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The Original is bigger coz they've cut Yolanthe's Copyright-Sign here. This Pic is from 27/09/11 where Yolanthe wrote as comment: "Having a lovely dinner @ my mommies house in Volendam!"

By the Pics we fall over Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau (née Cabau van Kasbergen; 19 March 1985) is a Spanish-Dutch actress and television host. Sneijder-Cabau was born on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Married since 17 July 2010 with soccer Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan).

Contact me last Sunday and today in 24FD through sending a Kiss as

- ID: 123785
- 47 y/o Female (1965 - January - 29)
- Ukraine, lubny
- Russian, Ukrainian
- sewer
- Have no children

Hello xxxxxx, I am Daria, I am 28 years old, my B-day is on the 29th of
January. I live in the center of Ukraine, in the picturesque town of
:liar: :liar:

I am a seamstress by my profession. I do like my job, as it gives me
so much space for creativity. Of course, I sew what my clients order,
but when I sew clothes for myself, I can do what I want:)

My character is very optimistic, I am a sociable person who can find
the common languages with different people. I like to know something
new, I like to read and watch some documentary films. I may say that I
am curious and thoughtful, I like when everything is in order.

I do not have any special demands to a man I search for. I will never
matter his eyes and hair color, his body structure. All these details
are secondary. The main thing is what this man has inside.

I hope that this letter has given you some image of me. I wait for
your answer and for your pics to this e-mail of me

With hope, Daria.

Received: from [] (port=53338 helo=K2)
From: DARIA <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.24) Professional

Private Enterprise Mageal
Frunze st. 4/139
91055 Lugansk


The Truth are out now...Translation ageny Scam.

Dear xxxxx!

I am so glad to get a letter from you. I hope that this letters will
bring us to something strong and loving.

Let me give you more info about myself. I hope that my letter will be
informative for you and you will want to correspond with me more. My
name is Daria, Dasha is its short form. I was born on the 29th of
January on 1983. I live in a town in Poltava region, not far from
Kiev, which is called Lubny. It is a very famous town. I have a rare
profession, I am a seamstress. I can tell you that I always dreamt to
be a seamstress and I reached my goal.

I am a simple person who can value simple things. I am sociable and
artistic, I like to create something new in my life, in my profession
and even while cooking. I am a good cooker, it is an objective
opinion:) I know that everything in this life needs to be achieved, I
do not get everything for granted. I respect people and I respect
myself. I am very family-oriented and I want to have a strong and
loving family. I am kind hearted and open-minded, I do not judge
people. All of us have our own opinions and tastes and I am no one to
tell people what is right or wrong for them. What are your
characteristic features? What are your positive and negative

I do not have some extraordinary demands for a man I search for. I
just want him to be understanding and caring, respectful and loving. I
think that love, respect and understanding are the three whales on
which good relationship is based. I am open to new relationship and I
search such a man who will be open for me, who will not be afraid to
develop serious relationship with me.

I also want to tell you that I do not speak English, I know only some
general words as hello, bye and thank you. I have already started
searching for an appropriate course of English for myself. I plan to
do my best to learn English as soon as I can as I do understand its
importance for our future relationship.

I will end my letter now. I want to ask you to tell me more about
yourself, about your work and interests. Can you send me some pics of

Sincerely, Daria.

Received: from [] (port=58113 helo=K2)
From: DARIA <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.3) Professional

Private Enterprise Mageal
Frunze st. 4/139
91055 Lugansk


Dear xxxxx!

Good day to you. I am so glad to get your letter so fast. How are you
now? How is your mood? Thank you for telling me more about the models
That is great that you like to sing, I also like to sing:) When I was
a pupil I sang at a choir;)

You might wonder what hobbies and interests I have. I cannot say that
I have many hobbies at all. I like to devote my free time to making my
house cosy. As I have such a creative work, I also know how to knit
and make different things with my hands. So, it is not a problem for
me to make a small carpet for a bath room and so on;) I like to spend
a cold winter knitting a shawl and watching a nice movie. I am fond of
music and I listen to popular and R&B music and to soft rock. As for
the films, I like dramas, comedies and sci-fi movies.

Let me also tell you about a family I am from. I have my parents and
an older brother who is married and has a little kid. We all are close
to one another and try to spend all the holidays together. I wrote you
once that I am a very family-oriented woman and I indeed think that a
family is the most important thing in our life.

Let me tell you why I search a man abroad. I had serious relationship
in my life, we lived together and acted as a family. But once I
noticed that my beloved started to be late home, he spent less time
with me and more at work, as he said me. In some time I realized that
he cheated on me with one of my friends. You can imagine my despair,
my pain and stress. I broke with him and with that friend. I was sorry
that I did not discover their affair earlier, that I was so kind and
open to my friend and that she used me and my good attitude. I do not
present me as a victim, I do not want to say that he was totally
guilty in that situation. I am sure that maybe one day I was not
interesting to my beloved, something changed and I did not notice
that. I just want to tell you that since that time I have stopped
looking at local men. Unfortunately, almost all my female friends also
have some unhappy stories and marriages in their lives. I decided to
try my luck with a man abroad, as we heard so many stories about happy
couples who found each other in the Internet. Tell me your story. Why
are you in the Internet?

I end my letter now. I kiss you, Daria.


Dear xxxxx, I am so glad to get a letter from you. I can confess to you
that I feel myself so comfortable to write to you. I am glad that with
every letter we know one another better, that we are so open and
sincere before each other. What about you? Do you like writing to me?
I indeed like to share my inner world with you as you are becoming
dear to me. I hope that this feeling of joy is mutual:)

Thank you for telling em more about yourself. I am sorry to hear about
your father. That is great that you still look after his grave. I am
sure that you are a great son as you regularly visit your mother.

It is pity that your fiancee cheated on you. Comments are needless
here. I think that cats as pets are better:)

Dear xxxxx, today I would like to talk with you about our days. Can you
tell me about your ordinary day? What do you do when you are at work?
What do you do when you are free? As for me, my ordinary day starts at
7 am. I can confess to you that I like to sleep and I prefer to stay
in bed longer, not wasting my time after I wake up. I make my morning
toilets than I have my breakfast and get ready for work. I have to be
at work at 9 am. I work till 6 pm and during these hours I make
different sewing operations. After work I can drop into a shop to by
some food for myself. Later at home, I cook something for myself and
then I can devote my time for my interests, for watching some movies
and so on. Usually I go to bed at 10-11 pm.

Darling, as you know, I am not only a practical person, but also a
romantic one. I like to dream about my future family, about my future
man. I like to imagine us in different situations in our life. I like
to have romantic dinner with my beloved, when we sit at a table with
tasty meal that we cooked together and candles. I like to be a good
hostess and to treat my guests well. I like to eat chocolate with my
man, sitting in front of each other. I would like to make a passion
dance for you. When I wake up in the morning, I imagine that I turn
around and give you a big kiss before I go to work and when I come
home from work I see a big smile and you take me in your arms, saying
that you are the luckiest and happiest man in the whole world. And
after that you give me a big kiss. And you love to come home with
flowers to your lovely woman. When I close my eyes I think about you.
I taste you, taste your lips, kiss you. I am sorry to say this. Sorry
but I must say this, as it comes from my heart.

I wish I could close my eyes and when I open it you would be there
behind me. I would do all for that.

Your missing lady, Dasha.


xxxxx, thank you for the letter from you, I am glad to get it. It is
pity that you did not answer my questions and did not send your pics
to me.

It is pity when people are robbed and all the people can get into such

I wait for a longer letter from you, answering my questions.


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