Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Elena Maksimova, elenamiloa@yahoo.com

 Elena Maksimova, elenamiloa@yahoo.com,

Russia Moscow the nikolsky 10 Index 109012

1st letter:

Hello my new friend.

I have received your letter I is glad that you have answered my letter. My name is Elena, but you can name me Elena. My family and my friends name me Lenysik.

I have found yours email on a dating site. I want to communicate with you, to be your friend. Possibly, you it is interesting, why I have chosen you from hundred other men? I do not know. My intuition.

Has helped me to make a choice. Possibly, you heard about female intuition? Men have a logic, at women - intuition. I hope that my intuition has not brought me also we can have the good

And interesting dialogue. Yes, I live in Russia and between us the big distance. But I think, for dialogue the distance has no value. Anyway, we lose nothing. But we can find good friendship.

For you distance a problem? Though you would not pay attention to distance between us, and we could continue ours of dialogue

And relations. I send you my pictures. And I will be glad to see as much as possible your pictures. Have good day. Your new friend from Russia, Elena

 Money request letter:

Mine favourite XXXX!

I write to you from the cafe Internet. This morning I have arrived to Moscow. My trip was safe. I was in embassy and I had interview with the consul the officer. I sat in turn in embassy, there were many people. When me have caused,

I have entered into an office of the consul-officer and have seen my documents on its table. It has already seen all my documents and has studied my information. We have begun interview. I have explained it the purpose of my trip.

I have told that it is my second trip abroad. I was to Egypt in the last summer. The consul the officer has asked me whence I know English and as for a long time. I have explained that I studied it at school. English

language study at many Russian schools and institutes. The consul the officer asked me many questions, some questions it asked twice. I do not know, he forgot it or he asked twice to check up me. But I was quiet and cool.

I should behave naturally and easy. The consul the officer asked me about my work, I have told that I have a good post with the good salary and I do not want to lose it. Interview was short. Or because in embassy there

was a turn from others wishing to receive the visa, or because of that that I have made good impressions on the consul of the officer. Though, can be as that and another. The consul the officer has told that it has

no doubts in my intentions and I will receive my visa. I have thanked the consul of the officer and have said goodbye to it.

You understand it, XXXX?! Very soon I will have the visa and I can arrive to you. I have strong positive emotions.

Favourite XXXX, I wait our meeting. We necessarily will together. Day of our meeting will be in the happiest afternoon for us. The most important thing that is necessary for me now, is your support and a support.

Between us there is a feeling of love. The feeling of love will help us to be together. Already it seems to me that my heart is for a long time near to you. We needed to connect only ours to you hearts. I love you!

I very much would like to be now near to you. I want to feel your embraces and to have a rest.

We dream now of our meeting. I have asked the employee of the airport to help me. Together with the employee of the airport we have chosen economy class air tickets. These are the cheapest air tickets, from all.

I can already tell to you that day of our meeting on November, 12th. XXXX when I will buy air tickets, we can start to consider days to our meeting.

Cost of one air ticket makes 620 dollars USD. It is necessary for me to get 2 air tickets (the ticket for arrival in your country, and the ticket for returning to Russia). To me have told in embassy that I need

at once 2 air tickets. This important condition, and me is necessary to submit to requirements of employees of embassy. I need in 1240 dollars USD to buy air tickets.

I learnt as you can send me money that I have bought the ticket. I think, we can use Money Gram or Western union. It is convenient and safe to transfer money. I think, it will be fair, if you help me with tickets.

I have spent money for my visa, to a cost of transportation to go to Moscow. Here the information for departure of money for tickets:

Name Elena Surname Maksimova the Country Russia. The city of Moscow, the Nikolsky, 10 index 109012,

After you will transfer to me money, you should inform me MTCN control number which to you the employee of bank will give, or to send the receipt. Then I can receive your money. You have understood me?

I hope that near to your house there is office Western Union, and you will not have complexities. I want to get air tickets already now. I hope to receive your help in the near future. It is necessary for me 1240 dollars USD.

As I wrote you that that I will stop in demountable apartment. Here the prices and services are pleasantly combined. One day of residing will cost for me 44 dollars USD. I did not begin to spend money for expensive hotel.

Now money very important for our meeting, and I aspire to save on all. Now I will go to have rest apartment.

I with impatience wait your letter tomorrow. Have fine day!

With love, for ever yours. Elena

This scam could have been prevented with proper due diligence research.

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