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Mirabel Weah,

Why Pic 2 & 3 are called GIFT1 and Gift (2)...its her secret

From 24Luv as

- Profile ID: 66732
- 26 y/o female (1985 - February - 19)
- dakar, Senegal
- English,
- Have 2 children
- Marital status Attached

My name is mirabel ,i saw your profile today and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address (mirabel_u33@yahoo. com) believe we can move from here!I am waiting for your mail to my email address (mirabel_u33@yahoo. com)

Good day my dear,

How are you today? I hope that you are fine, and i am very happy to receive your massage. As i told you earlier age can never be a barrier between true love, what matter most in any relationship is true love.

My name is Mirabel Weah, i am (23)years old, single (never married before), fair in complexion, 1.73cm. Mean while age doesn't matter in a real relationship,so i am comfortable with your age, I am from city call Byumba northern city of Rwanda in East Africa, and presently i am residing here in Dakar as a result of genocide civil war that was fought in my country some years ago.

My late father Dr.Johnson Weah was a politician and managing director of a [GOLD AND MINE INDUSTRIAL COMPANY] in KIGALI the capital of my country Rwanda, before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and father in a cold blood.

It is only me that is alive now and I managed to make my way to the West African state called Senegal where i am leaving now in a refugee camp here in Oakam North,KM 14 Rufusik Dakar Senegal.

Now, about my hobbies, I like swimming,dancing, cooking, meeting people, going to social activities, and also i like music such as love songs mostly west life song, Elvis Presley and Leonel Richie, R&B,hip up and jazz.praies.worship songs.

I would like to know more about you. Your likes and dislike, your hobbies and what you are doing presently. I will tell you more about myself and the mean reason why i contacted you in my next mail.

Attached here are my pictures view and to see whom you are communicating with and i will also like to see your pictures as well and to know more about you. I wait to hear from you soonest.


Direction technique
Orange Internet Dakar
Sacre Coeur 3


Good day my dear,

Thank you for your response to my mail and I am very happy for your reply. As i told you earlier I am staying in a refugee camp. This Refugee Camp is headed by a Reverend Father Emmanuel Goerge whom i used his office computer to send you this email and i only enter his office when he is less busy.

The Reverend father Rev Emmanuel Goerge This is his telephone No. +221-777317584. You can as well reach me through his telephone number, when you call tell him that you want to speak with me, he will send for me to come and answer your call.

Due to the trust and love i have for you, i write to inform you that my late father deposited the sum of US$3.5 Million (Three Million, Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars) with a Bank in London in which he used my name as Next of Kin to inherit the money if he eventually dies. Unfortunately now that he is dead and I have to inherit the money having lost all members of my family in the war in my country, Honey concerning they name on my picture i sent to you in my previous mail, iI meant that i am your gift from God if you dont give up, Because i will make you they happpiest man on earth if you help me out,My name is NOT is Mirabel,i am your Gift, so dont allow body to stop you in helping,you will never regret of knowing.

When I arrived Senegal, I sent mail to the bank telling them that my father is dead. They demanded for his death Certificate confirming that my father was actually dead and the Deposit certificate of the Last statement of account issued to my late father and I gave them those certificates as demanded and the bank confirmed the two documents are OK.

The bank now said since I do not have any traveling documents to come to London to claim the money and even a bank account where they can transfer the money that I should look for a reliable foreign partner who I trust to stand for me as a trustee to receive the money on my behalf, this is the more reason why I contacted you to receive the money for me so that from the money you can send me part of the money to me here to enable me arrange my traveling documents to travel to meet you in your country to continue my education.

Or in the alternative, if you can help me to get the Camp Clearance and Passport to come to join you in your country, then on my arrival i will apply directly to bank myself so that they will transfer the money in to your bank account.

It is now left for you to choose which option you prefer to help me. (1.) Either to agree to represent me at the bank so that I can give you the contact of the bank in London and all information for you to contact them directly so that they can transfer the money into your bank account.

(2). Or to help me come over to meet with you in your country first, so that both of us will team up together to get the money transfer in to your bank account or in any account that will contain all the money.

I promised to give you 25% of the total sum for your assistance, while you will help me to manage my own share of the money in any good investment in your country because i do not know much about business. I am really in need of your help and i want you to try as much as you can to help me over this matter. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours truly



Am very sorry for my late respond to your are you doing today?Thanks for being there when I needed a shoulder to lean on, for patiently listening to my personal problems. I just want you to know how happy i am, to have you in my life and I thank God for that. Thank you for the love and the joy you bring into my life. You've changed my life completely.

I am very happy because i know that very soon the transfer will be over,then i will have the opportunity to come over to meet with you.
I will be the most happiness girl on earth that day to meet a man that pick me up from the dust to the glory.I will live to pay you back my love for all the expenses that you made on my behalf.I am getting myself ready for you.

please contact the bank Manager Dr. Duran Boni through email and telephone. his email address is ( and telephone number +221-770462399.

He is already aware that you will contact him because i have already told him about you and he said that he will wait for your contact.Please feel free to ask any questions you want to know so that you will understand the bank process and requirements very well and ask to tell exactly what to do in order to make the process quick without any is the account information's.

Name of the bank: (Credit Lyonnais) Credit du Sénégal.

The account information's are as follow :-

Account Name ---Dr.Johnson Mosoko
Amount---- $3.5M(Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars).
Next of Kin to the Deposit --- Miss Mirabel Mosoko
Account Number--- BLB745008901546/QB/91/A.

i will wait for your call as soon as you contacted him.

Yours Always in love

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