Friday, August 17, 2012

Veronica Leonteva,

From yesterday in DMF

- ID: 219990
- 25 y/o female (1986 - September - 1)
- Íèæí&#, Russia
- English, French, Russian
- Doctor
- Have no children

Hi, I saw your profile you give me pleasant, I wanted to know more about you, leave your email, I will write to you

Hello my dear! I am pleased to write you my first letter to your inbox! How are you today? Everything is normal?
I'm glad to meet you and with your permission to tell a little about yourself - I was born in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia July 22, 1986, I was 26 years old. My work - trauma surgeon at the hospital, I work with in 2010, just after graduating from medical university!
I never liked very noisy companies, but I really like the emotional, candid conversations with people familiar to me. I have many acquaintances, but I have a few good friends, with whom we are sometimes on the weekend playing tennis (I really like this sports game), or just sitting in a cafe. In the winter I sometimes skate. I love an active sport, especially tennis. Sometimes on the weekend my friend play it. I also love swimming, but swimming is much less than playing tennis.
I had several failed relationships that were not serious, because my ex was a very frivolous man, and their attitude towards me did not suit me. We have had very different views on many aspects of life. Even 1.5 years I'm looking for a man who would become my husband!
As for your questions directly, I plan to in the future to find a man who will appreciate my spiritual, external and internal quality, who will love me. I am already 26 years old and I think I now fully ripe for the creation of a family, but unfortunately my preference for a man is very serious and I still can not find my second half, but maybe it's you?
As for my linguistic stock, I do not know any other languages ​​than English and Russian. I studied English in school and in depth at university and I think that has achieved some success, as well as I can speak English.
With regard to nutrition, the first thing I want to say that my diet is diverse, and more than that, I love to cook, and many delighted with my cooking. My signature dish is the meat in French. I prefer to use as a vegetable, natural and cooked foods and meat, I'm not a vegetarian, but not a cannibal! (Joke) Most of all I love to drink tea with chamomile, it is very tasty and absolutely harmless to health.
Until recently, I was not looking for love on the Internet, you're the first people I met here. Normally I tried to start a relationship in real life, but my attempts were unsuccessful, most men in Russia do not want a serious relationship, just for flirt and sex. Many Russian men abuse alcohol and even drugs, it is a problem throughout Russia. I do not like it, so I decided to search the internet and do not regret it. Because it met with you and now I want to know more about you, maybe you are the one who I want. I want to ask you how long you lasted the longest relationship? Have you ever been in a matter of foreign countries? What qualities do you value most in a girl?
At this point I still finish my letter, I'll be waiting impatiently for your answer!
With best wishes, Veronica!

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address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia


Famous script..........

Good day, my lovely! I am pleased to write to you again! I am happy that we are getting close. I am very pleased to read your letter and write to you! Sorry I could not write to you earlier today, because in my inbox under repair!
I just recently came back from work. My angel, if you only knew how I'm tired ......... me today was delivered to the patient, who died in a drunken state machine, but somehow miraculously survived, it was found that he had broken two ribs, arm and smashed his head! I'm always amazed at such people - how can you drink alcohol, knowing that we will have to drive. Study of his injuries took me a long time, and I'm pretty much tired! Except it was about 20 patients, but their injuries were relatively minor.
As for sports (I would hotelosb talk a little about it), I'm a really good game of tennis is very popular in Russia to play tennis, I learned to play in high school and now I own a good tennis racket! I would be glad to play with you in tennis! You love to watch any kind of sports?
My lovely, I want to thank you for your understanding of my work, I thank you for what you have appreciated my work, as some people say that the work of many doctors is very simple - to write a piece of paper and sit in a chair. I am very glad that you objectively evaluate it! Can I kiss you for it?
As for my Internet connection in, it will not speed - only 30 kilobytes per second, which is a file with a 1 MB turns on my computer for 15 minutes approximately. My dear I want to see your photos, but if they are large, it may be possible to reduce the size and weight? In any case I'll be glad to see more of your photos on my computer!
My dear, I live with my mother in an apartment that consists of a hall, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. My kvaritira small in size, but it is quite acceptable to me for the price of utilities. As long as I'm not married, I live with my mother. Maybe in the future I will live in a different country? As I told you earlier, my parents divorced and my mother raised me alone, I got a great education and my mother always gave me the best! I think my mom has helped me become a better person and I am very grateful to her for that! We were not rich, but my mother always tried to give me the best. I have no brothers and sisters, but the children's father, but I do not talk to them, and once they did not see, so I do not think they Maumee relatives, so you can believe that I was also an only child. Another coincidence, is not it, my lovely?
with your permission, I have a few questions for you - what kind of education and where do you get? Who you wanted to be a child (job)? How do you feel about foreign love? How long have you been trying to find love in the Internet and you have success or failed attempts in this? I would love to get the answers to these questions, my dear.
My dear on this until I close my letter, I'll be eagerly waiting for your letters!
Best wishes and night kiss for you, Veronica! 

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She have written yesterday.......lost the overview.......she don't have a Pic from me.......who's Rene

Good evening, my lovely! I am pleased to write to you again! I offer my apologies for my long reply, my internet is not working due to bad weather, it is often the case we have here, so I could not write a letter to you yesterday!
My wonderful, you like pancakes? My dear, I do not just love, I love pancakes! Pancake is a traditional food of the Russian people! I usually make pancakes on Saturday morning, it has become a tradition! I eat pancakes with a stuffing and round! Usually I make round pancakes, and my mother and I eat them with sour cream, butter, jam and honey! I'll cook for you a lot of pancakes, if you want it!
My sweet, I want to ask you - do you mind if I share all my problems with you! I can not for the other, because I still hope that you, my future husband (otherwise we would not be worth it to have our relationship, do not you?)! Maybe you'll think it's why I'm asking you - the reason is that you probably do not want to slushatmoi problem. I want us to understand each other! After a few of your letters, I really realized that you very serious to me, and I think you're beautiful man!
My sweet, I want to tell you that I told my mom that in my life appeared beautiful man. I showed her your pictures (sorry) She listened to me and told me that it is my choice, and she respects him, and after I talked about some of your qualities, she has great respect for you! Its such a lovely attitude towards you is not strange, the Russian people by their nature are very peaceful and friendly tuned! In Russia we say: "Russia - a generous soul!" Most Russian people are very peaceful, and we in Russia are not taken to indicate children who approaches them for marriage, and who is not. Parents usually always accept and approve the choice of their children, in fact, when my mom saw your picture, she said: "What a nice man, he has a very good and honest face!" My mother worked as a psychologist before retirement, and she can the expression of a person's face to make any conclusions about it. I think you will find no problems with my mom a common language, and be friends (but it almost does not speak English unfortunately). My mother - my best friend! She understands all m support me, and I am very grateful for that. She is 55 years old and she is now retired. As I told you, she worked as a psychologist for life: at school, in public institutions, the last time before retirement, she taught psychology at the local university. My mom is having some health problems, so now she has to not work. After her divorce with my dad she could not find another man because she loved him too much. All her life she devoted to me, my education and I am very grateful for that. We've never been rich, but I could never have experienced myself in something strangulated: Mom always tried to buy and give me the best. And most importantly - she brought me a better person!
I want to tell you that we are not just met, because I am also a long time looking for a man of my dreams, I believed that I would find a real man, because I do not want frivolous scum, who only think about sex and drinking, full of such men, my country, unfortunately ... So my sweet Rene I am very happy that we found each other, we really come to each other
On it I finish my letter yet, and I look forward to your letter!
My dear, you should know that in spite of the fact that we share a long distance, I feel that you are always with me! I want you to feel it too!
With evening kisses, your Veronica!

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address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

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