Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Marina, marinnola@mail.ru

 She appeared today in the Spamfolder of my DMF-Mailaccount ...... don't know her

My new friend, how are you?
I hope that you are interested to know me as I want to know you. And
I also hope that our meeting is a destiny and we will develop it into
great relations, who knows?
Well, about me! I am easy-going woman of 25 years. I am from
Voznesensk city. I am slim and tall, have brown hair and grey eyes...
I like to play the piano, to sing songs and to play billiards. I like
to meet with friends and to communicate with people.
If you are a serious man who want to have a good, kind woman near him
write me on my email address: marinnola@mail.ru


Received: from [] (port=3521 helo=SERGEY-PK)
From: MARINA <marinnola@mail.ru>

Private Enterprise Mageal
Frunze st. 4a
91055 Lugansk

 Hello, xxxxx. Thank you for writing me on my email address. I was happy
to receive your letter.
I hope that age, religion, nationality, distance, language are not
problems for you as it is not for me. I am open to know new people and
I hope that you want to know me.
I am Marina, I am from Ukraine. I live in Voznesensk for all my life. :liar: :liar: :liar:
I like my city even if it is not too big. And to tell the truth I
prefer quiet life in little cities, because big ones are too noisy and
overcrowded with people.
I was born 25 years ago on the 3rd of June, 1988. My childhood was not
to sunny and easy. My mom refused from me when I was born and I was
grown up in the children's house. It was hard years for me,
sometimes we do not have enough food, clothes. But the worst for me
was that I did not have mother's love which I wanted to have. Nobody
kissed me in the evenings... I tried to find my parents but without
success. I do not want anything from them, just to ask Why they left me?
At the age of 17 I started to work. I was a cleaner in the
supermarket. At the age of 18 I left the children's home and started
to work as a seller in the clothes' shop.
I am easy going person, and I try to be positive. I have a lot of
interests, I like to play billiards, bowling, I can play the piano. I
like to read books and listen to music.
What likes do you have? What can you tell me about yourself?


Received: from [] (port=3720 helo=LOKAL-8BE0AC2CA)
From: MARINA <marinnola@mail.ru>

Private Enterprise Mageal
Frunze st. 4a
91055 Lugansk

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By all 4 Pics we've it to do with porn actress Capri Anderson. So it will end up in a Translation-Agency-Scam.

 Thank you for your reply! It is pleasant for me to receive a letter
from a such man like you. I think that we should know each other more
and more, step by step. May be I've already told you that it is hard
a bit for me to speak about myself, but I'll try. I want to tell you
some more about me and I'd like you to do the same!
xxxxx, I do not sing professionally, I sing for myself. I like to do it
in a a shower. What do you think about it?
I'm ok and how are you? How is the weather? Actually I'm a person with
many-sided interests. Yes, I like very much cooking. My leisure activities
may be very different, I'm a mood-dependent person. In dark rainy or
snowy days usually I prefer to spend evenings in a circle of close
friends(or in future may be with you who knows).
There is nothing better for me than to leave the noisy, hot,
overcrowded city and to appear somewhere in the middle of nowhere,
as close to nature as possible.
Reading is also essential for me, but I'm very selective when I choose
books-only quality literature draws my attention. And I like barbeque a
lot in nature.
I adore listening to the music, different music. I also like 60's-80's.
My favourite colour is red and pink but I like green too.
What I mostly value in people is honesty. Nothing can be worse
than traitors and liars. But there are also some qualities which I
just appreciate – open, friendly, sunny, nice people are actually
twice more pleasant to be with than gloomy and moody individuals.
I send you my photos. I hope you'll like it and I'd like you to do
the same! It is very interesting for me to read any new information
about you and to see your photos. So, if you can, tell me more
about your life and your emotions. And I know that you have a lot of
them…. Because our life is good, life is great, life is unbelievable.
And we love it, don't we?

Kiss you, Marina


 .... this daft Edition run straight in my Trap......I've ask her from where she knows this perfect english coz its "better then ours here in USA" ......and she's so nice/daft to tell us her TA

Hello xxxxxx,

I appreciate your interest to get acquainted and know one another better,
I like to know you more, who knows what could develop.
I prefer cats.
I am sorry for your ex and dad.
I use "InfoPerevod" firm :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I am an open-minded real lady. I am very romantic, friendly, sociable and
make you have a smile always on those full lips, I am very loving, caring,
kind, and understanding. My heart is open for the true love. I am a simple,
well educated person, enjoy healthy lifestyle, slim physical, mental spiritual.
I like to meet an interesting man who is able to share true love, get to
know one another well. I like to spend a lot of time with the man who
appreciate my true love, honesty, loyalty, fidelity, ready to show his
emotion, giving as well enjoy receiving my tender affection, spontaneous
good, hot, soft, sweet, very sensual love making. I know how to make you
a loving man and share with me all sensual cuddling, touching, kissing.
I try to live my life fully,and it become more interesting to enjoy life
beauty with the right man, ready willingly to share love.
I love to hear back from you, you make me very interested to know you much
Hugs, kisses to remember writing back soon, let us go from here and see

where it leads. Marina

   Hi sweetie xxxxxx!

I agree with you that many people have things from the childhood that shaped
us as a human beings. I am so sorry that you was falling through the ice.
As for me I do not have such traumatic stories, but living in the orphanage
made me a person who can help other people not waiting for feedback.
Do you have favourite romantic thing?
My favorite romantic things is walking on the beach and stargazing with my
man,cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie together,taking a bubble bath
together,sitting on the beach at sunset and talking,kissing my love,given a
back rub,laying together in front of a fireplace and talking,sex on the sofa,
looking into each others eyes and having a romantic dinner together. I am
not a shy type so I like to be kissed anywhere, the beach,in bed,in the
shower,at the part and in a public place. This are few things I think you
should know about me and every other things comes after if you think I am
your type of woman.
kiss and hugs




 This scam could have been prevented with proper due diligence research.

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