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NATALYA BABUYSHKINA, natalyanaty81@yahoo.com

 NATALYA  BABUYSHKINA, natalyanaty81@yahoo.com

HelloI at last am glad to write you the letter. I wish to tell about myself more. My name Natalya, you already know. To me now 29 years, but very soon to me to be executed 30 years.My day a birth will be on December, 1st. I wish to tell about myself that you knew me a bit better now.I live with mum in apartment 5 floor houses. I was never married also I have no children. The city in which I live, is called Kirovo - Chepetsk. People here there live not a lot of 23 thousand, the city in 1935 is based,I work in shoe shop, the seller! My work is pleasant to me.I have started to use Internet recently. After at usThere was an Internet in our house. I at first did not think of it. ButHas decided to try to have acquaintance, through the Internet. I hope, what you will send the photos? I would like to receive more them.I hope that it is pleasant to you my photos. I would like you to ask. What it is pleasant to you in women? What character? What should she be able? I very much would wish to know. I hope that tomorrow I again will receive your letter and your photo. I will wait very much.Yours faithfully Natalya.


Hello my dear Mark!as you feel? I hope that all is good.I hope that my photo was pleasant to you.In this letter I send you my photo, on my work a footwear warehouse.In this warehouse during a break we can have a little rest from work. I will tell more about myself. My growth 165, weight nearby 50 kg.I to appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and the good relation toAnother. It is pleasant to me, when it is pure, cosy. When I come home IIt is always glad, because houses always purely. I asked you about what women to you are pleasant. I, for example, like men who are quiet, sincere and do not deceive.Which I love, and which loves me. How you think, you can be it? Or not?When we learn each other better. Than you were engaged today? I hope that when you receive my letter,It warms you and does your day successful.I hope that at you all is good. I will wait for your letter tomorrow.Sincerely, Natalya

Hello my dear Mark!How you? How your day? All that was today bad in my bottom,At once was gone, remains only good after I have received yoursThe letter. I am very glad that you have not forgotten about me and have written to me.I wish to tell to you about the family more. I wish to inform you aboutVolume as I grew and who brought up me. The grandmother brought up me andMum. A name of my mum Olga, and grandmother Valentina.I live with mum in apartment, in our city. The grandmother lives in settlement!I know nothing about the father, because it has left from mum when I was 2 years old.I wish to explain to you why I cannot find the man of the dream inTo the country. We have men, but many drink or beat the wives.And others already in marriage. Therefore I have decided to get acquainted with you.You like to drink much? Only tell, the truth. I hope that was not present. IAt all I do not drink and I do not smoke, only for holidays I allow to drink a littleFault. I not against that the man would drink, but it is not a lot of and not often.I wish to tell at once that I do not like to shout and quarrel. I loveTo laugh and I want that would wash favourite always it was happy and it was never afflicted. And I will do all for the sake of it. I am ready constantly a kissIt if it does its happy. I want, what we with itThe passion and tenderness enjoyed our love. I hope that a photo which I send today, it is pleasant to you.I wait your letter.I will wait for it tomorrow. With impatience I waitYours Natalya

Hello dear Mark!!!How you? What mood at you? What did you do today?I answer you your questions:1 - I am lonely when there was no wife. I have no children.2 - Yes I would like to have children as depends on the partner.3 - I live with mum, the grandmother lives in the country.4 - From my work to the house about 3 stops, a city not big. I wish to learn from you how you like to have a rest? You like to goOn the nature? You love what songs? What films? What dances? YouDanced with me? I not so well dance, but with you IHas agreed to dance. Theatre, the sea? What do you love?Tell to me. I adore, films and cooking. The grandmother has learnt meTo prepare many dishes, and I am assured that it would be pleasant to you of a dish,Which I have prepared. I am able to prepare such pizza which moreNobody can prepare. I like to prepare the Japanese cuisine.In Russia the Japanese cuisine popular. I am assured that you would estimate my skill. You love the sea? I was only once in Sochi. To me very muchIt was pleasant. As the cool wind shrouds a body, as cool waterGives freshness and pleasure. There is no only one. Men, withWhich all can enjoy it. I will wait for your photos and the letter. They my pleasure every day. I am happy that have met you. I can discuss all with you that I want.I wait for your letter.Yours Natalya.

Hello my dear Mark!!!!!!how are you? How has passed today at you day?I would like to learn from you about your friends. Mark, at you it is a lot ofFriends? And the presents? Not simply familiar. And people whom you canTo trust in all? And they will always give to your advice, is as though sick itWas not. Which does not want to you a pain. Which in all help you. Mark At me only one present girlfriend from whom we canTo speak about all. We with it grew together and, studied together, togetherWent on dances. Now it works the teacher at school. ItTeaches English. We with it together well studied English at school.Her name is Olga, to it as much years, as to me. all is interesting to me also I wish to know all about you.I already miss and I check mail. Your letter suddenly will come? I wait, very much I wait..... Yours Natalya.

Hello my dear Mark!When you have woken up at you there was a good mood today?What did you see in the dreams? I worked today.Mark I wish to talk to you about the most personal. That occursIn your heart. Mark you to have secrets? You that do not tell that to me andTo anybody? I ask you tell fairly. I do not know why, but I do not wantAnything to hide from you. Because I am assured that it remains betweenUs, and you will tell to nobody. Mark you for me even became closer thanMy girlfriend, I can talk about about what I will not tell to mum with the grandmother.I to trust you and I can not explain why. Mark my family, know that I communicate withYou. It is said that I have strongly changed. Became more cheerful.Such feeling that my life completely has changed. You have changed mineLife, has added in it of more pleasure and happiness. And I wish to thankYou for it. And what has changed in your life? I ask you, answer me only, the truth and it is sincere.I will wait for your answer.Sincerely Natalya.

Hello my dear Mark!I am glad to your letter, I very much miss you, and I think of youConstantly. You always in my heart. I feel, how my heartTo knock, when I think of you and to me it is good. I do not know that with me, II do not understand that occurs.I hope that you understand that I feel to you. I do not know how to describe it, but I think that itLove. You as are close to me as mum, as my girlfriends, as the grandmother. I do not know how to describe this feeling. It cannot be described. I am afraid to makeError, I am afraid to be mistaken in you because you are pleasant to me very much. I very much worry, I do not know, how, but I should tell to you it. I cannot hide anything from you. I feel that my heart, where thatFar. On mine it with you. I do not know, whether it is exact, but, I seemHas fallen in love. As you think that it for feeling, Mark, tell to me. I notI know your life has changed or not. It has changed, after weHave got acquainted? I feel, precisely I feel that I love you. I as wish to know, withWhat feeling you concern me. Tell to me Mark. That you thinkAbout me? What you feel, when you read my letters? I am not assured of that,That it is love. That, which I searched. I am not completely assured. But IPrecisely I know that you that man with whom to me it will be good. I think that you of whom I dreamt since the childhood. That prince, Which I waited all life. I go mad with you! What would be my life pale without you!I do not understand as I could live without you! I very much want youWith all my heart!!! I should be near to you! You the person of my life!You have won my heart, take it!!!I answer you your questions:- On badao.com I was registered, because the reference 2 months ago has come. I have decided to try acquaintance- I was registered Tokyo-Japan because wished to find the man from this country.To be pleasant to me Japan.- 30, 60 years I have put, for registration. If fairly the age does not matter, the main thing kindness, character, gravity.- Yes I want children.- My trade the seller of footwear. Mark I miss you!Yours Natalya.

Helo my loved Mark,Thanks for your letter! Excuse I could not answer you earlier.The darling I wish to tell to you that I cannot without you any more, All these days our dialogue, I think only of you!And I very much want, that ironed my hair, touched my hair,Caressed my body, a kiss my lips.I very much would want, that we were with you together!You would like it?I think that my dreams will be carried out only at our meeting with you.What do you think about it?I always think of our forthcoming meeting with you.I think that our meeting will be, as in a fairy tale.You think also as well as I, or not?I sometimes so would like you to embrace, the kiss to touch your person!But you are not present near to me, and I so would like it!!!I think that have found such person who is necessary to me.Which me will always understand, think of me.And this person - you Mark!!!I am grateful to destiny that I have met you Mark!!!I always ask a question when our meeting with you will be a reality.And now I ask you!What do you think of our meeting with you?When our meeting becomes a reality?I will have holiday from work from the beginning of November. I dream of feeling your passionate kisses and hot embraces.To me sometimes at night dream your gentle kisses,both your passionate and strong embraces, But when I wake up you was not present near to me.To me it becomes very sad!!!I so wish to be with you as soon as possible!!!You would like it, my charm?The darling you want, that I arrived to you?I very much hope that you want it strongly!!Please speak to me! If you want our meeting, That I can go and learn all about arrival in your country!I with impatience will wait for your letter!Yours Natalya.

Hello my love Mark!I am sorry, I could not answer you earlier.The problem was with my Internet... Now I am glad that again I can write you letters every day.How you? What do you do today, my darling Mark?- Yes I studied Peru at university and at school as recently I studied at a leisure.Yes the fine country Peru.- Yes I am final I want relations are serious, unless we have already no it!? I think we have found it already!I think to have children always not late and to marry, the main thing to have our meeting after that all will be. What do you think?- I would be glad to live with you in any place because I am enamoured also I is ready on all!- Yes certainly I will agree to live with you, you can not worry about it.Is not a problem that you cannot speak in English... We will understand each other without problems.After all we people, in due course we will study our languages without problems.- I think I will study your language, I very quickly remember language, I think for me it it will be much easier, than you.I have experience already with the Spanish language as I have a book for studying of this language.When we will together you can to me as to help to study difficult words, special offers?- Yes can already not worry I study the Spanish language.- I as want our relations serious till the end of our days. I am true to you from the first our acquaintance!- You the beautiful man, I love you these are my words from my heart.I think now that you should know that I wish to see you, I wish to try to build relations in a real life with you! You would like it?I am very glad that we with you develop ours with you relations, and it is really remarkable.I am very glad to that that that I have got acquainted with you, And probably it is chance on what that relations. Whether you agree with me?I think that if our meeting becomes a reality it will be the most remarkable day in my life, I think that I will become the happiest girl in the world when we with you can be together.I have decided that this holiday should be spent with sense. Besides right now there is a possibility to meet, I should know, whether really you wish to meet me? The darling Mark, I hope you understand that ours with you appointment this responsible enough business,And it is necessary for relation development in the future.It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you, and I am assured that you the remarkable man, And it will be very pleasant to me to get acquainted with you in a real life.I think, what exactly with you we could try to construct the future together.How to you my thoughts? Whether you understand all gravity of this decision? Certainly, we with you know not so long ago each other, but I think, That in any case of the letter never can replace to us with you a real meeting.Whether you think as of it?I would like to arrive to your country, I wish to get acquainted with you more close, to learn your relatives.It is very pleasant to me to know that you are really serious to me, That that you are serious to my feelings and that that you really wish to construct relations with me.I as think, what even 1000 letters cannot replace only 1 meeting in a reality.It would be fine if we with you used possibility for a meeting now.I should know your decision as on it depends probably relations with you.As I will have my day a birth on December, 1st 30 years, (Anniversary). You remember?I would like to be near to you to have this holiday together. I would not like to spend my life in loneliness.I hope you understand my feelings now? At the very beginning of our correspondence with you I did not think at all of a meeting in the near future, But all has changed when I have got acquainted with you, that seems to me that we should use chance of a meeting personally. I have now a fine possibility to arrive to you, and I hope that we with you can use it. I think that each person should find happiness in a life.I think, as to us with you is possible this possibility now is given.My darling Mark that you think if I go in tourist agence to learn about a trip to your country,And I should arrive to what city and the airport name near to you? What do you think if I come to you, to your house? Whether there will be I for you the welcome guest or I will become a hindrance?I very much want that our feelings were really mutual, I very much hope that we can have a meeting.I very much wait for your answer to my letter, And I hope that that you can answer as it is possible more in detail on my letter.I finish my letter, and I will wait for a prompt reply from you.Your love Natalya.

Hello my love Mark!I am glad to see your letter for me. how you my prince?Mark, I very much wish to meet and spend more time together.I want it will tell that very well if we spend more time in a place. My sweet for me internal the impression is more important, than external values. I think mine dear you will agree with me.I do not have not enough person with which I can connect all life. With that person with whom we will be together. And I know, who is this person. It you Mark!It will be better if I arrive to you, besides I not to time was not in other country, It will be very interesting to me to know traditions, I very much would like to meet you and we could see each other in a reality. I dear at me unfortunately is not present money to arrive to you. Mark you can help me with a trip to you?I descend in tourist agency and I learn how many to me it would be necessary for that what to arrive to you. My dear, I will try to find as much as possible money for this purpose what to arrive to you, But without your help and support I cannot arrive to you.Mark if we with you will care and help each other we will overcome all barriers,What to meet and be together! I keep mind about our meeting and as we will be happy together! Mine dear I with impatience will wait your answer. I gently kiss you Mark!!!Yours Forever Love Natalya P.S: My full name and the address: Name: Natalya Surname: Babuyshkina country: Russia city: Kirovo-Chepetsk adress: Azina 45A-33My love, I ask you not to send by mail what a gift.For me it really is very pleasant to receive from you a gift.But mail in Russia works very badly! My aunt has sent from other city a parcel with new clothes, this parcel was gone.Is better you present a gift in real meetings. ok my love?

Good evening my most dear and loved Mark,I have received your letter and your information. My love I think of you always! When I see your letter my feelings and my heart of retinues a bright beam for pleasure. I think of you and I can not fall asleep, I dream of that bottom when I will arrive to you and a meeting you. I wish to make our first sweet kiss which will reduce me about mind. With each minute we come nearer to each other all more close and more close. Our first night will be not forgotten, we will be happy throughout all our life. I will wake up at last in the morning and you will kiss me. Every day we will spend time in pleasure. My love Mark, I am very happy that you are ready to help me... Thanks my loved!I can arrive to you only through tourist agency. If I do independently documents and the visa. It for me will cost in 3 times more expensively. I will explain why: I can make the visa independently if I go to Moscow in embassy.Moscow the most expensive city in Russia. I should pay for a trip to Moscow. 1300 kilometres. It not a simple way, almost 24 hours per ways by train. As I should pay hotel till those days when I can receive the visa.1 day of hotel from 140$, it will be the big expenses. And certainly visa payment! As I will lose more time and forces for this purpose! I hope you understand that it is not favourable! If I lived in Moscow, yes it would be convenient very much and more cheaply. I should pay the passport for travel abroad - 100$The visa of 30,90 days - cost 280$, 460$.As by travel company rules, I should pay necessarily tickets at them. I should pay a full tourist package. I cannot take from them that that one. I trust travel company, my girlfriend had experience 2 times at them as there is a heap of acquaintances who travelled. Why you so are cautious? You had bad experience with travel company in the past? Excuse for such question, but I do not see here danger. As this tourist agency favourable and cheap. Tickets to Japan from 900$.The price of tickets depends on certain day. I have given yesterday still my passport, for passport for travel abroad registration. I have paid all money 100$.As soon as I can have the passport back, I will send you number. Unfortunately I yet have no my mobile phone, I spoke to you about it already. I went yesterday so to post office Western Union, I had conversation with the manager.The nobility only this data suffices you to send money through this bank: Name: Natalya Surname: Babuyshkina country: Russia city: Kirovo-Chepetsk adress: Azina 45A-33postl code: 613040 As I took a form copy western Union: English-Japanese. You can be quiet, I very attentively and seriously prepare to our meeting.  can send tomorrow money for my payment of a trip to you?My love I promise I will care of you and to love you always. I look forward that day when we will be together! I would not like to see you, I wish to embrace you and to make the first kiss. I will wait your letter and I think of you.I love you Mark! I love you! KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSsYours and only your love Natalya

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