Saturday, November 26, 2011


To the Pic:

- In she pretend to be Oksanasexy from Izhevsk

- In she pretend also to be Oksanasexy from London Colney, Herefordshire, United Kingdom

- In FB: Yana Shanina

From DMF.......

- ID: 200296
- 27 y/o female (1984 - January - 1)
- Cheboksary, Russia
- Russian, English
- manager
- Have no children

Hello my friend
My name is Anna.Ya live in Russia. From the city of Cheboksary.
I'm fond of gymnastics. In my spare time I like to walk around the city.
I really liked your profile. I look forward to further communication with you via email. Here is my e-mail (anya.kisecica222 @
I look forward to hearing from you.
Anna: *


Hello my new friend. xxxxx
Thank you very much for your letter. Your letter brought me happiness, to be honest, I was not sure
Are you going to answer, and having received your letter was a pleasant surprise. I would like to
We ask you something in these early stages of our friendship. Please do not ever apologize to me or trying to be kind, do not ask me what you want to ask. I am very straight forward and spontaneous. I think in friendship should be no borders and no offense to any question between two friends, otherwise they will not be friends. Please do not feel bad asking the question you may have and I'll do the same.
I have no problem to answer you, and if I ever do I politely tell you, and I do not hesitate to ask you anything and everything, and if you do something, if you are worried please tell me.
My name is Anna. I live in Russia. You probably heard about Russia. It is the largest country in area and rich in natural resources. Russia is located in the East to Europe and, consequently,
The climate here is very diverse. I live in Cheboksary. This city, but here it is very beautiful. Our City recognized as a clean city, because there are many trees and not enough heavy industry. I do not more like a city because it is much noise, dirty, and it's too much fuss. I hope you agree
with me. Cheboksary is a city Chuvashkoy area. Have you ever heard of Cheboksary?. Cheboksary 680 km from Moscow.
Several times I was in Moscow, and I know that Moscow is big and beautiful city.
I am Russian by nationality. I am learning English at school for 11 years. I can speak, write, read
in English. Although, as you may notice that I shall be much to learn that it's good to be able to
communicate in English. I think that you can understand what I am writing to you, but the meaning of some words can the change.
I should probably tell you about my appearance. I have a slim figure. My growth 165. My weight 59.
I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I do not smoke and drink socially. I've never tried any drugs.
I have no tattoos.
I have my own apartment in Cheboksary, and I live alone. My father died and my mother lives in another city of Samara his own apartment.
In 2001 I graduated from high school and later studied at the university. In 2006 I graduated from Cheboksary Pedagogical University. I'm an ecologist by training. I studied 5 years, but unfortunately I could not find a job in their field. But I found another job. I am a kindergarten teacher.
Now I do not have a guy and have no serious relationship. I'll never be married and have no children.
I love going to the movies, theater, museum, and is constantly trying out new experiences. I love going to restaurants, dance clubs, carnivals, to play tennis, table games, swim in the pool. I love the romance to go to campaigns, photography, cooking for dinner, talk to people. In principle, I do not care, what to do.
If, like me, a man whom we can just laugh or say. For me, as any music. I think every music
has the advantage. I do not drink much, only in certain cases. And yet, I'm good and I do massage.
I was good, I feel myself in such subjects as: English, philosophy and history as I understand it,
They pretty well. I am romantic nature, and I believe in old-fashioned love. I am able to support his family,
I am reliable, dedicated, organized, and in return I expect the same. I can take care of people, regardless of
who me: a partner, spouse or children. I can count, it is necessary for them now or will be
be needed in the future. In addition, I would like to say that I am very fair and just as I treat people as I want them to touch me. When I love someone, I accept both good and bad. Most people forget about the good and pay attention only to the poor. I do not think it's right. I think that true love must pass both good and bad times. And when you devote yourself to someone you have to do all dependent on you, that all was well. And, not to give up everything if something goes wrong, it would be is desirable. It is very difficult to find someone who would divide these ideas. But I do not leave hopes meet related soul, because I believe in true love.
During the first letter, I think that's enough. I have not told you that I do not own a computer.
I have to go in Internet - cafe to write you a letter. Sometimes I can not access the Internet - cafe and therefore, you must understand that I can not answer your letter immediately. I need some time to answer the letter. I want you to write to me every day. If you go somewhere, let me know that I'm not worried.
I have a small request. Please let me know a little about yourself.
I hope that we can develop our relations.
I look forward to your reply.Tell me more about myself I would be pleased to know you
Your friend Anna.

No IP traceable

Here we can find her and that she's a Liar......


She send me the same letter from yesterday once more but we've a Header.

Received: from [] ([])

Network Operation Center CJSC ER-Telecom Company Mari El branch
address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia


Hi, my friend .
I am glad that you continue, so I wrote it. With each letter we learn about each other more.I have
I tell you that I am looking for a friend who can support me a difficult minute every day. I
I am lonely and need someone who can make my day better. Someone who will please me
of words. I think that any relationship is better, starting with friendship. We again and again to get
acquainted with each other. We must examine the nature and habits of each other. Only friends can share
the most secret of his life. Only true friends can trust each other. I want you to be my best
A true friend. I have no friends from other countries. So I try to look for a man in
other country. I hope that in future our relations will be strong and very long.
Maybe you are looking for any kind of relationship than friendship. Tell me about it in the next
the letter. I think that friendship is only a first step in our relationship. At one time we can develop more
close relationships. Time will tell. We should learn each other. So I want to tell you a little
about yourself.
I was born on September 12, 1978 in Krasnoyarsk. As you probably know that in Siberia. There is a very, very
cold. When I was four years old my family moved to Cheboksary because my father was invited to
work here.He worked all his life as a military engineer. He projected missiles and military equipment to
for military purposes.
My dad is a very good person and II love it so far. My father died from an accident in 1992.
I have to tell you that I love this city. In what city I love you, quiet and small or big and noisy?
I work for a kindergarten teacher. Parents of young children are the result here, and I have to take care of them and
educate them. I teach them to draw, write, teach children alphabet. Children play here, and I have
follow that with them nothing bad happened. I am responsible for these children. I also need to follow to put
not to offend children, whom she is less than them, that they did not quarrel, and did not say that smut. Yes
children are saying and doing some terrible things that would never do to adults. I love working, because I
love children. I like to watch the little kids play and have fun. But I must also be severe with them
that they do not misbehave. You to understand what I mean? I work with children up to 7 years. Please
Do not confuse me a teacher. The teacher teaches the children to school and teaches them to specific disciplines,
such as mathematics, physics, literature, chemistry. I coach and I work in a kindergarten. I just
caring for children. The kindergarten children will spend their time while their parents are at work. It is interesting
the work. Where do you live there are kindergartens or nursery? This pre-school institutions. Tell me more
On the work? What do you like to work, and what irritates you the opposite? FRIENDS can share
the most secret of life.
The kindergarten children did not have holidays, both in school and so I work with, even in summer. I can
to take time off from work only one month of the year. I choose this month on their own. This year, I still
Do not use your vacation at work. I want to use their vacation to be able to move somewhere outside of Russia.
This year I'm planning a trip outside of Russia. I plan to have a vacation in two months.
I work five days a week. From Monday to Friday. Every day from eight am to 5 pm You must
I understand that at this time I'm at work and I can not write to you. Internet - cafe of my work is on
distance of 200 meters, and perhaps I can go from work to write a short letter. I hope that you
understand it.
Tell me about yourself. What is your favorite hobby? What do you want to do at leisure? My favorite hobby sewing.
I love to sew different things from a scarf to evening dresses. In my spare time I love to read,
listen to music, going to the gym, I watch TV. What is your favorite color? My favorite color is green. It is the color
of grass that is in the summer. For me, as well as red, yellow, blue, white and black. Just listen to that music?
I listen to any music. Basically, I choose music by mood. When I'm happy, I listen to mostly fast dancing
to music. When I'm sad I listen to slow romantic music. Do you like reading? What you read? Yes, for me
likes to read. I read in your spare time. Basically, I read the Russian classics. What is your favorite movie? My favorite
The film "Perl Harbor", "Gladiator," "American History X".
I close this letter and I wish you good day.
I look forward to your reply.
Your girlfriend Anna.

Received: from localhost ([])

Network Operation Center CJSC ER-Telecom Company Mari El branch
address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia


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  2. Can you explain what you mean with this address so that we're out of the dark? Thanx