Thursday, May 19, 2016

Services: Registered Address Locator (RAL) - critical step in identity verification in Russia and Ukraine


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registered address locator - identity verificationREGISTERED ADDRESS LOCATOR (RAL) is a procedure we use to locate the nameregistered addressand date of birth information of the investigated person (hereafter referred to as “the subject”) in the official governmental database of all registered residents of a particular city or region. Read more below.
RAL is the initial research step in most investigations.

To order online, visit our main web site and place your order. Once the payment is completed, follow instructions on the screen to submit emails for analysis.


  • one of the best initial research services for all types of investigations
  • allows for easy and inexpensive identity verification
  • helps to locate current address information of lost family members, acquaintances, potential business partners
  • one uniform price for all cities in Russia and Ukraine
  • allows to verify the accuracy of documents such as passports and birth certificates
  • there is no risk that the subject will find out about your research
The RAL check cannot be used to compare or confirm photos!  Photo confirmation is a separate service

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