Thursday, February 2, 2012

Irina Simonenko,

From today in DMF as

- ID: 206828
- 30 y/o female (1982 - January - 1)
- Lvov, Ukraine
- Russian, Ukrainian,
- Have no children

please, write me.
My e-mail is vik_00(at)

Dear xxxxx,

It was really great to hear from you. I am very interested in you,
and would like to see if we have a chance. First of all I would like
to let you know that I am here with serious intentions and
with a great genuine desire to find my soul mate and create family in
the near future with my beloved man.

So, let me tell you briefly about myself. My Irina and I'm 30 years
old. I live in western part of Ukraine, in Lviv city. I have a healthy
lifestyle and I guess, I love my body too much to do such things as
drinking and smoking. I am an active person and I like to dance and to
visit aerobics and fitness classes. I hope a lot that you will like me
on the pictures I send you. I can only add that I have blond hair
and blue eyes. My height is 170cm and weight is 53 kg. I was born on
January, 1 on 1982. As a Capricorn I am very persistent person and now my
greatest dream which I want to achieve is to meet the love of my life.
I'm looking for a honest, reliable, kind and generous man, who is
interested in serious relationships and creating family. Life is
gloomy, empty and colourless when you don't have your beloved one next
to you and nothing can be worse than loneliness. I have a great desire
to change my life and searching for a man, who would fill the void in
my life and in my heart. I have many love and warmth to give him in
return. And I strongly believe that age difference, nationality or
skin colour can not be obstacles for love. I just need a man, with
whom I would feel comfortable and happy, who would be my kindred
spirit, a faithful lover and devoted friend for the end of my life.
What about you? What kind of woman are you searching for? What do you
appreciate in woman? Do I have any chance to become that one? I work
as a secretary. I have a big friendly family. I have both parents and
I live with them. My parents have always been a perfect example for me
of a happy couple who found each other and live in peace and happiness
for more than 30 years. By the way, my father is older than my mom for
18 years and it never was a problem for them. They treat each other
with tenderness and still love each other very deeply. I am so lucky
to have such parents and I want to have this happiness in my family
too. I also have a sister Alina who is younger than me for one year.
We are very good friends with Alina. She knows that I'm looking for a
man abroad, and she wants me to find a good man. My sister Alina works
as a photographer at our local photo studio. I also want to let you
know that almost all of my pictures were taken by my sister who is
very fond of photography and we like to experiment a lot together with
I think that she is very good at taking pictures and she is
almost a professional. I don't have much friends, but I have several
good friends, whom I can rely on and whom I can really trust. As you
see, I'm happy with my life, but I am sincerely waiting for a new love
to come into my life. I believe that we all have our souls mates in
this world and nobody knows where our love is waiting for us. I think
that we should not limit our search only in our own city or country
when searching for love and serious relations. I am disappointed in
our Ukrainian men. Of course, there are some good men in our country,
but unfortunately I was not lucky to find my love here. I want to tell
you honestly from the very beginning that I don't speak English so
, but I believe that it won't scare a man, who would really like
me. I am ready to improve my English and I am already searching for a
school where I could learn it fast and effectively. I am ready to move
abroad; anywhere, where I find my future husband, my beloved man would
be waiting for me.

xxxxxx, please tell me more about yourself! I just don't know what to
ask because I have too much questions. But I would be happy to read
anything about you what you would like to share with me!

I wish you a very nice day and waiting for you letter! Irina.

Received: from [] (port=2055 helo=[])
From: Irinka <>

Lugansky Merezhy Ltd.
Zhukova 4b, 1
Lugansk, 91051,


Hello again dear xxxxx,

I want to start by saying that I was waiting for your reply a lot and
I am really very glad that you wrote me back! You impressed
with your letter and I don't want to hide that you are a man, with
whom I would like to continue relations in reality!
I know only good things about Mexican people. What do you know about
Ukrainians? Why have you decided to search for a woman abroad?
I have so many things I want to tell you. You see, I would like to make
you aware of all the aspects of my character! I want you to be completely
aware of who I am and what kind of woman I am. I want you to be sure that I
will be a perfect match for you! If you wonder why I am still alone, I
will not lie to you, many men wanted to pick me up, but I am not a
woman for one night. I was brought up as a decent girl. I am a serious
woman, and I am not a girl to play with. I have never been married so
far and don't have children, but I had serious relations and I lived
with a man for a year. Everything was fine between us at first, but
unfortunately my ex was too infantile for serious relations. He was
partying too much and came home drank. But when I learnt about his
numerous betrayals, we stopped our relations. I dream to meet my soul
mate and create happy strong relations which would be based on love,
faithfulness, trust, mutual respect and understanding. May be it
sounds too idealistic but I really strive for it and I am ready to
work hard to create such happy and strong relations. I am very
affectionate, romantic, warm and friendly, compassionate,
communicative and sensitive girl and I am searching for a man with
similar qualities. Man of my dreams should be affectionate, romantic
and caring to me. I need a man, whom I can really trust and who would
not betray or hurt me. I am a honest and sincere person who expects
honesty in a relationship but I am so disappointed with men that I
don't know if it is really possible to find a faithful man who would
truly love one woman. I am searching for a man, who would have more
inner beauty than outer beauty, a man with a beautiful soul. When you
have inner beauty your outer beauty will always shine. Do you agree? I
know people that are of an average appearance , but what is inside
their heart far outweighs their outward appearance. I like beautiful
things in life and can see beauty in many things. I like nature,
flowers, like to be in the mountains and I like sea very much. I like
a spring rain that brings refreshing to the earth. I like romantic
dinners, walking, and quiet time together, nights by the fire,
intellectual conversations about everything. I hope to find a partner
who can support my desires and goals, as I would support him in
everything. I want to have a man to whom I will be able to give all my
love and who will be my best friend, a passionate lover and soul mate
for a lifetime. I would like to find a man who will love me to the end
of my life and I want to know that somebody needs me, he is waiting
for me and misses me.

I know, love start with friendship and getting to know each other, and
that is what I want in my life and know that there is no need in

Hugs and Kisses!!!


Normally as next letter should come the Bill when they start with this removed parts........

Hello dear xxxxxx!

Thanks a lot for answering my letter. I was so glad to find your reply

xxxxx, I read your letters and I see in you a wonderful man, the one
which any woman would be lucky to have in her life. I am learning
about your ideas and opinions and I feel that you are as interesting
as you are smart and attractive. I tried to look in your heart and in
your soul and I feel that I can trust you and that you are genuine,
not fake or the one who is here for playing games.
:oops: :P

My dear, what qualities do you appreciate in people the most? In my
opinion, honesty, faithfulness, kindness, sincerity and understanding
are very important in people. I also think that in every relationship
trust plays the main role. That's why I think that 100 trust should
be between man and woman and they should be able to say every single
thing to each other share all their joys and sorrows without hidden.
If they have a problem they should try to find a salvation together.
What do you think of it xxxxxx!?

Dear, do you like to dream about your life and your love? Because I
do, and to tell you the truth, I'm dreamer just like everybody else. We
all want to love and be loved. You are so far away and I can only
dream of you. I dream I hear your voice whispering in my ear. I dream
you are there in our bed curled up close to me. I dream we are walking
on the beach watching the sea make its way to the shore. I dream of us
xxxx removed xxxx and watching the sun rise
in the morning. I dream of us cooking together in the kitchen. I now
dream of running to you with only a xxxx removed xxx.
I dream of holding you close and touching your skin. I
dream of our hands exploring each other in all places. I dream of
kissing you from head to toe. I dream of taking a shower with you and
soaping and exciting each other xxx removed xxx and
there. I think, we made a good start getting to know each other
through letters and our feelings that we express. Now, only the
physical holding and kissing is left to be experienced and I can't
wait to meet with you and continue with you relations in reality,

I look forward to your lovely letter. Best wishes and warm regards.


How are you my dear xxxxx today?

How wonderful it is to know that I am not alone in this world because
now I have a man who waits for my letters! With each new letter my
feelings become stronger to you and I hope that you feel the same to
me too!

I work as a secretary,in a small firm, the firm deals with building
equipment. But I am just working with documents, that the boss is
giving to me.
It is not a big corporation, just a small office with
command consists of 5 people. The salary is rather small, but at least
I can buy food and some clothes, what else do I need?!

I wish I could be with you and this evening we would end with a nice
sensual massage with you.
xxx removed coz of hard porn xxx seems to be a standard letter coz we know them already
I would tell you every day how
much I love you and would never lie to you or hurt you in any way. You
would be as my prince and my angel. I have lost something in my soul
and I believe that you can fill my soul wholly and love me forever as
I will do for you. I will dream of you and until then take care and
I’ll be thinking of you.

I am sending you a huge kiss and hugs!!! With
love, Irina.


How I've said.......Translator crap.........

Dear Sir,

We are to inform You that your lady Irina is our client, we assist her in
correspondence with You translating your letters. We thank You for using our
translation and the Internet services for Your communication with miss Irina.
Unfortunately she has exhausted all her resources at our firm and cannot continue
the correspondence with You. Irina has informed us today, that she can not afford
the cost of our services anymore. She is very upset about that and she has asked us
to pass her apologies to You. If You do not want to lose the contact with Irina,
since You developed Your relationships with her, we can advice You to become our
client and open an account of correspondence for You and Anna. Let us know, if You
are interested, and we will inform miss Irina about it and send You the information
about our services and prices. Please contact us here Translation Company
ConnectTrans <> and the further information will be sent to you

With best regards,
Principle of translation company "ConnectTrans",
Anna Golovko.

Received: from [] (port=49374 helo=[])
From: Irinka <>

Lugansky Merezhy Ltd.
Zhukova 4b, 1
Lugansk, 91051,


Desperate for money.......Boris always have a rest on Sunday and don't write coz they must recover from the heavy weekend.....also a "agency".....

Dear Sir,

Thank You for the letter. Yes, we work on Sunday; we work 7 days per week. :liar: :liar: :mrgreen:

We want to present You our information, our prices and the way for making transfer.
Unfortunately we do not deal with financial transactions and you can help to fill
in the account of correspondence to your lady if you make the transfer to the name
of your lady via Western Union or Money Gram money transfer systems.

For this you should know the following information about Your lady.

Name of the receiver: Irina Simonenko
Address of the receiver: Lviv, Gorodotsk'ka Street, 130\37, 79000 Ukraine

When You make the transfer, You should inform us and then we inform Your
lady Irina about the transfer. After making transfer You should
inform us the MTCN (Money Control Transfer Number), the name of sender,
the country where from the money is sent, the amount of money.
When Irina receive the transfer, we'll inform You and You will be
able to renew the correspondence with Irina again.

Price list of our services:


Translation of one letter (independently of number of words) - 2.5$;

You can use the system " Saving money ", which includes unlimited
number of letters and photos, and attachments of any kind sent during
one month to each other. Here are the prices for unlimited service:

- Unlimited service for one month - 100$
- Unlimited service for two months- 200$
- Unlimited service for three months- 260$

Here are all important information. If you have some questions,
please, contact us, and we will answer you obviously.

With best regards,
Principle of translation company "ConnectTrans",
Anna Golovko.


... written 09:45 on Nightshift.......7days/w

Dear Sir,

We informed Irina about your intentions to renew contact with her. She is very glad and she is anxiously looking forward to hear from you again and renew contact with you.

Unfortunately we do not deal with financial transactions and we do not have a bank account. So, we can not suggest it to you, but can only offer you to use Western Union money transfer system. It is the fastest and most safe way, while banks are very unstable in Ukraine and we don't work with them.

No, we do not have references from satisfied customers as we are not a marriage agency, but a translation company and if you are satisfied with our English and translation of your letters, you can know it yourself, not from other customers.

You can send the funds in any currency you want, but according to the equivalent of prices in US dollars as Western Union deals only with this currency.

No, our company doesn't have a web site as if you notices, the correspondence with your lady was not at the site, but in e-mail letters.
Ladies come to our office and we translate for them. So, we do not need web site for this.

Everything what we can offer you we already informed you in our previous letter. And what you can offer us is other to agree to use our services or not. The phone number you can contract us is +380958912928.
<<<<< mobile phone MTC Ukraine/Jeans...Phonenumber already used in a other T-A-S in RS

We do not deal with fraud and we don't send any photos, but ladies themselves send photos of themselves and we check if they are their own photos. So, do not worry abut it. Irina will send you her private photos if you can help her to renew contact with her.

We have 6 translators right now and we translate correspondence between 130 couples right now in general. At our company work only experienced and qualified translators. Ladies come to our firm and they receive letters from their gentlemen in Ukrainian. They write their replies in Ukrainian and translators translate them for them.

"Unlimited" means without limit at all. As much as you write and your lady, we will translate. Yes, you can manage a time for communication with your lady which would be convenient for you and Irina.

I am married and I have been working as translator for 10 years already. Our company helped lots of people to find their love even despite the language barrier between them and many Ukrainian women got successfully married to their beloved men and moved abroad. We hope that you, Mr Henderson and Irina will be one more happy couple and we will be happy to help you in this.

With best regards,
Principle of translation company "ConnectTrans",
Anna Golovko.


Seems that the Workshop is closed coz of cold weather.......

Dear Sir,

We informed Irina that you want to see her passport. As soon as she scan her passport and bring it to us, we will send it to you.

Translation company "ConnectTrans".


Dear Sir,

We send you scanned passport of miss Irina Simonenko.

With best regards,
Principle of translation company "ConnectTrans",
Anna Golovko.

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