Monday, February 20, 2012

Pupet Bemba Saolona,

Now we have here today Bianca from ATKE

By her Profile pic we fall over Singer AiRis or in real Asmaa Idrisu from Egypt.

From 24Luv today

- Profile ID: 89100
- 24 y/o female (1987 - November - 12)
- berlin, Germany
- English,
- Have no children
- Ethnicity Mixed

I wish we can be friends, can we? my name is Pupet, i want you to write direct to my email with your photo. this is my email m i will be waiting your massage.


Hello my Dear,
How are you today?.
I appreciate your reply to honor my request,I hope you are in perfect peace and health with your family, my heart is filed with gladness because relationship do not care for age, color, distance or tribe if we like each other, rather, we shall make impossible to become possible to meet together no matter the distance or tribe.i want to share things in common with you,compare our past life, present and future experiences to exercise joy and happiness all the days of our life.

Meanwhile,my name is Miss Pupet Bemba Saolona,a citizen of Congo Republic but i am living presently in Dakar Senegal, i am a girl of 24years old, never been married and no kids, i am fair in complexion , great sense of humor, loving,caring, humble, faithful, trustworthy, slow to anger, compassionate, I am glad to communicate with you today because i have been searching for a nice man, kind, caring, some one i can trust in my life, who will take care of me, a man i will ensure my life into his hand, a man who i can express my greatest and sweetest love and share things in common with him as long as i live. and my heart is telling me that you are the man who God have sent to my life .

I promise to be a nice girl to you as long as we continue in this communication and i strongly believe that God have a purpose for our relationship in future.i want you to tell me about you, your social life,your country, your occupation,do you like my photo?, I will tell you more about myself in my next mail with my contact number.
Thank you for your understanding, Waiting for your soonest reply.

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