Saturday, September 29, 2012


From DMF

Dear xxxxxxx,

We are glad to inform you that the member UniqueLena (221684) sends you a virtual kiss! View their profile:

A virtual kiss means that the member is interested in contacting you. Please, be polite to answer with a kiss in return. 

- ID: 221875
- 26 y/o female (1986 - September - 9)
- Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
- Russian, English
- Hairdresser
- Have no children

Hi dear xxxxx! First of all I would like to express my thankfulness
for you giving me your email address,, giving us both a chance to get
to know eachother. Who knows perhaps our meeting was created in
heavens and our encounter will put a new beginning to something
wonderful. Who knows..? =)) Whatever it will lead us, I would like to
tell you that I am really happy to have met you along my life path. It
is quite hard for me to write this letter,, because I really like you
and that makes me a little shy, and I have no experience in meeting
someone over the Internet. I am confused of what to write in my first
letter to you therefor I totally rely on my heart. Dear xxxxx, you
know, there is a saying in Russia: "You meet a person by the way he
dressed, and farewell him by him mind!" Do you know what that saying
mean? Than mean when you meet a person the first thing you look at is
the appearance,, the way he look.. I do not know, how actual it is for
the Internet, however, I am thinking of sending you some of my photos
and if you think I am attractive enough for you, we can carry on our
correspondence, to get to know our inner world.

With the most warm wishes,


Received: from localhost ([])
From: Olga <>

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Kazan Branch
Gvardeyskaya, 54
Kazan', Russia, 420087

The Distance between Kazan' (Tatarstan) and Yoshkar-Ola (Mariy-El) is :
125.79 kilometers (km). 
The approximately estimated travel/road distance can be around 144.66 km to 157.24 km

Very clever to take the Pics in this way that the number plate from the car is we don't know where the Pic was taken...... :evil: :evil:

She have already a long File in the Scene and her other Pics are taken in Yola. :twisted:

This scam could have been prevented with proper due diligence research.


  1. Pic where she sits on the grass is taken in Cheboksary. I recognise this place and red buiding on the background. It's our "Pioneer home"

  2. I bet her other pics taken in Cheboksary too. It's actually isn't far from Yola.