Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kasandra Wood,

By Scam work

Here we have the real ugly Face behind "Kasandra Wood" from Facebook.

Abdul Razak Samed


Study: University of Oxford

Lives in Agona Swedru


  1. Is it possible for Russian Detectives to update or contact the University of Oxford and inform them of Mr. Samed's criminal activities of impersonating someone else? I'm sure the University review board would LOVE to see a report like this on this idiot. I doubt he would be attending ANY University in the near future if the found out what his pastime is. Criminals start out small and graduate to much larger more serious crimes. Stop this thief before he graduates and moves on to bigger and better scams.

  2. Let me amend my 1st post. If Russian Detectives contacts ALL of the schools and universities and colleges that these scammers attends and provides information to the Principles and University body that showcases what one of their students is doing in the dorm or after-hours, then my thought is that you are doing the world a favor by getting them booted out. No college or university wants to be known for allowing this type of behavior to continue and if you hit these scumbags where it hurts the most.....their education and wallets.....then you are truly protecting people. Hopefully your actions save some soul thousands of dollars OR you prevent even worse crimes from taking place. Keep up the good work....!