Saturday, September 1, 2012

Texas man pleads guilty in bizarre murder plot against Ukrainian Internet 'bride' who scammed him

American man attempts to kidnap and kill the Ukrainian lady who scammed him out of large amount of money


A seemingly mild-mannered Houston man is awaiting sentencing in what authorities say was a bizarre international murder-for-hire plot whose target was a would-be Ukrainian Internet bride.
David Sartin, 49, was so incensed when he found out the Ukrainian beauty he'd met through a website had taken him to the cleaners that he tried to have her kidnapped and shipped to his home, according to the Houston Chronicle. The unemployed man planned to keep Elena Barykina  imprisoned in a fortified room in his house while he slowly killed her with lead poisoning, according to authorities. Last week, Sartin pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping and brandishing a firearm in connection with the case.

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