Sunday, May 22, 2016

Service: Passport Validity Check - Russia and Ukraine

The list of services designed for Russian and Ukrainian passport assessment and verification has been updated today.

The new services are:
- Visual passport inspection
- Verification of passport holder information
- Passport validity verification

For full info and ordering, please visit our main web site.

pic: Passport validity analysis
Passport validity analysis
Our VISUAL DOCUMENT INSPECTION service can quickly detect signs of forgery. We will perform:
  • Visual analysis of the displayed stamps and markings
  • visual analysis of the fonts, line spacings, watermarks, hollograms, and coded data
  • visual analysis of the photo compliance with state requirements for a photo ID
  • verification of the passport serial number against a database of previously reported fraudulent passports in our own internal database
Results of the check are usually available within 6-12 hours. Please note that we have more experience with analysis of Russian passports than Ukrainian passports.


This service will require the local investigators in Russia/Ukraine to check whether the passport holder information can be found in governmental databases, and if everything stated on the passport matches the official data.
Service: verification of passport holder information via official databasesWe will perform:
  • visual document inspection
  • verification of information presented in the passport through governmental databases of registered residents

pic: document validity verification
Service: Document validity verification
Obtaining an official verification of a passport validity is difficult, time consuming, and expensive. It can be done through an inquiry to the the appropriate governmental agency (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). However, these agencies are slow and reluctant to respond to such requests,
Verification costs are usually $180 USD to $350 USD, depending on the location in the country. Time frame for completion is 1-4 weeks. Please contact us to check price and availability.
Unless you are verifying documents for a legal process or for employment purposes, we recommend using Visual Document Inspection or Verification of Passport Holder Information instead of ordering a validity check for the document itself.


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