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Scam: Olga Savinowa

Olga Savinowa,

I do not know yet where she is supposed to be from, but the money was received, on numerous occasions, in Izhevsk city of Russia

First letter:

I am very glad you wrote me. I'm sorry you do not answer at once ... I was very busy at work, only now has the opportunity to respond to you ...

And I say at once that I am from Russia. I hope it does not bother you. The site I did a profile of a girl from your country because I could not stay in place as a girl from Russia. My profile is closed immediately, I do not even have time to upload photos ... And I do not know why. So I tried to register and make a profile for your country. I had to do it ... I am very pleased that, since you also showed his desire to become acquainted with me closer. but if your desire to learn has changed after you have taught me that I am from Russia, then talk about it. I pnimayu that between us very far. But interference in our acquaintance?

Of course I want to tell me about yourself. My name - Olga. I am 29 years old, my birthday - 21 July, 1981. I live in the urban-type settlement Uva. It is located about 95 km from the city of Izhevsk. You can see it on the map if you wish. I work at a museum, details to tell about it next time. My town is small, so quiet here. and I really like to live here and work. I'll be very happy if you tell something about you. It is very interesting for me.

I would like to tell you the reason for my visit to the Internet. The fact that I am very unlucky in life. Maybe this is my fault, I do not know ... Recently, I was very lonely. I decided to try to use the Internet, maybe I will build here, his true happiness. The whole time I just think about it, because I was already 28 years old.

I always answer any questions and I hope you will answer me. 'Ll be always glad to see your pictures. I would love to establish a mutual correspondence.

Although I do not have your own computer, so I need an internet cafe. but I'll go here to communicate with you. I hope we have an excellent correspondence;)

I am very happy to see your letter today. I'll be happy if you write me again ...

I eagerly await your response.

Your Olga

 Money Request:

My love I till now in Moscow. I do not know what to do... To me it is
sick, to me it is bad. At me hands fall. I do not know, as to do,
because it is difficult to me to describe all event, my love!!!!!!!!!!
Business in that my love, that when I last time saw mum (yesterday
before my departure from Uva), she has given me a religious icon (a
gift for our future). This icon protects people on travel, on trips,
in a family. Mum very much worried for me, therefore has given me in
road such gift which would be a remarkable gift for us. I said her,
that is not necessary it, that all will be as it should be, but she
has told, that if I will not take an icon she will not say goodbye to
me (but I could not leave with such condition from mum because she is
my mum). I have been compelled to take this icon with myself. Mum has
told, that this icon old and very important in our family. Mum trusts
in our happy future, my love. Therefore she has given to me it for us.
Mum has made very many for me in this life, therefore I could not
neglect her request. My love when I passed the customs control, to me
the employee of customs that I have passed in a separate room with
things has approached and at me have started to check things from my
bag. Me have stopped at customs, have removed from flight and spent to
the nearest police station then. I understood nothing and tried to
resist. I tried to learn that happens!!! To me did not listen. And
only in police station I have received definite answers. It appears,
that such things (a religious icon) at customs at export abroad are
considered as contraband. When I have learnt about this, I slightly
have not fainted. I explained to them, that I did not know about it
because it is my first flight by the plane. I cried and shouted,
explained to them, that I need to fly, have explained them all
situation, but they are iron people. They did not wish me to listen. I
explained to them, that my future husband waits for me in Sweden. I
have told them much about our relations. And I tried to prove, that I
was took intended this thing with myself … knew that such things
cannot be taken away from the country …
In militia department on me have got criminal case under article
article 188 the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (Contraband).
Contraband is a moving to the large size through customs border of the
Russian Federation of the goods or other subjects forbidden for export
abroad. Except for specified regarding the second true article, made
besides or with concealment from the customs control or with deceptive
use of documents or means of customs identification or interfaced with
not declaring or doubtful declaring. It is punished by the penalty at
the rate from hundred thousand to three hundred thousand roubles or at
a rate of wages or other income condemned for the period from one year
till two years or imprisonment for the term up to five years.
The religious icon which was given to me by mum, is a contraband. I
was surprised to it. It is news has sounded for me the big
nightmare!!!! My love when to me have informed, that on me the penalty
of 170 000 roubles I have not fainted nearly is imposed. I have
recollected, that I have yours 2400 euros, but it is necessary for
travel … I did not wish to spend it at once because I believe that
there will be a decision.
If I do not find this sum I can lose all documents and I will not have
the right to leave for limits of Moscow till the end of
investigation!!! And if I never pay this penalty completely I will
lose possibility for ever to leave the country!!!!!!!!!!! It is awful!
It is very difficult to me to speak about all it because I have a
shock till now!!!! I probably am not worthy you, I bring only one
problems. I cannot live without you because all this time we did
everything, to be together. I wish to be your wife and it for all
I cannot live without you XXXX!!! What to make in this situation? Why
all so is difficult and why the destiny torments us before a meeting?
I had a hysterics, after the big dose soothing I have ceased to shout.
I have ceased to prove, that I in Sweden am am waited my love, by my
future husband. I have understood, that now it is useless. It is very
terrible, I strongly was frightened, I did not think that all so
seriously. I did not know that the church icon is the forbidden thing
for transportation in luggage. I am very upset. I have not guessed to
look before flying away the list of the forbidden things for
transportation in luggage. I have not thought at all of it because my
thoughts completely have been hammered only by thoughts on you, I
mentally represented our meeting and our first kiss.......
But......... It is very serious problem!!!! I probably am not worthy
you my XXXX, I bring only one problems. But I am assured, that it is
last problem. Why with me there is so much all? I am guilty to you.
Forgive me, forgive me, my love...!!! Excuse me, please, but I really
did not know about it. I after all first time take off for other
country. I hope, that you understand me...
Here is how all has turned out unexpectedly my love. I thought that
here, all now to pass easy customs, and I in some hours will be at you
my love. But terrible event … my thoughts has turned out are confused
also I do not know, that should make now. But it seems to me, that I
should address for the help to lawyers. I will necessarily go to
search for lawyer office now … It is necessary to search for an exit,
the problem decision.
The customs is more than anything suspicious at me has not found,
therefore if next time I take off, I will not make more mistakes. To
me have told, that the ticket will change for following number and
will give as time if the penalty is soon paid. To me have told, that
it is necessary to be more attentive!!!! My love, I am very guilty to
you, I know it. I also know, as at you with money badly... That to us
to do, as we will meet you my love. I am very afflicted by all it! I
have very bad mood now and all time would be desirable to cry... As it
is a pity, that you cannot support me now, embrace me and tell, that
all will be good.
I do not know what to do … I hope, that you will see my letter soon
and will write to me my love...... I will try to search for the
problem decision …
I love you and very much I hope, that we will be together, only it is
necessary to bypass one more obstacle with which the destiny-villain
has arranged to us. I cannot live without you, I cannot bear
separations from you. I love, I love, I love you more than my life …
I will come in the cafe Internet very soon!!! I very much hope, that
you still at home my love!!!
Forever yours Olga


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