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Pic give a Hit for Viktoria Kareev.

Pic give again a Hit for Viktorija Ostrovskaja and for Viktorija Jankauskaite in MySpace

By all the Pics we fall over Viktorija Ostrovskaja in Original.


In MySpace (with a Note not to copy the Pics):

In FB: ... 1256607146

Here are also with a album of her forged Original pics

Pic we can find also in for Kristina Chavro, 20 years old from Moscow.

Contact me Friday in AC as

Member Name: Nadezhda111
Member ID: 035269
Caucasian / White,
Age: 27 (22-Apr-1984)
Single - Never Married
Russian Federation

From: Nadezhda111
Date: 02/24/12 8:23 AM
Subject: Hello.
Message: Hello. My name is Nadezhda. I looked your structure on this site and it has very much liked me. I would like to correspond with you. If you are interested write to me on this address: As soon as I shall receive your letter that I at once I shall write to you the answer and shall send a photo. I shall look forward from you the letter! Nadezhda


Hello my new friend xxxxx! I am very pleased to receive the letter from
you. I am pleased with that that In this world there is a person which
wishes to acquaintance to me. Now I understand, people in your country
really responsible! I am timid, therefore I am not capable to begin
acquaintance. But I hope, that we can learn friend better. But if I
start, write to you, I shall write in this letter a little about me. I
also shall send one of my photos. My natural color of hair brown and
brown eyes. My birthday on April 22, 1984, on a horoscope I Taurus.
Till 2006 I lived with the parents in city Grozny, in 2005 my parents
were lost.
There can be you heard about this city, it is in the
Chechen Republic, at us name it " a hot point ". I do not want to
recollect this horror, my parents were shot by gangsters. I managed to
be rescued, now I has remained one. After lost of my parents, the
government of our country has allocated to me an apartment in city
republic Mariy-El, on farther from those places. Now I live
in one-room apartment in the in city Volzhsk one. I have no brothers
sisters, I the only child in family. I want to have own family. Now I
shall write little bit more in detail about myself. From 7 years I
studied in high school of city Grozny. I studied very well. After
leaving school I have acted in the Volzhsk Pedagogical Institute on
faculty of foreign language. In 2011 I have finished institute. Since
that year I work the teacher the English language at school. Certainly
it is a tough job both in physical and in the psychological attitude,
but I love the work. My work with children is more difficult than work
with adults. My work is pleasant for me, and it is pleasant to me that
I can make that that useful to children. I the lonely woman, I was
never married also I have no children. Probably it will seem to you
strange, but in Russia men necessary only for sex is, they use the
girl, and then throw out her as a unnecessary thing, I do not want it!
My girlfriend has suggested me to find acquaintance through the
Internet. And now I write to you about the Internet of cafe as I have
no own computer. It is very expensive also I cannot allow it to
itself. I would like that we have learned each other better. I am
going to close the letter, but I hope to receive your answer to me. I
would be very glad to receive your letter, I expect to receive it
soon. I hope that you have understood my English. With the best
regards. Yours are new the friend from Russia Nadezhda

Mail is stolen but edited

Received: from ( [])
From: Nadezhda <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.5) Professional

2 rue Kellermann
59100 Roubaix


Hello, dear xxxx! I was happy to hear from you again. How are you? Hope
everything is Ok. Send me your photo, it will be interesting to me to
look at your photos. In this letter I will try to tell you more about
my life style. I like music, reading, movies very much. I often meet
with my friends. Sometimes we go to the cinema or to the theatre. But
sometimes I prefer just to stay at home, to read an interesting book
or just to watch TV. I am fond of languages, I had a course of English
in the University so I speak it rather good. I like to visit a sports
hall. I am engaged 2 times a week on aerobics. I have nick name it
Nadya. You too can me so name. You have any hobbies, what are your
likes and dislikes? And more it is a little about itself my growth of
168 centimeters and weight 47 kilograms. I very energetic person, with
sense of humor. And in nutria I am very tenderness, and sometime, I
shall give all tenderness to my favorite’s man. You know, I decided to
use the service of the Internet because I have a dream to create a
family. Unfortunately I was not able find a man here in Russia. They
don’t care about their women but I dream about a loving and caring
man. I would give him all my love and tenderness in return. I like
different kinds of music, it is usually depends on my spirits. For
example, when I feel sad I listen to classical music. I like Madonna,
Vladimir Vysotskiy. I am sorry that could not write to you earlier. I
work and I absolutely do not have free time. I and so try to write to
you often, but it is impossible to me. I promise, that I shall search
more free time and to write to you every day, or in 1 day. You closely
read my letters? I wrote to you that I live in city Volzhsk. It in
Russia!! My most important thing to you honesty and respect. You very
good the man. Well, I will close here for now. Waiting impatiently for
your next letter. I hope you you have interesting photos for me, I
with pleasure shall look. Have a good day. Your Nadezhda

To post all the Pages from where this letter is stolen would let this Thread burst

Received: from ( [])
From: Nadezhda <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.5) Professional

OVH Technical Contact
2 rue Kellermann
59100 Roubaix


Hello dear xxxxx. I never sang in karaoke, probably I can be the
singer:) In this letter I'll tell you about my city and want to give
you presentations about our future relations. My city is not very big,
but very comfortable. In my city there are 1 theatre, 1
movie-theatres, park, near with which I live, and like all usual city,
in my city there are bars, cafes, shops. Our city is very good, but
there are not worthy men in my city. All russian men don't respect
women and consider that woman doesn't have any rights, and all russian
men, basically, are alcoholics. I have gone to Internet-cafe to get
acquainted with you, because I know that you are quite other man. Men
in other countries respect women. Am I right? I'm 27 years old and I
consider that it is time for me to create my own family. I do not want
to hurry events, but I consider that it is necessary to meet each
other in person and know well each other. If you, as well as I, have
intentions to create the family, let's get to know each other better,
and if we decide, then I'll arrive to you, and if we love each other,
I'll stay with you. I consider, that in relations is important, trust
and understanding. Man have to be head of family, but he has to
consult with woman. I can completely take all homeworks in my hands. I
very much like to cook, I'll cook for you tasty. I like to cook
Russian traditional food. Also I'll work to support our budget. If you
want, we'll have child, but if you don't want, I don't mind. I hope
that I do not scare you, asking these questions so quickly. I thought
of you last night. I today have woken up in the morning and have gone
to take a bath. After a bath I have drunk tea and have gone for work.
I have now asked for leave on work for 10 minutes to go to cafe the
Internet and to write to you. I really like to receive your letters. I
think, that for me to have the novel with the man, it even is
remarkable. I would wish to have the novel. We could make our novel
together with you when I arrive to you. How to you it? In Russia many
beautiful places. If you have arrived here very it would be pleasant
to you. I like to travel. I am sure, that you are, that man, who I
need, I hope to your reciprocity. Your Nadezhda

Received: from ( [])
From: Nadezhda <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.5) Professional

OVH Technical Contact
2 rue Kellermann
59100 Roubaix


Hello my dear xxxxx!!! Finally I have an opportunity to come to
Internet-agency to talk with you. It is very a pity to me, that you
had unpleasant connection with the girl which to you have changed with
the neighbour. Yes, I love animal as cats and dogs equally. I am very
happy that I have you.I have told to my girlfriends about you, they
tell you hello. My girlfriends are glad that finally I met man and
want to create family. My girlfriends tell you hello. The spring
began. The snow thaws. Today damp, slushy weather here, cold wind is
blowing, but I am happy and nothing can spoil my mood, because I have
you.I am very glad, that I have an opportunity to communicate with
you. I want to know about you as much as possible. It makes me near to
you. Dear, tell me please more about yourself. What do you do in time
of resting??? Where are you spend your days off??? I like to have a
rest more on the nature. In the summer I and my friends go to
campaigns, well you know tents, the open sky, a fire… It’s a great
pleasure, to walk on a green wood early in the morning, to breathe
fresh air, to listen to the birds singing. And if do it together with
loving person, it is probably indescribable feelings. I have spoken,
we have very beautiful places behind our city. There are a lot of fish
in the river. It is a pity, but I cannot frequently afford it, in
summer I work also, and the free days off are seldom. But if I and
you, shall decide to meet to learn our approaching to each other, I am
ready to give up work, for happiness I am ready on all. Certainly, it
is early to speak about it, we should at first learn each other
better. I love sports meets. We, in Russia, have different kinds of
sports, you like football? It is a little about my life. Yesterday
have woken up, and I had a good mood. I have taken a bath, have tidied
up. When I have tidied up, I began to cook I food. When I have made
all and have made, I have gone to church. After church I have gone to
a zoo. In a zoo there were many different animals. I went and looked
at bears, monkeys, a lion, the crocodile, a camel. There was a lot of
animal. When I looked at animals I to me was so it is strongly a pity
them. These animals all life are in a cell. Animals go from a corner
to a corner. I as saw many birds. I was surprised, when have seen
before myself birds an eagle. This bird of very big size. I at all did
not know, that such bird lives till 40 years. As there were in a zoo 4
kinds of bears. But most of all I liked to look at monkeys. Monkeys
very ridiculous. Very strongly it was pleasant to me. I wish, when be
to go to a zoo with you. It would be simply remarkable. I like to go
to theatre; it is very interesting to look for game of actors. When I
go to bed, I'll think of you to see you in my sleep. Good bye!!! Your


Received: from ( [])
From: Nadezhda <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.5) Professional

P.O. Box 93054

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