and I wish to answer them. For me it is necessary to buy

tickets from Syktyvkar, but not from Moscow. Syktyvkar very far from Moscow

more 1000 km and consequently tickets from Syktyvkar to XXXXX will cost

big money. And also I wrote to you about cost of tickets there and

back. I should buy tickets there and back and cost

return ticket 780 euros, 390 euros there and 390 euros back.

My darling you wrote that wish to send tickets for me. But it is

impossible and I wish to explain to you procedure of registration

of all documents. My darling in the first it is necessary to me

to make such documents as tourist

visa, passport for travel abroad, insurance and to buy ticket.

I should go with my passport and buy tickets and also do all

documents and there my signature is necessary.

I cannot arrive to you with tickets which you wished to buy for me.

To me have told that by a rule I should buy tickets in Russia and make all

documents too in Russia and only so I can arrive to you. I should pay money that

to make all papers and I wrote that it will cost 240 euros. Not

worry in travel agency will not use me. There works

friend my girlfriend and all will be good. I hope that money will not be a problem

for us and we will be together. My love, I will be very glad if you help me with money for

my trip and so we without problems can meet and be together.

My darling, I need 1020 euros that come to you.

I hope that you can help me with this money.

I hope that you will not throw me and for you this money anything on

to comparison with our love.

My love, you asked bank account to send money for my trip. I have no bank account.

I heard that the best way to send money through company Western Union.

You heard about this company? If no that look at a site and you will find the information on this company and

also addresses in your city. It is the safe, reliable company through

which it is possible to send money. For this purpose my data will be necessary to you.

I will write to you in this letter all my data:

Name - Ksenia

Last name - Polegenko

Country - Russia

City - Syktyvkar

Adress - street Kuratova 24, apartment 36

Post code - 167000

My love all these data are sufficient that you could send money for

my trip through Western Union. Only please do not do any

errors in my name when you will send money. My love,

when you will send money, to you will give a code of transfer of money from 10 numbers.

Please write me this code in the letter. Or it is better send to me a copy

the document of transfer of money.

I hope that you completely understand my letter and at you will not be

any difficulties. My darling if you have questions that you you can

ask me.

My love, you can send these 1020 euros today or tomorrow? If yes

that would be very remarkable. I very much hope for you. I know that you

love me and you will use the best efforts for our meeting. I kiss

you strong. I will wait your letter. With love and 100000 kisssss your


Hello my lovely John!!! My darling John this night I saw again such

remarkable dream. We has dreamt me with you a meeting. I arrive to

to you and you stand at the airport with the big soft toy and huge

bouquet of red roses. As soon as I have seen you I have run to you.

You as has noticed me and too ran to me and here we already stand

against the each other. I look in your eyes you in mine and we stand in

current of minute and then we merge with you in a passionate and gentle kiss.

In the evening we with you walk on streets, you show to me different

beautiful places, to us it is very good also we are happy together. I all time

smile, I am happy, you too are very happy. My darling to me was so

well when I had this dream I simply did not wish to wake up. But I not

strongly was upset when has woken up as I know that soon we will

together!!! I very much love you and

I wish to be with you. When I have woken up I had a breakfast, I look very much

happy, I was simply shone with happiness. After a breakfast I have gone to the tourist

agency to learn all details about my flight. I went there

with a smile on the face thinking about ours with you to a meeting. My darling when I have come

to travel agency all my pleasure has disappeared at once after to me have told that necessary

still money that I could arrive to you. I was in a shock. I did not know

what to me to do. I did not understand about what money to me spoke. I them not

listened. I simply was in a panic. Me long tried to calm and through

minutes 15 - 20 it it was possible. The manager of travel agency

has explained to me that is necessary 1500 euros. It will be necessary to show this money

ONLY in Embasy in Moscow. 1500 euros will not NEED to be SPENT!!!

THIS MONEY WILL be ONLY In my HANDS!!! To me have told that money is necessary

to show in Embasy only for this purpose what Embasy was

assured of that that I am  not the emigrant and I can contain myself in

your country. My darling I am very strong shouted on them. I spoke to them

why they have not told to me it earlier. The manager of agency to me has told that

he thought that I know about it. But my darling I swear to you that I

really did not know it. To me would tell that I did not worry. These

Money will be not spend, will be only at me. It will not be necessary for me them

to spend. My gentle tender prince to me have told that if I cannot

to find 1500 euros that I cannot arrive to you.

I should show this money now that from travel agency have called in

embassy of Moscow and have told that I have money and was not any problems to

make to me the visa. If I do not show this money that to me will not give the visa.

Mine gentle tender prince I do not know that to us now to do. I have no such

the big sum. My love I am very much hope for your help.

My darling John understand that this money will not be necessary

to spend. It will be necessary to show only. As

only I will arrive to you that I at once will give this money to you directly in

hands back. My darling I very strongly hope for your help. To ours with

you of a meeting there was only one step which we should, simply

are obliged to make. We love each other and should be together. My darling I

write this letter with tears on eyes. I very much hope for yours

help. My gentle tender prince John please, I simply beg you

help me!!! I cannot live without you! I very much love you.

We should be together. Here I also write you details about my trip.

To me have told documents will be ready till October, 29th if I show

in time this money and on this flight I can arrive to you:

Start: SYKTYVKAR (SYKTYVKAR) 07:50 on October, 29th 2011

Arrival: MOSCOW (SHEREMETYEVO) 09:40 on October, 29th 2011

Airline: Aeroflot Nord, flight: 5N 502, the plane: Boeing 737-500

Aeroflot the Start: MOSCOW (SHEREMETYEVO) 11:55 on October, 29th 2011

Arrival: XXXX(L) 13:40 on October, 29th 2011

Airline: Aeroflot, flight: SU 237, the plane: Airbus Industrie A321

My darling I with the big impatience will wait for yours

answer. I love you!!!!! Gently kiss you!

All my kisses only for you! Your future wife Ksenia.

This scam could have been prevented with proper due diligence research.

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  1. Syktyvkar is the Capitol of the Komi Republic but the given Phone number belong to Yoshkar Ola/Mari El.

    ОАО "Вымпел-Коммуникации"
    Йошкар-Ола Республика Марий Эл