Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scam: kiseleva ekaterina mihailovna

(FYI, guys, never communicate with anyone who's email is DreamGirl )
Scam: kiseleva ekaterina mihailovna   from settlement in shomikovo russia
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About, I so am glad that you have written to me. And I can
communicate with you. You know now I the lonely woman and except my
friends and the relatives native I with anybody don't communicate. My
name is Ekaterina. Friends and native name me simply Katya. You can
name me so.
1. I search for the sincere and true man. I am done not excited with
your past, whether I am am excited you are ready sincerely with me
to communicate? Whether you are ready to surprise me, whether you
are ready to cheer me up the letters?
2. If you sex we don't approach each other interests only.
I have sent the photos in the letter, I hope you will estimate me and
I hope I to you it will be pleasant. Since you very much have
interested me also I would like to learn you more close. To me of 26
years. I like to live, but without the man my life seems boring.
Because of it I have decided to write to you. If I am interesting to
you, write to me. I hope for your sincere answer.


I at all haven't understood your letter that you meant. And why you
have sent this letter on some email?
Darren today I talked to the director on the work and he to me has
told. That is fast at me holiday will begin. My holiday will begin on
September, 18th. And my holiday will last one and a half month.
Whether I asked it is possible to transfer my holiday, but the
director has told that it is impossible. He has told that during my
holiday there will be not enough work, and after it will be much.
Because of it to me have given holiday at this time.
Also I went in tourist agency and learned concerning the international
passport. But when I there have come I have learned absolutely other
It appears to arrive to you in Great Britain, it is necessary to issue
the visa. Without the visa I can't arrive to you. Darling to receive
the visa in your country to me it is necessary to have many documents.
Now I to you will tell which documents to me are necessary for visa
registration. At first I should make the international passport, it
costs 110 euro (LIAR!). International passport registration will occupy
approximately 3 days (LIAR again!). Then I should go to do medical inspection that I
than without being ill and that I can leave for limits of Russia. That
is I should bring the medical inquiry in travel agency. Medical
inspection costs 85 euro. Then I as should receive the inquiry about a
place of work and from a residence. It I can receive it quickly and in
it there will be no problems. As it will be necessary to me brings it
4 photos for the visa. Photos for the visa should be special and are
made under the visa standard. That is if photos are made not correctly
that at me them won't accept for visa registration. Such photos stand
10 euro. So for registration of the visa I should buy the ticket at
once. To me have told that if the ticket won't be bought from me in
advance to me won't give out the visa. And as for registration of the
visa I should them show necessarily the paper ticket which should be
bought necessarily in Russia. If I don't give them the paper ticket
with exact departure date to you they can't name to me in the visa
from what date it starts to operate. When all these documents at me
will be on hands I should bear them in travel agency. Then when they
will check up them, will send to Moscow in the main visa service. The
visa costs 60 euro. Then to me will tell when I should go to Moscow
for visa reception. As only in Moscow give out the visa. The trip to
Moscow costs 93 euro. It will be necessary to me there are in Moscow
approximately 2 days. As during these 2 days I should pass interview
and receive the visa. That is I should live somewhere these 2 days in
Moscow. Residing at Moscow in hotel 112 euro.
In general official registration of papers will occupy from 10-14
days. The total cost of official registration of papers makes 470
euro. Here it is everything that I have learned in tourist agency.
XXXX I have such strong impulses! I so would like to sit down on the
next flight from my village and to go to you … It would be so
perfectly! I so strongly want to appear in your embraces, I so
strongly want to feel your kisses, I can't simply stop thinking of you
… I never could think that you will simply absorb my heart, it belongs
to you … I didn't think that my heart can leave me, but I really love
you … I I can't simply present my life without you … I receive your
letters, they became for me as if a drug. But I can receive the
present euphoria only when I can be together with you! I don't know
that to me occurs, and I don't know. What to do further. I so strongly
want to be together with you! I know that one fine day it will occur.
I know, it will be possible and then I won't miss the chance and I
will be together with you! All the rest isn't important. My darling,
my world has concentrated only about you. And I know that only
together with you I can feel all charm of that I can live and love! I
can't present my life without you. You unique who can present to me
the present pleasure. I very strongly love you … I will wait for your
Sincerely yours Katya!


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