Thursday, February 9, 2012

Newman Roberts,

He contact me yesterday in WD as

diaperman :roll: :disagree:
- 41 y/o male (1970 December 01)
- from Aswan, Aswan, Egypt
- English,
- seeking a Woman from 35 to 45 y/o

Reply Urgent Please

Hello I am Newman Roberts a banker with one of the bank atlantic here in Cote d'Ivoire‎ West Africa. I have vital information about an unclaimed fund under my custody which I would want you to stand as the beneficiary. The fund amount is US$3.7Million (three million, seven hundred thousand USD) only. I will detail you more about information related to the fund, I will also discuss with you on sharing modalities upon interest to work as partner. Reply me through this my private email: i expect your response.

Have a nice day

Newman Roberts


Good day Mr xxx xxxxxx

As i have explained to you on WD that my name is Mr Newman Roberts. I am a senior banker with bank atlantique Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa and the personal account manager to Engr. Maurice J. Miller, the President /CEO Tran field Worley Company Who died with his family in the July 2008, pleane crash.

Although he left no record of any next of kin or closed relatives and I have made several attempts to locate any of my clients extended relatives, which had proved unsuccessful. As a matter of fact, my client deposited the sum of USD$3,700,000.00 (Three Million Seven Hundred Thousand United State DollarsOnly) with a Bank in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire and stocks worth $3.9 million(with unclaimed dividends) being managed by his stockbrokers.

And consequently, the Bank has issued me a final mandate to provide my client's next of kin or have the fund liquidated or taken to the state treasury.

However, base on my unsuccessful search for his relatives for the past six years now, I therefore seek your consent to present you as the next of kin/inheritor to my deceased client, so that the money will be transferred to your account for us to share on an agreed percentage of 50/50% and 5% for the less privileged. As his personal account manager I have all the access information and all it takes to back up the claims, while the rest affidavit) could be processed through the Ivorian High Court of justice.

To proceed, I need you to furnish the under-listed information.

1. Your full name and address
2. Your private phone and fax numbers
3. Marital status
4. Age,DOB
5. Occupation
6. National Identity card or driver's license.

Upon receipt of the afore mentioned, I shall proceed to the Bank to formally file in an application of claims in your name and subsequent transfer of the funds to you as the next of kin.
All I require is your honest cooperation. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement and no government involvement at all.
Therefore i will want you to contact me at +225 08187114 for more discussion.
I look forward to hearing from u as soon as possible.

Best regards!

Mr.Newman Roberts.

ISP Cote d'Ivoire
Avenue Houdaille
Bp 310 cedex 01 Abidjan
Ivoiry Coast


Hello xxxxxxx yyyyyyyy,

Listen, i have attached here my indentity card to enable you know or recognise my face during the time i will fly down in your country while comming to have my own share part of the money immediately the bank transfer the fund into your account.
Please i am waiting also to have a look at your own passport or picture as well.
Now i am waiting to read from you with every other requested information which will help me get this deal arrenged.
Waiting to hear from you urgent.

Mr Newman.

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