Monday, February 6, 2012

Sewa Apoline,

She contact me 01/02/12 in FID as

25 y/o female
Florida, USA
<<< Profile blocked for a view

Dear Sir,
I know you will be surprised recieving a message from me today, as you do not know me. But please dont be, and i would like you to respond back to me letting me know you are real and willing to be in the good position to assist me in a trasaction am having.
Am a lady of 26 years with a two years old daughter.
I do not want to talk much on here, but really want to know you and talk about somethings with you concerning my late husband funds in the bank here and also for an assistance to get me a safer place outside here for an establishment, as this country is not safe for me and my only daughter.
I will be hopefully and willingly to have a good deal with you if you send me back an email to let me know i write to the right one. And from there i will then tell you why am contacting you through this media, also how important it is for me to do this with an honest person for a sucess.
I will end here and waiting on your respond.
Send me your email address so i can send you my pics.
Thanks for your coperation.

Your faithfully,

My Dear xxxxxx
Am glad to hear back from you on And really wants to know much about you, as i like your profile your expresssions. Enclosed is a photograph of me and i hope you will like them. I will also wants you to send me some of yours through my email and then get to express each other our real feelings. Like i said in my message at freeidealdate, i have a very important discurse with you which i will need your support, assistance and advice for a better success. And willing to give you a percentage on your assistance and your caring.
Am hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.

Togo Telecom
Ave Nicolas Grinitzky
BP 333 Lome

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